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  1. the real question you need to ask yourself is what's the monetary difference between winning and losing? spoiler alert except for the ticket revenue from a couple home playoff games, there is none the Jets are the 6th most valuable team in the NFL despite being 30th in the power rankings the problem here is the owners and the fans have different definitions of success
  2. If anything they should have thrown an extra TE in there or something just to give Darnold most than half a second. this everytime they kept in a man to block, belly sent 1 extra Sam Darnold crapped his bed last night but dont worry i'm sure no one saw it
  3. the truth is that HC numbers are private and no one really knows what anyone makes (like Forbes Wealth list it's estimated) BB was making 7.5 mil in 2011 the last time anyone had a number for it etc. It could be 10 easily. Bowles i suspect was actually closer to 3.5 than 4 And gase i suspect is making the same
  4. the line sucks but picking up 7 with 6 is not on the line shifting left when you should shift right is not on the line even a high snap should be caught when it hits the QB in the hands the QB has been a disaster that's the hard truth Jets fans don't want to look at
  5. you can really feel it the way Ray Lucas whispers 'FFFF' like he can't even be bothered to expend the breath and everyone else is dum for even asking
  6. The average head coach salary is almost 7 million per year https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Head_coach
  7. point by point -being 5th in Active Cap is not the same as spending to the cap. They had a bunch before giving it to Kalil and other old worthless vets like WR Thomas, basically 1 year deals -KK got a big deal from AZ while the Jets were paralyzed by inaction. Probably running everything through the UK. Remember when everyone said KK sucked and Gase was just as good? That was an actual narrative on this board. People believed that to be real. KK is creative, Gase is a con man who suckers people into thinking he's creative. There's probably a 3-4 mil difference in what these men are paid -Matt Rhule required a 15 mil buyout from Baylor yes that's a enough of a difference to never really consider him. Mccarthy wanted 9 mil a year. Here's a shocker: Real coaches cost money. -The Forbes value of the franchise is what the capital is worth if it's sold. You can borrow against the asset but it's not a realized gain unless the Johnson's sell. Which, if you further read Forbes, due to the fact they are worth like "only" 3.5 or 4 bil total - they can never sell - Their wealth is tied up in static capital and the cash they live on is from the NY Jets. which is why they don't spend to the cap. And why bother? The merch, the tv contracts it's all split 32 ways. We know this because the city of Green Bay Wisconsin gets to see inside the Packers' books. as for Joe Douglas that is Chris panicking, straight up. He realizes Gase sucks, he realizes every move he's made so far is bull crap, so he puts all his hopes on Joe Douglas. Who's first move is to sign Kaare Vedvik. And lure old ass Ryan Kalil out of retirement and trade for Demarius Stonehands Thomas etc. Yes they paid Joe Douglas but it was a reflex move and the early returns have been trash there's a real case this team actually would have been better off W-L if Joe Douglas doesn't show up and they keep Taylor Bertolet for game 1, or have 36 year old Ryan Kalil beating out Harrison based on contract. so to summarize, there's no incentive to win, there's a big difference between pretending to win and actually trying. The JD move was too little too late (and still not a Matt Rhule or McCarthy power move. Like who is Joe Douglas, really? do we even know? )
  8. Even if you can't find the open guy, find something. Find the sideline. how about protect the football - take a sack, dont take a strip sack the high snap from Kalil basically hits him in the hands. Like it's going upward but it passes through is arms head high... USC Qbs have a tradition of making bad situations awful dating back to Todd Marinovich last night was Sam's butt fumble he's basically ruined great job everyone
  9. IT wasn't even that complicated. again to quote the great Bart Scott https://www.sny.tv/video/topic/151165816/34000003869/330-loss-is-inexcusable Pats were in simple Cover 0 man and blitzing one extra rusher than there were blockers - 5 v 6, 6 v 7 etc. It is usually a hail mary 4th and the game situation but BB was calling it all over the field and the Jets had no answers or adjustments. Sam couldn't call the blocking scheme correctly or a hot route. Even if 14 is somehow blameless, Adam Gase's offense hasn't been able to beat any kind of blitz all year or last year
  10. Look man we are comparing like a yugo to an edsel i never said Bowles was good what I said what he would have had this team in better shape if they gave him 100 million dollars Bell etc. They probably would have scored a point or two the real truth is people expect Bowles and Gase to be good they are probably the lowest paid HC's in the league by far
  11. https://www.sny.tv/video/34000003877/jets-struggle-in-330-loss this legit made me laugh even tho as Bart Scott noted, it aint even funny
  12. Yes. it's the difference between hiring Adam Gase or a real coach like KK or Matt Rhule. There's no salary cap or floor on coaching (assistants too) It's the difference between hiring real scouts and poor ones it's the difference between a good team doctor who says 'hey guys, Kelechi Osemele has a torn labrum' and a cheap butcher the organization has a very simple formula: Make money while woody is gone. That 100 mil in free agent spend was to BRING THEM TO THE FLOOR When Woody is around they spent to the cap or at least they did in 2010, 2011 etc before Woody lost his taste for competition that was the last time they went to the playoffs btw *** what's your explanation? the Jets are bad just because?
  13. Crowder is legit, Robby is good but Demarious Thomas should be wearing a mask and holding a gun when he collects his paycheck because he's stealing money out there the guy drops wide open balls which might be ok in a normal offense but to have a receiver out there dropping the only decent balls the QB throws all game is infuriating he also dropped a peach during the Eagles game
  14. By the way they traded 3 second round picks to move up 3 spots ... and pass on Quentin Nelson perhaps the greatest guard prospect for the last 20 years they could have drafted Nelson, 3 more linemen with the 2nd rounders and then found a QB instead they have a QB who sucks, they won't give him 100 million dollars in 3 years and the rebuild continues SOJ
  15. Todd Bowles was not the problem with this team Jeremy Bates system was more creative than Adam Gase / Dowell Loggins and Bates doesn't even have a job in football anymore, he's back in the woods or some s--t I honestly wonder what Todd Bowles plus 100 million dollars of free agents would look like probably not embarrass the fans like this abomination

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