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  1. the Jets were 4 plays away from 18 points (missed FG, missed XP, 4th and Robby, the muffed punt fumble clearly bounced off the ravens dude) more importantly Darnold played solidly and told Adam Gase to shut the front door honestly I've never been more psyched after a prime time loss
  2. if we are being truly brutally honest the 8 and 9 teams are original NFL franchises with a certain amount of cachet and the JEts aren't firing Adam gase for a couple years
  3. their all rookie team right tackle Howard (The only first rounder) is also on the IR
  4. Joe Willy Namath played during the era of the 14 game season so to compare Sam's potential 16 game output vs Namath's career year is silly town i still enjoyed this video tho
  5. these were not reasonable expectations Kalil was 36 years old lured out of retirement for a bad neck Winters has played hurt for 4 years straight Osemele's labrum was torn when he arrived we can assign blame to Mac/Douglas/Gase or the boogyman but these are not sound NFL assumptions
  6. the only ability that matters in the NFL is availability this is not a moral judgment Darnold can be the biggest player in player'sville it becomes a problem when it affects the entire team
  7. by the way the Niners were missing their left tackle Joe Staley for most of the year, then their right tackle McGlinchey for 6 weeks, at one point their tackle starters were Justin Skule and Daniel Brunskill. George Kittle was in fact banged up for a couple games great gameday coaches (or competent coaches with a great system) can figure out ways to over come injuries or failing that, at least keep their team competitive how about the job Tomlin is doing in Pittsburgh with Duck Hodges? franchise QBs with rookies at tackle just get the ball out quicker injuries are not some kind of excuse in this league.
  8. I'm still not convinced Darnold should be held blameless for missing three games with a social disease the people who think "Honey, I got it from a drinking glass" is a good excuse are probably incels cause that excuse would not fly with any American women in the year 2019 and it shouldn't fly with us By the way I'm not saying he should be a monk, Just make better decisions. try to pick the 2nd sweatiest girl at the bar next time or order in maybe 31 other starters manage not to get mono
  9. the other side has injuries too for as Offensive line obsessed this board is there is no context of what's happening on other teams LT Ronnie Stanley (Notre Dame, 1st rd pick, potential Pro Bowler) is doubtful with concussion likely out C Matt Skura was placed on IR 2 weeks ago and Patrick Mekari has not been as good finally QB Lamar Jackson has a quad and limping around this week. He is a super man type of athlete but he's injured too fact of the matter this game on 12/12 full moon night with everyone injured is a better chance for this team than on 12/15 1p broad daylight, everyone healthy on their side brutal ass pounding
  10. blah blah blah this team traded away 6 overall which turned into Quenton Nelson (*instant Hall of famer*) and 3 second rounders to move up 3 lousy spots The thinking was the franchise QB makes everyone better which by the way is correct thinking (and I love me some Nelson) but now 2 years later we need everything perfect for the franchise QB? He's got Bell, Robby and Crowder tonight. He's got Vyncint Smith. Darnold's job is to make some damn plays
  11. to look at this matchup from the other side: The Ravens have been playing big game after big game At Los Angeles, vs SF, At Buffalo. These are like heavyweight fights and maybe they mike tyson'ed the Rams but the other two were 12 round battles and all of these games had a price They lost their center Matt Skura for the year vs LA and it's limited their offense last 2 games Starting left tackle Ronnie Stanley is doubtful in the concussion protocol. Mark andrews their TE is also banged up Lamar Jackson will play but practice was closed to the media and he's been limping noticeably all week. it's possible, as almost 17 point favorites at home, thinking this Jets team sucks and they can not show up quite as hard The Ravens are not good covering as double digit favorites and in fact they've only covered 2 of their last 4 games now to be clear Im not saying the Jets win just saying there is an outcome where they don't embarass us all for being fans
  12. Darnold is supposed to show the F up and keep this team in the game BY HIMSELF if need be the soft whatever of low expectations on Darnold is out of control he's not a rookie. He's the 3 overall pick, Lamar went 31. what's he supposed to do? He's supposed to be better

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