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  1. Chad Morton made the 2005 Pro Bowl the Jets used a second rounder 57 overall on Justin Miller to replace Chad Norton. This was the famous Nugent draft, so essentially those 2 guys were like their 1st round pick that season.
  2. the Jets are 30 million dollars under the cap BTW the reason is always money
  3. from all accounts Le'veon Bell has been training at one of those combine prep places and is down to 230 or so... he is in sick shape and has something to prove
  4. Everyone talking about Sheldon, as a driver, it was totally different. He was going super fast, they pull him over he has a minor, the smell of weed (no actualy weed) and had a gun. Which sounds awful. Until you find out the minor was his blood cousin (a boy) and the state was Missouri where everyone has guns. it ended up being a misdemeanor, legally. and not just because Sheldon is an NFL player. No one got hurt, it was mildly reckless but essentially one family member showing off his new car to another. and none of it was taped, leaked on TMZ/youtube Chris Herndon is in way deeper trouble and as it was said earlier in the thread, he's lucky no one died. He deserves 4 games the guy let his team down. he's Sam's security blanket and will miss 1/4 of the season because he's an a-hole there's no sugar coating the situation, the more facts we learn
  5. I'd like to see the same crap show article about the Cornerbacks what this comes down to is a four win team can't fix all the problems in one offseason the team is still 30 mil under the cap btw adjust expectations accordingly we should be OK if they get to .500 even if Darnold becomes superman it's still not a complete football team or even close to it
  6. Money really isn't everything. For example If I said to you today, "OK buddy, I have an opportunity for you, best of your life. All you have to do is get in a car, and get on the NJ turnpike. That's it. Just let someone else drive. I'll take care of the rest. At some point, your car will be hit, FROM BEHIND, by an almost double legally drunk 22 year old NFL player in a Nissan Armada going 100+ mph. the driver of your vehicle will be a 76 year old man. your vehicle will flip and slide 700 feet after impact and the tire from his SUV will be lodged in your side/rear panel of whatever sh-tbucket the old man drives Herndon walks away fine, minus a failed sobriety test and 4 game checks lost. There's probably a lawsuit too... maybe... THESE ARE ALL THE FACTS YOU KNOW AHEAD OF TIME you dont' know your physical condition etc. Would you take that deal? Let's be honest whoever is involved with the accident with Herndon a good chance F--Ked medically. All those above facts were in the police report this doesn't sound frivolous. Also he's Chris Herndon not Walmart
  7. it was a nasty accident. He was on the freeway, the other car slid 700 feet after impact (!) and yes he blew a point one four (0.14) which is double or real close to it
  8. the fact his failed sobriety test was leaked by TMZ and is on Youtube right now probably doesn't help matters the league basically doesn't care what happens as long as there's no video proof
  9. the way I saw it the team getting killed Mark doing a Sack dance was the only bright spot on the day there's no dignity in defeat at least leave a mark
  10. that's a decent comparison and while I also love 80, anyone who says they'd rather have Wayne over Key is a damn fool
  11. Jets fans hate Mark Gastineau for tons of reasons. number one is probably the late hit on Bernie Kosar in Cleveland, which was a bonehead play. also quitting on the team and becoming a boxer and dating brigitte neilsen or whoever she was made him dead to the fanbase but these posts talking about the "Dirty Work" of the Dline is whitewashing the reality that 99 held the season sack record, still holds it as @GREENBEAN points out and given a choice every coach in the league would take peak Gastineau over peak Klecko... He had 22.5 sacks in a season!!! and invented the sack dance you take him every day and twice on Sundays over 73. Klecko stopping the run is awesome etc but it's all about sacks, then and even more now. Klecko by the way is a convicted tax cheat and that doesn't help his Hall of Fame case. It brings me no joy to bring this up. But it's something voters take into account, plus the fact that NEITHER won a RING dooms their chances, forever.
  12. here's a newsflash everyone you've ever heard of in the league has juiced in some way even the punters remember Ward Melville's own Todd Sauerbrun?
  13. the flip side is Klecko was going against guards and centers (for the most part) while 99 was going against actual Anthony Munoz. all of the sack exchange helped the rest of the sack exchange, let's be real about that for a start the team never won any hardware therefore they aren't making the hall of fame. Hall of very good. Hall of Great even. tearing down Gastineau (who by the way ran like a gazelle, something like 4.6 at Tulsa) doesn't change history
  14. Joe Klecko made the most of the physical gifts he was given Mark Gastineau was given world class physical gifts there's a difference

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