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  1. Woody isn't even in the country to be laughed at. The stadium might be empty but they sell a ton of seats. the Jets are in the top 10 overall franchise value. Winning and losing doesn't effect the bottom line. They just have to keep showing up.
  2. Todd Bowles is a better coach than most Jets fans give him credit for. He got 5 wins out of Josh McCown a dude who hadn't won 2 games in 2 years.
  3. The Jaguars' offense is a run first operation and in that sense maybe he's their best lineman. But the wasn't dominant, which is why they backed up the truck for Andrew Norwell. Brandon Linder was probably their best lineman last year. Robinson is a Ok player but both Bolles and Ramcyzk had better years and he's not as valuable as Deshaun Watson. Adams would still be a first rd pick.
  4. if you go and grade every player on every roster in the league, the Jets' roster does indeed have glaring weaknesses for example they have zero pass rushers who would start on other teams. That's a problem. the offense lacks elite playmakers at RB/WR and TE. the OL is below average with zero developmental prospects. the Darnold pick is a gamechanger 2-3 years from now hopefully. This year 2018 it would be surprising if he set the league on fire. all of this is to say Todd Bowles did an amazing job getting 5 wins out of a 0 win roster let's see how close he can get this sh*tbag locker room to .500
  5. Cam Robinson had an up and down rookie campaign. Despite starting all 16 games he did not make the all Rookie team for the tackle position (Bolles and Ramcyzk). Robinson was a load in the run game but had issues with pass protection and holding. Except for his youth, he's in no way an upgrade over Beachum. *** as for Adams he was a culture pick. Whether he learns how to cover or not (he probably will, right?). With Adams and Darnold hopefully each side of the ball has a leader in the years to come.
  6. McCown is going to get hurt it's not if it's when. Bridgewater, despite all the awesome press, isn't exactly Ironman. They should just let it play out organically. Especially with the 3 games in 11 days. the Jets play at DET MNF, home opener MIA on 5 days rest and at CLE on 4 day's rest. Someone's going to be a crash test dummy and Darnold will be needed by week 5 one way or another.
  7. the premium offensive line free agency market is a ratf--k and in no way can be compared to the resigning offensive linemen to America's team market. The Giants just gave Nate Solder 15 a year to be worse than Kelvin Beachum. Martin took a discount, believe it or not. The Jets have 1 dire need going into next year's draft: EDGE. OL is a nice to have, they can resign Beachum and draft an EDGE. For every thread about the OL there should be two about the absolute crap fest at pass rusher. They just resigned David Bass you guys. David Freakin Bass.
  8. CJ doesnt have the luxury of time to be Bob Kraft. In either 3 or 7 years Woody returns and everyone forgets Chris Johnson exists
  9. bitonti

    "The Art of the RPO" with Doug Pederson.

    the offense is built to be a Bates WCO hopefully that's what they do if this team is running RPO something went really wrong with plan A
  10. there was no roll call vote but let's be real Chris Johnson will tell whatever face is in front of him what it wants to hear. Woody is a bastard at least he's honest about it. Chris is Woody's meatpuppet with a nice guy mask.
  11. Chris Johnson says one thing and votes another. There were only one or two abstain votes (Davis - OAK, York - SF) until proven otherwise he's just Woody with a better facade.
  12. bitonti

    "The Art of the RPO" with Doug Pederson.

    yes and even more specifically it requires a premium right tackle to run behind Lane Johnson style. Its why they were able to win the SB despite losing Jason PEters. I like Shell but he's not there yet and might never get there.
  13. bitonti

    For the "Trade Teddy" guys.....

    i'd charity bet against that outcome i know he's the future and all but he can barely take a snap from center rn
  14. bitonti

    Can we talk Flowers?

    I did not know the answer to your question but it was a good one. Watching tons of OL it's a common term. at first I thought Grateful dead or nutcracker ballet. But actually dancing bears used to be real, hundreds of years ago. They captured bears and trained them to to dance for crowds. It wasn't PETA friendly. the 1843 epic/satirical poem "Atta Troll" refers to a dancing bear who escaped his trainer and ran away. Spoiler alert: it doesn't go well for the bear. https://www.gutenberg.org/files/31305/31305-h/31305-h.htm Also, there are accounts of trained dancing bears as recently in the 1970's in Kathmandu.