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  1. bitonti

    40 yard dash tournament - Robby Anderson

    he's doing it for the nuts side note he could get injured in minicamp tomorrow and never play again. if the Jets gave him a bonus they could threaten to take it back
  2. bitonti

    40 yard dash tournament - Robby Anderson

    If the Jets paid robby sun ra Anderson more than just rfa tender, we could have that conversation. At this point what he's making from the gods of speed is like an extra game check Sent from my Pixel 2 using JetNation.com mobile app
  3. guys, guys c'mon. no need to argue. we're Jets fans we're ALL the worst to deal with
  4. bitonti

    40 yard dash tournament - Robby Anderson

    ted ginn and tarik cohen are speed merchants too i'd watch it
  5. bitonti

    Most under-rated Jet of all time

    he had a Jordan Jenkins level of impact... 8 sacks 3 FF would be his best year Jenkins is also underrated i'm just saying when's the last time the Jets took a first round pick that played 10 years in green and retired that way?
  6. when's the last elite OT prospect it's been quite a while longer than the gap between elite QB prospects elite OT's are the draft's rarest commodity right now
  7. bitonti

    Most under-rated Jet of all time

    Brad Smith was like 10 years too early lots of good candidates in this thread but it's hard to take Klecko and Jamal Adams as underrated. People know those guys are good. I always found Bryan Thomas to be underrated. People talked endless crap about the dude and he ended up a 10 year Jet, retired in green. so he wasn't Ed Reed
  8. the way fans think about open cap space, you'd think we were getting a cut of the unspent money at the end of the year open cap space is unused potential. If a Demarcus Lawrence never makes it to FA there's no point in having oodles of cap space other than to save on labor and pocket the difference
  9. Jason Kelce was a 2011 6th rd pick and that's a good example of why you don't need to use a high pick on centers. Lane Johnson was a 1.4 pick in 2013 who bloomed into an All-Pro in 2017. That's another example of the type of athlete the draft doesn't produce anymore. there hasn't been a prospect as good as lane Johnson for 6 years, that's a shortage
  10. it doesn't really make sense to expect a player at the hardest position in all of team sports to be good enough to win a SB within their 1st 4 years in the league. it's hopeful and works on paper but the hard part is the 21 year old QB isn't ready to do all that
  11. the Jets ran out of players to spend it on... All these pass rushers never even made it to market. The difference between the Jets and the Vikings isn't just their FA spending. the other side of the coin they overpaid for Sam Darnold by any reasonable interpretation of any trade chart 3 second round picks and instant HOF guard Quenton Nelson is a bounty we can't honestly say Cousins/Nelson/3 second rounders is better than Darnold plus cap space that turned into Bell, Crowder/Mosley and more cap space. We hope it's true and it looks like a good long term bet but if you had to win a game tomorrow which is better?
  12. When it comes to football I subscribe to Parcells' "You are what your record says you are" the Tannenbaum era was the last time this team saw any kind of success Now, some define success as firing everyone at the end of the year and being a lean 4-12, ready to pounce when that perfect FA gets to the market or having the highest draft pick here's a crazy thought: Success is success yes I'd rather be 8-7-1 than 4-12
  13. Kyle Rudolph is a 29 year old tight end who claims he too young to take a pay cut. If he were a NYJ we'd have crucified him by now they play tomorrow, what's the line? MIN -6 probably maybe MIN -3 at MetLife with or without Rudolph
  14. individual negotiations aside, the Jets never spend up to the cap even right now after all their splurges they are like 30 mil under the team is usually more concerned about staying above the floor

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