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  1. BYU is not Wyoming. They have had a winning record the last 10 years straight. They have like 4 draft players this year. They play nobody's on an independent schedule.
  2. people say that Cam Newton wasn't even in the top 500 players the year prior to going 1.1 alot can change in a year heck last year people said Sewell was the number 2 player in the country behind Trevor. Fields was known, Zach was not. if we are going by last year... right?
  3. Zach Wilson really hasn't played anyone there's no amount of PR or working out Team Wilson can do to change his passer rating vs Power 5 comp as for what the Jets should do this offseason, this team has like 2 great players and a handful of maybes, it's a total rebuild. Even with all the cap space and draft picks they will likely be really really bad again. Like QB-ruiningly bad. a new offensive system, a change from 3-4 for 4-3, new skills on offense, they have too many checkboxes to hit to add franchise QB to the 21 to do list it's not that Darnold is going to be great
  4. I am gen x That means everything is going to be garbage and I don't care about your petty generation disputes
  5. tiktok at a club or in the kitchen? Awesome players that dance on the other team's logos on the road need their head examined it's a selfish, unprofessional move that serves no purpose and puts the other 52 players at a competitive disadvantage football is at the end of the day a team game, you can't have one teammate acting like a jackass
  6. If JD trades Sam Darnold to a playoff team where he becomes a star that's somehow worse than whatever happens to the non Trevor qbs in this draft One could make the argument that Mahomes would have busted here. But having a player and writing him off too early is a bigger risk for nfl gm.
  7. Juju smith is a loser and if JD signs him it will make jd look like a loser too
  8. the appeal of Trey Hendrickson is that Quinnen can be like Cam Jordan. He's a secondary dude he's not the dude. He's better than they've had in ages but it's a low bar
  9. Yeh if drob played with cam Jordan he could have been a contender I do not mind a drob conversation. We've all learned a lot since 2003. Regrets? Yeah I wish I bought bitcoin too. That one should have been easy it was named after me Much like how proving Sam Darnold is terrible has nothing to do with the evaluation of Zach wilson, Proving drob sucks has nothing to do with proving trey Hendrickson is a good fa. Trey Hendrickson is amazing as long as someone else is doing the heavy lifting. Future highest paid NYJ, everyone
  10. The truth is out there #morgantruther
  11. Sigh. Don't make me Google what that means
  12. When did this become a Marcus maye thread?
  13. Dude didn't you hear? They are in the running for gritty cerebral coverage sack specialist trey Hendrickson. /s
  14. The idea that Houston has to trade him before the 21 nfl draft is an artificial time line. It's possible that Russell Wilson gets out of Seattle before Watson gets free of Houston. The Texans front office are not rational actors and are going to make him earn it. And if he does get out it has to be out of the conference.
  15. To bet on the field isn't an option. There are like 5 teams listed, all better odds than the Jets. Most of these books are in equador or cayman type places. Ya know like where Sar posts from. No bet
  16. Go bet the rent payment if you're so certain 10 to 1 its free money right Emmanuel kant says that a wager is the way for people to stop and analyze the endless sh*t they talk I'll make this bet with you Shane, 2:1 if he stays in Houston 10 to 1 if he's a jet
  17. There are sports books overseas offering odds on Watson. Texans are the leaders at +200. Jets are at +1000, with 6 teams offering better odds
  18. players like Sewell, Chase etc are not the same bust risks as Wilson and Fields Wilson could get 2 concussions, decide it's not worth it and retire. There's a non-zero chance of that happening. believing a player is a franchise QB is not enough to make him a franchise QB that player requires support and a program around him to succeed the Jets believed in Darnold and that doesn't help him play better on Sunday they need to build the program and draft the savior when they are ready to support this player Zach Wilson might be a franchise QB in San Francisco or New Eng
  19. Mock drafts are group think quagmires and those that do have legitimate sources are often being lied to Wilson might be the 2nd qb off the board that doesn't mean he goes 2 overall he's a legitimate prospect he's just not worth 3 mid first round picks (3x 19 overall) which is what 2 pick is worth according to trade value chart. that player shouldn't have any questions and reaching for QB need has been proven dumb in recent years. Wentz, Mariota, Trubisky. The Jets can just wait and get Trubisky for free.
  20. what if Zach Wilson actually doesn't have a top 5 grade it's just a public relations blitz from some deep pocketed three initialed Super agency trying to "Gamestonk" the NFL draft guys think they are top 5 all the time and the mock drafts "prove it" and then they slip. It happens every year. Wilson might not actually be as elite as you and other Wilson truthers believe him to be
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