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  1. usually loser pays 50$ to the charity of the winner's choice. Winning conditions must be clear. condition 1 - Mo Wilkerson must be cut. That means waived or injury settled not traded, ir'ed, retired, or any outcome other than an outright release. condition 2 - What date does Mo have to be cut by, for you to win your side of the bet?
  2. There's this anecdote about Parcells that if he yelled at you it was good. It meant he cared enough to yell. When he stopped yelling that was bad and likely meant the turk was coming. don't forget that Bowles is from the Parcells tree. also don't forget that Robby Anderson and Mo are all Temple Owls. The league is about connections and this is what coaching looks like in 2017. Bowles challenges the players with potential by benching them. It's public and also he doesn't have to say a word. The organization can't really believe that the roster would be better off without Mo Wilkerson. They just want him to be more professional. This goes double for Darron Lee.
  3. The Jets are already going to have a ridiculous amount of cap room. They are way under the floor currently which means they have to overspend in future years to avoid penalty from the NFL. That's how little they spend on this current roster. The talk about cutting Mo (in a year that they've overperformed their expected win total by at least 2 and counting) with the goal of freeing up cap space is dumb and actually counterproductive. DT is one of the only decent positions on the team and when other teams draw up the game plan every week they have to account for Mo. What's the alternative? Cut mo and find 80 million dollars worth of amazing free agents? Even if they could, they aren't going to do that. Someone has to get paid on an NFL roster. It can't be 53 Julian Stanford's. Stars are late to meetings all the time by the way. Dez Bryant probably hasn't attended a meeting in years. The difference is that Bowles makes the discipline real and public and not alot of other coaches do that anymore. This is Bowles challenging Mo. Stay tuned, I don't believe for a second that Mo will be cut next year based on late meetings.
  4. i don't know exactly how but this cocky SOB screams NY Giant to me the Jets will end up with someone like Allen (or dare to dream Mayfield) the scrappy underdog
  5. Brandon Shell is a long term foundational player
  6. The NFL has a big problem

    if you ever want to know what's wrong with the NFL listen to a referee explain offsetting penalties.
  7. The offensive line is not good in fact they have been below average all season. But Shell and winters are playing through injury and that is not reflected in the Grades. Penalties are not a great measurement of line play when holding can be called on nearly every play and some teams get the benefit of the doubt and others do not. center position really is the the worst of the 5. Can Dozier snap?
  8. Goodell on thin ice (finally)

    Jerry Jones has taken the fun out of hating Roger Goodell.
  9. Kapernick: a way out

    and the first part is optional
  10. Kapernick: a way out

    it's actually about entertainment. don't ever forget that. The opera sells season tickets too. the difference is that if the tenor sucks i can go get my money back i don't think it's such a hot take to say the anthem is boring and unsingable. if we are going to do something every week for the rest of our lives it should at least be fun.
  11. Kapernick: a way out

    Look im not against honoring the troops but i'll say it again if you do something over and over it becomes less special. Like Thursday Night Football. and side note the anthem itself is basically unsingable. Did you know there's a third verse that either mentions slaves or honors their death (depending on the interpretation) https://www.snopes.com/2016/08/29/star-spangled-banner-and-slavery/ it's time we chose a new anthem like Real American by Rick Derringer https://www.pastemagazine.com/articles/2016/09/six-new-national-anthems-that-would-be-better-than.html
  12. Kapernick: a way out

    the same could be said about being paid to roll out a 200-foot flag before every game, no matter how minor the game. like the troops need to be honored before Cleveland vs San Francisco. It's nationalism and that's a form of activism too. The league can't shove flags in everyone's mouth on one hand and then ban anthem protest on the other. It's unAMerican on about a dozen levels.
  13. Kapernick: a way out

    they don't need all 32 owners (31 and the city of green bay wisconsin btw) they just need a text between 2 owners and these guys are such egotistical tech dinosaurs, i wouldn't bet against them finding the evidence they need.
  14. Why do you still watch the NFL?