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  1. bitonti

    What Was Josh Gordon High on Last Night?

    at this point this just might be the way he looks
  2. we aren't idiots. what are those people who enjoy pain? Masochists. Or the addicted gamblers who feel the pain of the loss more strongly than the rush of a win.
  3. This draft the Jets needed OL/OLB but had to go DL in rounds 3 and 7 (Henry Anderson trade) to backfill the Mo and Sheldon deals. They went TE in round 6 to backfill not resigning ASJ. The other two rd 6 picks were Parry Nickerson and Trenton Cannon Miss on all sorts of picks, ignore the needs and leave 21 mil unspent on the cap and it's a wonder this team wins any games at all.
  4. not really They just aren't committed to winning. their real problem is they aren't rich enough. too much of the Johnson's fortune is tied up in the Jets. On the NFL team owner wealth list, Kraft and Johnson are like 30 and 31 (The town of green bay wisconsin doesn't count). KRaft finds ways around it by cheating and leasing TB12 trainers an office etc. The Johnsons talk sh*t and leave town. The owner being out of the country only makes the Jets easier to half-fund. They have 21 mil in unused cap right now and starting Eric Tomlinson and Frankie Tuvu. They used the 9 mil in roll over from last year to cut MO Wilkerson. It's a bullcrap way to run a franchise and if they do buy out Bowles/Mac they will find the replacements at the dollar store. Like how they lured Jeremy Bates out of the woods with Omaha Steaks. These are not high profile hires of a team who wants to win. It's an organization committed to keeping the lights on. Other owners like Paul Allen (17B) or Shajid Khan do this for fun. The Johnsons (3.5 bil when the Jets are worth 3) need to glean as much as they can from this.
  5. bitonti

    Mo out for the season

    i was talking about comments like this. It's not PC it's rude. as for Mo's career here, the guy isn't Gholston. He played 15 games last year had like 5 sacks while recovering from a broken leg. That's after living through the Idzik era. Here's a real question crusher is it rational to expect 10+ sacks out of a 3-4 DE year after year? These guys do their job on a Cameron Heyward level and stats aren't a good way to measure. Fact is, whatever success this team had over the last few years, Mo was a part of it. and the real reason I got involved in this thread was FACT. you can't say Mo got hurt from being lazy when he was speared by his own teammate from behind. It could happen to anyone in fact it could happen to a Jets player. Rejoicing about Mo is exactly the type of bullsh*t that makes us the least sympathetic fanbase in all of sports.
  6. neither Bowles nor Mac will get fired and it's because Chris is to Woody as a Mall Security Guard is to a real Police Officer.
  7. Bowles is a better coach than Mac is a drafter. and yes I know it's a low bar. But a jockey is only as good as the horse. Bowles is starting street free agents at several real positions. the depth at WR is the least of his concerns. and I don't know if benching Crowell for a half makes a difference but the football gods awoke after that gross toilet ass 'celebration' they were up 14-0 and nothing went right after that point
  8. bitonti

    Mo out for the season

    this is a thread of Jets fans rejoicing that another NFL player broke his ankle. it's disgusting on several levels, the most selfish of which is karma. You don't root for other people to get hurt, even if they do hit the cap for 9mil of dead money it's like being a Jets fan has conditioned us to process bad news for others as good news for us. Pats are below .500! the coach might get fired! Mo broke his leg! Hooray everyone what a great season this is turning out to be
  9. bitonti

    Mo out for the season

    this comment is absolute bullsh*t the exact play he was injured was a S named Kentrell Brice whiffed on a tackle and spiraled right into Mo's lower body. It was a broken ankle/leg collision injury from behind. Wilkerson was engaged with a blocker at the time, not even looking in the direction of Brice. Wilkerson had recorded 10 tackles and a sack through 2 games and was their best interior pass rusher so far. there are many aspects of Jets fandom which disgust me, but perhaps the worst is the need to rip apart everyone who leaves, and assuming the team is better without them. Sometimes, in a Santonio Holmes situation, this is true. But let's be real folks. It's the Jets who deserve to be ripped down and we should wish people like Mo Wilkerson luck for getting out of this dysfunction.
  10. bitonti

    Jets +9 @ Jax

    Josh Rosen had a game-ending pick 6 called back for defensive holding thank goodness he didn't end up here. that dude suuuuuucks.
  11. ASJ would have scored the TD Herndon was too puss to reach for and the Johnsons cashed out of J&J generations ago. they are philanthropists. Paul Allen helped invent MS Windows. there's a forbes owner wealth list and the Johnsons are near the bottom.
  12. These NFL regular seasons barely ever work out. it's a 1/32 chance which is like 3%. If a franchise makes good decisions and spends etc maybe they can be 10% to win it all. A team like the Jets trotting out street free agents as starters at real positions it goes down to less than 1%. If we are having a conversation in January why no one good wants this job, Jeremiah Attatchu and Eric Tomlinson are reasons why.
  13. bitonti

    Jets +9 @ Jax

    it went down to -8
  14. the Niners aren't the type of team loaded for bear needs to keep the train moving. This was always going to be a learning year for them.
  15. They couldn't find a TE? they couldn't sign ASJ? Cmon. They couldn't find a pass rusher? your logic is because they couldn't spend it on SUH they shouldn't spend it at all? I don't buy it. They should not be starting Tomlinson and Tuvu. There's a middle ground between amazing and nothing. since you asked the problem with the Johnson's is too much of their wealth derives from the team. Other guys like Paul Allen or Shahid Khan, this is a diversion. Look at the ownership wealth list, the Krafts and Johnsons are near the bottom. They are worth 3.5 Bil and the team is worth 3. The Krafts find ways around it like giving TB12 a lease and a contract to have his witch doctor on staff. It's cheating but they at least try. The smartest thing Woody ever did was buy the team. Johnson and Johnson was a long time ago. They do cut corners on payroll and they certainly cut corners hiring coaches. This is their golden goose and these tv contract checks actually matter to the Johnsons. Paul Allen doesn't care. don't believe me? Why has ever coach they've ever hired since Tuna been a first timer? Why are they luring Jeremy Bates out of the woods with Omaha Steaks? Because these are cheap things to do. There's no salary cap on coaches. Even small market teams like the Steelers have Mike Munshak at OL coach. He's a HOF OLman, former HC, former OC, working at line coach. They don't pay Bell but they pay for something. The Jets are the worst of both worlds, cheap with no commitment to winning.

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