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  1. The host was literally fawning over the dude
  2. The byu sports network is really preparing Zach for the NY media market Just like how byu prepared him for the afc east Softballs
  3. https://www.theringer.com/2021/4/14/22383093/justin-fields-draft-stock-narratives-pro-day
  4. Yeah but fields has better accuracy and runs the 4.4 The Jets need cheap yards and Saleh knows 1st hand how hard that is to defend
  5. The line is garbage and they only added Dan feeney. Saleh is better than gase it also takes time to install a new system again. We haven't had a draft yet but it's safe to say that qb1 whoever it is will take punishment next year
  6. His accuracy numbers are OK not elite Fields is actually more accurate under pressure and intermediate and deep. Wilson is more accurate with short throws on the move End of the day it is not really about cfb accuracy numbers it's about durability.. Whoever sf drafts is going to have an easier time than whoever NYJ drafts. Same system, but one rookie is going to be running for his life
  7. After watching Sams happy feet /off platform mechanics for 3 years I just want the next guy to set his feet and throw it on time This whole off platform mechanics thing is not as impressive as everyone hypes it to be I'd rather they build a line than rely on kids to play schoolyard ball
  8. Bateman was a beast in 19, had a terrible bout with the covid and lost like 25 pounds during the 20 season It's like watching fields vs northwestern that's covid tape
  9. I know Cecil irl he's a good dude that loves football. He's got a the same sources that other reporters use. He's not a liar or a Manish
  10. Waldmans point is that the media are over compensating for missing on Mahomes and that's why Jordan love and drew lock were over drafted
  11. how is he at jumping out of pools you focused in on Baker but Trubisky at 6'2" is a truer comparison he's the same height as Carr and Dalton those are also similar comps my point is he's not an elite athlete, he's only just OK or "Good enough" by NFL standards he's not running a 4.4 like Fields or doing anything else at a world class level
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