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  1. Love Joe for everything he did for the Jets but he has proven not to be a great judge of talent
  2. Sorry you left and was unhappy here -stay away
  3. Pats followed close by Dolphins and Giants No other team close
  4. Phil great accomplishment -and to think you had to put up with Tom Shane to boot hah
  5. Cooper seems to have been lots of nagging injuries a lot the Cowboy games I have seen=pass
  6. Every draft team are looking for the one QB to turn the franchise around so no surprise if he goes higher than expected
  7. 3 games in London, one in Mexico city and one in Germany next year Thoughts?
  8. We have the money to spend-spend it on someone who has played well for you and teamates like instead unknown quantity
  9. The Oregon games I watched was not really impressed by his play of course I am not a pro scout either hah
  10. I want to see committment and desire by him- work with trainer to make better physical condition
  11. Not so fast the intrigue hah
  12. His best years are gone would not overpay for him
  13. Happy for Stafford never got the support in Detroit =always thought he was much better than most NFL QB's
  14. Well that was a bad loss on a special night
  15. He has monumental baggage in todays world I doubt many would even think of bringing him in
  16. He is probably crying about his retirement party so he reconsidered
  17. You had to hold on for 13 seconds without giving up 45 to 50 yards sorry you are the losers
  18. I still think his time there was up-by mutual agreement time to move on after so many years
  19. Happy birthday enjoy
  20. Most probably a joint agreement
  21. We have tried to get lucky with lower priced free agents (low risk high reward) coming off injuries and such for the most part unsuccessful
  22. On defense you see for the most part 4 guys rushing getting the job done on all these teams that is what we need to be able to compete defensively
  23. I still like first team to score wins the game no matter what the score. The way it was before the change to now.
  24. It will be rough to get out of Eastern conference we have the ammo to get better go for it=nothing is guaranteed any year
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