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  1. it's a good question the XFL is on far more stable footing financially than the AAF Vince from the WWE funds it using that stock (it's a 50 dollar stock on NYSE) and has committed $500 Mil over 3 seasons. the XFL has network agreements, AAF had only cable TNT or whatever after week 1. XFL also have gambling deal with Draft Kings. it really does all come down to the TV situation... but to answer your question Vince (2.1 Bil) has it to lose.
  2. so yeah they had a 35% decrease between week 1 and week 2, more or less it was like 3.2 million people week 1, and 2.1 million week 2. which is kind of expected (week 1 they were going against air, week 2 they were going against Daytona 500 and NBA All Star game) but... if they can keep this level of ratings (give or take 10%) and people keep betting on it, then my prediction is this will be a product that networks will want to broadcast.
  3. the league needs a legit minor league. There are hundreds of dudes who can play, but if you aren't good right away or have bad injury luck it's like one chance and you're done.
  4. We can talk about which need WR or OL is worse until the cows come home they are both dire the way the draft sets up tho there appears (at first glance) to be a better year to pick OL talent early than WR talent early there's no Julio Jones type of WR prospect but there are several blue chip OL in the mix - meanwhile WR seems deeper compared to OL i.e. they could look for the double rd 3 picks for the WR issue. what this means for the Jets at 11 ... it could go either way they could be looking at a value play of WR1 or WR2 at 11 or they could be staring down OT 4 or OT 5 and wondering if it's really worth reaching for a tackle. the NFL draft is never about what we as fans personally want but the outcome I'm rooting for is Wirfs falls. Realistically they might have to take a WR over a tackle. It all depends on how the board shakes out,
  5. the most important part of the combine is not shown on TV dont forget about the league's precious piss tests as well
  6. Glasgow will get Robby money or a little less. 11 mil per maybe? due to age, pedigree (top 100 draft pick) and positional versatility while I hope they make that move, I don't hold out much hope for it.
  7. it's what he calls his own IG account that's his brand
  8. I don't think the Jets are going to give Thuney or Glascow 50+ guaranteed either they are going to want the 2021 3rd comp for letting Robby walk prediction: the Jets are going to bargain hunt
  9. everyone talks about the difference between 10 per and 15 per and it certainly is a difference... but the cap went up 12 mil between last year and this year alone the real question is Sun RA worth a second contract, and the Jets have thought for a long time the answer is no for a player who's game is primarily speed based, this is probably the right call but the shame of this is they gave Quincy the 2nd contract, thinking he was a better character bet
  10. roberts is a CB3 or CB4 they play out of place at CB2 or FS he tries hard but extremely replaceable
  11. I suspect the "awful O-line" and "bad QB" by NFL standards would still be head and shoulders above the XFL guys and it wouldn't be pretty Oh and I forgot to mention this is a league that employs Ted Cotrell and Jerry Glanville as DC's there a certain amount of absolute coaching incompetence on every team it becomes a money thing if nothing else... NFL vet min is like 10x more than XFL salary it would be a good movie of the week tho like bad news bears
  12. they did a smart thing making these teams have training camps early the ST Louis battle hawks home opener is selling for like 100 bucks in stubhub there's a pent up demand among that town after the Rams moved tho this week is very important, people are willing to try anything once...
  13. fish you probably know i'm the biggest fan of relegation there is however the XFL's best vs NFL's worst is akin to those "Can Bama beat the Jets?" threads The XFL's best team would get smoked by the NFL's worst team, even in full tank mode the defenses are leaky, the lines are essentially guards playing tackle (except for Storm Norton) the wide outs, as a group, can't catch a cold and worst of all watching the XFL's quarterback play is like watching the Jets when it's a lost year and you're secretly rooting for the starter to get hurt so Brett Ratliff can come on
  14. dane brugler has wills over thomas thomas seems to be falling ever so slightly he's kind of a rich man's Cordy Glenn not exactly a great fit for the gase zone
  15. hey... If I had fear of Necro'ed threads, I wouldn't be able to function on a daily basis 1. Bust - Becton - possible too big - could also be excellent ... Boom/bust 2. Safe - Wills bama 3. Upside - Wirfs iowa and I'll add 4. Overrated - Thomas 5. best fit for Gase - Jones
  16. looking at the lists, a legit case can be made for any of the top 5 OT at 11.
  17. Agree Rivers was a turnover machine. But then again those dudes didn't miss a month with a social disease so I dunno...squaresies?
  18. it's more like Get the OT at 11 because there are WR all over the draft (especially around the 3rd rd area where they have double picks) there aren't starting tackles all over the draft by the way they elevated Chuma Edoga to RT before he was really ready and they are probably going to give him the job again.
  19. i mean maybe Sam's a slot or 2 too low... but it's about right it's hard to make a case Sam had a better year than anyone in the top 20
  20. Wirfs is about to blow up indy and go top 5 possibly to NYG at 4 - of all the tackles he's the least likely to make it to 11 I don't think Thomas or Wills are especially good fits for Gase system. Thomas especially is falling for whatever reason. Becton is rising obviously but scares the crap out of me as an anatomical human. Josh Jones is a true fit for Gase system. picking him at 11 seems reachy but he had a great senior bowl and could workout well enough to make it legit. It wouldn't be a bad pick, wherever it happens.
  21. once Robby Anderson gets 13 mil a year, Ruggs at 11 won't seem so insane
  22. AJ green is going to either stay in Cinci or go to a contender. He's not going to Bengals-East for money aka the Jets

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