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  1. His non throwing labrum also was reconstructed in the same offseason. Which is why he looks like a man who hasn't done a bench rep for a year. Because he hasn't. Team Wilson is trying to get this product on the market before it breaks again. The dude really needs a senior bowl to prove it against sec types. And a senior year to get stronger. But he is injury prone and could lose it all with one more incident. The whole thing is a nightmare from the risk perspective. I'm impressed by his arm talent but his competition was garbage and his injuries are scary. He's not necessarily blessed with an NFL body. I'm no fields fan but I'd take fields over wilson purely on attributes
  2. Zach wilson has crazy arm talent. He also has 2 shoulder reconstruction. Rich man's Chad Pennington
  3. DJ and JD worked together over two scouting departments. That might make them friends. Or not. Mcshay and JD played college football together. That's a different level of friendship usually. And to be honest I don't believe either one knows jd for sure
  4. NFL jerseys are split equally among the teams Unless it's like specific sold thru the Jets store or concessions at the stadium, woody Johnson and Bob kraft both get paid for the bucs selling tb12 jerseys Understand that and we begin to understand the mindset of the owners. They don't have to win games to make money. In fact that's more expensive. Keeping the lights on is all some franchises really care about
  5. This is what's known in the industry as wishful thinking It's a monster salary...would they pay it? Maybe. It's never happened before. Here's another question is woody Johnson excited about the idea of Watson as the face of the franchise? Could jd get stank eye just for suggesting it?
  6. The Jets have never paid for a 20 million dollar player. I believe 15 is their ceiling historically Watson is a 30 million dollar player They reason why they have 70 mil in cap room is because they don't sign those checks. It's out of character for the general manager and the owner.
  7. Who other than the Jets even have the cap space for this move? The pats? If Watson wants a better coach he's not picking NYJ over NEP Shoot everybody assume that Watson will waive the no trade clause in the contract he just signed. If ny was a preferred destination it would be on the list already. What's changed in 1 year? The Jets got worse
  8. Not really, no. I'm even sure the Texans can handle 20m of dead cap x3 for trading him The Jets would be paying Watson 2 million dollars per game, 16 weeks in a row. Draft picks aside it's a big check they never cut. The whole thing makes zero sense, from anyone's perspective. Except for the Jets fans on the verge of a breakdown
  9. Who are the Jets competing against in this negotiation? Themselves? What other team is going to offer anything of substance for a guy with a 30 million dollar per year contract? Wait for Watson to hold out then low ball the sh*t out of them.
  10. I feel like most people in favor of the Watson trade at all costs have never been in a real negotiation. The onus is on the Texans to trade this disgruntled expensive player not on the Jets to overwhelm them with an offer. The longer this goes on the more pressure on the Texans to resolve it. Wait until Watson holds out and deal for 22 and 23 picks maybe. Don't pay for a car over msrp just because it's shiny Shoot Watson's contract is so hefty these fools should be giving us draft picks Not really but that's the attitude for negotiating. Not like please sir may I have another?
  11. There's many great arguments out there the Jets need to spend 2 pick on a qb because we can't name the linemen on Rodgers team a 24 pick The Jets need to trade 2 and a couple more firsts for Watson who was a former 12 pick

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