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  1. That's what corporations call synergy They don't always plan it in advance sometimes it just happens The bottom line is that not every team has an official airline partner. The Jets have to tread lightly
  2. On the other hand 3 percent of 33 mil is a million dollars
  3. It always struck me as ridiculous how the Jets went all in on Sam Darnold and meanwhile they and 31 teams all passed on Lamar Malik Cunningham is shaping up to be a similar type of scouting report, the late first Rd pick from Louisville thst no one wants
  4. It's like 33 mil for one year, nice work if you can get it
  5. Before the sf playoff game in GB, Jimmy G had never started a game under 40 degrees. But Jimmy G went to college in Illinois and lived/practiced in New England for years. Then Jimmy G won that game, which was played in the snow. It's a bit different compared to Carr who has lost like 6 or 7 times Jimmy G knows the offense and won't be super expensive. Signing him also keeps new England from resigning him cause they are reported to be interested too
  6. Word is Baltimore is going to use the tag on Lamar
  7. He won a ring riding pine in New England Wait does he have to participate in those games?
  8. Derek Carr is garbage in cold weather, hasn't won a game played under 37 degrees in like 7 attempts I want Jimmy G, I'd bet on them signing tannehill or worse (trubisky?) but whoever it is at qb we have not seen the last of Zach.
  9. Quinnen Williams is the best player on the team. Honestly they should have given the laken money to qw before 2022 season Why is this so hard? Ps sign his brother too
  10. Connor McGovern never lived up to his contract. Being available is not the same as being good Where are they getting a starting LT when they are trading the pick for Rodgers? The whole thing is poorly planned
  11. Fact check woody had a scandal in the UK https://www.si.com/nfl/2020/08/12/woody-johnson-inappropriate-comments-united-states-ambassador
  12. I don't hate this person but to address the "woody likes Zach" rumor, wilson comes with a sponsorship from jetblue. It's a very unique situation. The jets could cut Zach treat him like any other player and lose that sponsorship. It's always about the money. If Justin fields uncle founded met life he'd have been the pick instead
  13. George Fant used to have very little mileage. Before the Jets signed him 3 years ago. Now he's on the wrong side of thirty and coming off a chronic knee injury that lingered through two seasons
  14. it's not a tackle game anymore - it's like player challenges and a flag football game at the end
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