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  1. bitonti

    Admit You Were Dead Wrong

    Coaches get paid alot less than 10 million dollars per year the cheapest Head coaches like Bowles make 4 a really amazing QB coach would cost like a mil max and doesn't count against the cap Josh McCown as QB coach in uniform for 10 mil doesn't make sense on any level and btw if we are evaluating McCown and Bates, their offense of WR screens or whatever is bad. as coaches they should be fired.
  2. bitonti

    Admit You Were Dead Wrong

    He's the highest paid player on offense. Perhaps a better center, an actual tight end or another wideout would have been a better use of funds? this roster construction is absolute balls.
  3. There were more expensive centers out there like Ryan Jensen and Weston Richberg. The Jets wanted someone cheap so they hired Long, who is known as injury prone. Do people really think Mac and Bowles were rooting for the cheap option? This team is built the way woody budgeted for it to be built. all that being said 15 bad snaps doesn't explain 4 interceptions. That's the most Jets fan thing ever to excuse the interceptions because of the snaps. Both were bad, but Darnold could have just fallen on the football or thrown it out of bounds. Taking a bad situation and making it worse is on Darnold.
  4. Woody Johnson is qualified to evaluate butlers. He has decades of experience and remembers when his father taught him the right way to scold a butler. So that he is shamed but not vengeful. It's a fine line. His first name is Smathers by the way. Woody's Butler. And he says things like "Yes sir... quite." while woody drones on about things.
  5. If you have to ask you can't afford one. (it's a more formal version of the ladies who wipe and bathe Eddie Murphy in Coming to America)
  6. the Mets actually spend though. MLB has revenue sharing and the Mets aren't one of those teams. Their operation in a big market disqualifies them from the free money meanwhile, the Jets operate like an MLB team in Wisconsin. They don't spend on players or coaches, the league gives revenue sharing, win lose or draw, the league brings them bags of cash to just keep the lights on and take brutal losses. and somehow the Jets are the 8th most valuable franchise in the NFL, despite being about the 27th best team. nice work if you can get it.
  7. bitonti

    Fixing the Jets an 8-Step Plan

    or in Jets fans terms, the less than virtuous cycle this team is a flaming crap pile with zero stars and half the starters an actual NFL team requires, they haven't hit on a draft pick for like a decade. not saying Bowles and Mac have done a good job but why would the next crew be any better than the last 4 regimes? the problem is ownership, and they don't have any financial commitment to winning. The proof? Woody hired Bowles in the first place, who is still employed and so is Mac. Jets fans get to watch the 28th paid HC to coach the 26th spend roster (franchise QB rookie and the staff has no a QB coach), and wonder why they suck whoever the next HC is, whenever that is, he's going to be no one we've ever heard of, without any other HC job offers, and he's going to be cheap. He's going to coach an underfunded roster, with free agent Mercenaries like Trumaine Johnson the only professional athletes willing to live in New Jersey. But we have until 2019 to worry about that problem.
  8. Jets fans seem to forget or not realize that this team makes money win or lose in fact, losing might be more profitable than winning why would they fire Mac or Bowles, when firing these people requires a buy out AND a replacement To pay Bowles to NOT coach? That's absurd. Winning is hard and expensive. It's way easier to just sit there and let the TV money roll in. to pay for a coach not to coach the Johnsons that would be like paying for two stool butlers when a human posterior really only needs one. If anyone knows how to manage a household of servants without going broke, it's the Johnsons.
  9. bitonti

    Panthers-Steelers TNF FOOTBALL

    the steelers also have had only 3 head coaches since most fans have been alive Chuck Noll, Cowher, and Tomlin the franchise supports their coaching staff, pays them (Tomlin makes top 10 HC money) and they hire Hall of Fame Mike Munchak to coach the OLine the Jets found Jeremy Bates living in the trees and sticks like Harry from Harry in the Hendersons. Even if the Jets do what everyone wants and fires the coaching staff, the Johnsons have no idea how to hire a coach and no interest in paying for anyone we've heard of side note if Jon Gruden just got 100 Million dollars what is John Harbaugh worth ?
  10. bitonti

    Randy Fichtner (PIT OC)

    This is a name that has been bandied about maybe he is an offensive genius (hah) but just so people know, this is what first time OC, in his first year Randy Fichner looks like not saying he's not like a great coach or whatever but he just has the look of a dude who dips Kodiak wintergreen
  11. bitonti

    Todd Kotite/Rich Bowles

    the last offensive HC of the NYJ was Rich Kotite maybe that's why Tuna, Groh, Herm, Mangini, Rex and now Bowles have been defensive by the way I am old enough to have lived through Kotite and that team had talent, they signed all sorts of free agents etc. Maybe they are just as bad coaches (they aren't) but in terms of resources, Kotite had Hess' full support while Bowles is building a bridge over the Hudson river with popsicle sticks.
  12. when exactly will they potentially start winning? how about Sunday for a start, would that be so bad?
  13. Sam Darnold has played so poorly the last three weeks, I can't imagine he's drawing fans to the stadium. This is a winnable game with McCown I guess whoever shows up will have to settle for watching touchdowns. being scored by the offense this time not pick 6 touchdowns

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