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  1. bitonti

    Todd Haley on Bell's running style

    Bell had 85 receptions in 2017 when's the last time a Jet had that kind of production? Santonio in 2011? his running style or whatever aside the value of Bell is as a safety for Darnold
  2. the most logical way is let Mac take as few picks as possible, reduce risk
  3. seriously tho that happened to my friend Chris now he farms berries
  4. a rub and tug joint next to an outback steakhouse... with bentleys and maybachs circling the parking lot morality aside, their profile was way too high. side note if we are going purely by the outcomes of the US justice system, Nicole Brown Simpson's killer is still out there.
  5. Rashan Gary would be such a Jets pick. I don't know why or how but it just feels Jetsy.
  6. Nope. They take their real passports so they can't leave. this is not hyperbole. Just to review these women had no money and no english language skills and a wonderful "job" where they slept on cots in a strip mall. I would also like to point out 14 in Green that you are defending Robert Kraft. Don't die on that hill, buddy >Mr. Bompartito, who moved to South Florida from Philadelphia seven months ago, said that around the time of the purported bomb scare, he saw young women leave the massage parlor around lunchtime every day and walk around the mall, without talking to anyone or eating anything. He had worked next door to a day spa in Philadelphia that had been raided by the police and sensed something was wrong here, too. “They looked malnourished,” he said of the women from Orchids of Asia. “One I even offered a slice of pizza to. She wouldn’t even say hi, wouldn’t even say thank you. Just kept her head down.” https://www.nytimes.com/2019/02/22/sports/robert-kraft-jupiter-orchids-arrest.html
  7. bitonti

    Number 3 pick

    exactly - for as good as Quenton Nelson is, the 3 pick should be worth more they have to throw in a pick. Whether it's another first is unclear but 3 is worth a ton.
  8. the last time this team traded down they missed out on Orlando Pace and Walter Jones for James Farrior, Jason Ferguson and like 11 goatherders the trade down only works if the GM can make picks, which ours can't.
  9. don't overthink the issue: any player the Jets don't want (like Kyler Murray) who goes before their pick at 3 is good news
  10. the bigger names were heads of banks other billionaire types not more famous than Kraft but maybe richer. there were no Tiger Woods level more famous johns picked up these were two thoughts that got typed up by a maniac (1- Ice cube the Predator not Ice T) and (2- the arnold/ventura Predator movie). Both cool things from the 1980's. Not like Bob Kraft the Predator. these are not high end prostitutes like Pretty Women. They have no money, can't speak the language and their passport is in a safe somewhere. They can't just walk away. again the reason it went down is that there were families in that strip mall. it wasn't political. It was an eye sore to have a sex concentration camp next to a chuck e cheese Walk a mile in Bob Kraft's shoes? a cheating lying scumbag of the highest order? no thanks
  11. i meant ice cube the predator not sure if that's any better of a mistake
  12. what did he ever do for anyone not named Josh rosen?
  13. the laughable thing is the dude still has fans everyone else is wrong, Josh Rosen is right? is that what his fans believe Josh Rosen sucks. He sucks so bad the team that took him last year at 10 wants to trade him in year 2 He sucked last year when people thought he should be in play at 3 (!) and he sucks worse now. No matter how many times I lay that money down at the window, it's going to come due he doesn't inspire the people around him as a QB robot he's great. as a human person he's awful. spending an hour with him must be like hanging out in Satan's waiting room.
  14. https://twitter.com/hashtag/rosenface

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