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  1. the Hamptons (and Maine) benefits from fresh air that NW NJ only dreams about can you see the stars in NJ? That's the real test. Light pollution. NJ is surprisingly good at points it's also a festering crap pile in points. There's no part of Maine that looks like the Vince Lombardi Rest stop and by the way I live in Philly it's similar there are scary parts but not any more scary than Camden, Trenton, Newark and parts of AC. There are also really nice green areas where Randolph and Mortimer live (Merion Golf Club) Mims probably ran into a bad santa.
  2. did I mention it's 3am and your check cashing place is also a pawn store/gold broker he looks like this in your store. look he just needs some funds his family can't know about how much do you front "itchy beard" Adam Gase, and at what Interest rate *** now consider the Jets pay him Millions of dollars a year to run the program the "case for Gase" he's really into stimulants? he doesn't require sleep?
  3. confirmed this is my early nominee for Post of the Year and possibly the peak of the Internet it's all downhill from here folks. *** as for Wesco he has value as a blocker and Bell runs like a man with a cold load in his trousers. Adam Gase's "Strong I" vs the Ravens choice was truly gutless. Weren't they down like a million to nothing?
  4. scenario Adam Gase walks into your check cashing store. would you loan this guy money? if so, how much and at what interest rate?
  5. the team has quadrupled in value since the Johnson's bought it 2000 even adjusting for inflation buying the Jets was the best move Woody ever made (or will ever make) he's never going to sell because he uses it like a piggy bank the unused cap space goes right into their pockets the money they are saving paying Adam Gase rather than Matt Rhule is Woody's crumpet budget "Imaginary cheapness" let me reiterate they are 25 mil under the cap right now, the real owner is out of the country. the HC is a mental case and most fans want to trade their best player for picks.
  6. contra case the line was fine lasts year when they replaced Kalil and Winters got Beachum back. With replacement level guys Sam got hot the weapons are not good enough to contend. I get they can't fix all the team's problems at once but a team like KC has 4 guys on the field you have to worry about the Jets don't have playmakers. also, Bell stinks.
  7. dude, they should have fired Gase last season but they didn't want to pay Bowles, Gase, and a New HC at the same time make no mistake adam gase's offense was so bad last year he deserved to be fired
  8. people who think the Jets are going 10 or 11 wins or whatever need to sit down and actually look at the schedule they are due to fly like 31000 miles this year great franchises with established programs can overcome such obstacles the Jets are neither
  9. quoted for truth Adams is a strong safety used a $LB everything Maye is a strong safety playing out of position at FS (when he's healthy which isn't always) The Jaguars game I posted yesterday (week eight) they had Darryl Roberts playing FS getting turned around by Fournette 1st play of the game, disgraceful. He also got lost on the 2nd td and the game was essentially over before it started the Jets literally didn't have a free safety on the roster before Ashtyn Davis I don't think he'll be the type of player that will produce huge IDP fantasy stats but Davis will make this defense much better, and free up Adams to be even more dangerous than he already is
  10. Firing Mac and Bowles and Idzik doesn't prove the Johnsons are cheap Hiring them does Adam Gase isn't making Matt Rhule money. he's making Todd Bowles money. All of these guys other than gase were first timers at their job. and Gase was so god awful in Miami, that experience almost doesn't count. first time HC's and GM's are cheap there is a difference between the 4 mil Gase makes and the 8 mil Rhule makes and the 11 mil Bellichek makes and spending on coaches, scouts, team doctors are all uncapped. they could spend more. They just choose not to hiring Joe Douglas at 3 mil a year is the first above average front office spend they've made since the Westoff era
  11. As much as I love the offensive line and the moves the Jets made on the line, this offense goes as far as 14 takes it
  12. The only thing inaccurate about my predictions are the timing you're right the Johnsons are too cheap to fire Gase/Replace Gase Sam will get his 5th year option picked up no matter what and James Morgan is probably too raw but if I said by 2022 you wouldn't take the other side of the bet. in fact i'll offer it to you right now 50 dollars to the charity of the winner's choice if by sept 1 2022 at least one of those things has happened. You win if none of them happen. but you have to pay 100 if it's all 3.
  13. I am the way the jets made me expect the worst, hope for the best but I'm pretty sure they suck until proven otherwise especially on offense
  14. Outside of Mims turning into Randy Moss and Sam Turning into Brett Favre there's nothing on paper to scare opposing DC's Bottom of the league Gase Fired Sam a Bust James Morgan Era begins 2021 I really like this Morgan kid by the way. he's a hard worker and a team player, film junkie. Unlikely to get Mono - everything 14 isn't that's a more likely outcome than top 10-15 nonsense. Because that's what it is. Go look at other team's offenses.
  15. Fun fact: I take any attention as positive. Even negative attention. Go ahead, tell me you remember a call I made 20 years ago. It won't affect my ego at all.

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