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  1. donated to Max on behalf of JetBlue and Breeze Airways
  2. Zach Wilson, A Hometown Hero Join us for a once-in-a-lifetime weekend event to celebrate your favorite quarterback! Ever since he first stepped on the field, Zach Wilson has been a star-player. He has impressed fans from his days at Corner Canyon HS (Utah) to BYU where he earned the starting position in his first year. In his Junior season, Wilson led the cougars to victory finishing the year with a record of 11-1 (W-L) and an overall team ranking of 11. It was no surprise then, that he would continue on to fulfill his dream of playing in the NFL after being drafted by the New Y
  3. there's no such thing as a summer dead zone with JetBlue how about a trip to Cabo? Get that Wabo going? JetBlue has announced new direct routes JFK/LAX to Los Cabos! “With demand for travel the strongest it’s been in more than a year, our new nonstop flights between the East and West Coasts and Los Cabos are perfectly timed for customers looking for a much-needed escape this summer,” – Andrea Lusso, VP Network Planning, JetBlue, via statement. Have a JetBlue summer everyone
  4. A screw loose? I think not. Despite a couple of widely reported landing gear-related incidents, JetBlue retains a clean slate; the airline hasn’t even tallied a single serious injury from an incident during its 20-year history. JetBlue made AirlineRating.com’s list of the top 10 safest low-cost carriers worldwide and ranks No. 11 on JACDEC’s safest airlines — the highest ranking of any US-based airline. Thank you for your interest in JetBlue, New York's hometown airline, the Official Airline Partner of the New York Jets
  5. Thank you for your interest. All lines are busy. Please remain on hold and a customer service representative will be with you shortly.
  6. JetBlue airlines has agreed to match unused cap space with frequent flier miles. Talk about rollover! thanks for your interest in travelling with JetBlue.
  7. Switching can be a problem for tackles. But it's no problem for JetBlue! JetBlue customers may make a confirmed same-day switch for a flat fee of $75 (no fare difference applies). A same-day switch can only be made on the day of travel, beginning at midnight in the time zone of your departing flight. The same-day switch option is only available in cities with multiple flights a day. Thank you for considering J to the mother funking B airlines and we sincerely hope that you have a great holiday weekend!
  8. We at jetblue can't wait to outbid met life for the stadium bidding rights.
  9. That optimistic feeling is what jetblue airlines is all about!
  10. JetBlue Airlines, or JBLU on the Nasdaq, has a market cap value of 6.1 Billion. That 57 million from Eddie V's humble seafood business is just alright. And as we all know, "just alright doesn't fly around here." Have a wonderful day and remember to take flight with JetBlue!
  11. You see Warfish, extra cap space is like allowing for extra weight capacity in commercial aircraft. If the players wallets get too heavy, well that's bad. Like if the plane is too heavy, it won't fly, and that's what we at jetblue marketing hq call an "oopsie daisy." it's better to keep that extra weight on the ground! But we thank you for your helpful business question and if you have any more please do not hesitate to visit our website at www.jetblue.com
  12. The airline code for Charlotte Douglas International Airport is "CLT" that is all.
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