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  1. Objection your honor, speculation there's no way the witness can possibly know what Joe Douglas or Robert Saleh believe but if we are speculating... Joe Douglas is probably in love with Zach and there's probably a real part of Robert Saleh/MLF who are just relieved the offense is going to be run on time and within system for a change. Zach Wilson, at his best, is like a playground street ball type of gunslinger. MW and JF have flaws but they get the ball out on time.
  2. the jets are better this week with Joe Flacco/Mike White and Duane Brown then they were last week with Zach Wilson and Mekhi Becton all that matters is winning games and this vet lineup will win more games than the "potential" we saw in the 1q of preseason week 1 PVO it's going to be a great season just not the way we all imagined it
  3. I want 10 years of Jets super bowls, consecutive That's even more better!
  4. PVO no one wants to see young players get hurt but the silver lining Jets can win more games This year with their backup qb and Duane brown than with Wilson and Becton.
  5. end of the day the GVR rolling up on Becton was a fluke incident and it could have derailed a skinnier man's career as well if we want to blame JD it's for signing GVR. the Becton pick was a swing for the fences (and Becton had a far rarer RAS than Brown or Falele) Orlando Brown Jr had an absolutely awful combine. keeping the Positive vibes going I'm not ready to Mea culpa on Becton because even though he's injured now he's still young and could have a good career in the league. It might not be with the jets but it's too soon to say he's 23 he's done. Guys get rolled up on and sometimes rehab takes a while. look at what Carl Lawson has comeback from. 2 ACLs and an Achilles no one here thinks he's done. David Bakthiari is still rehabbing a knee that he injured in the 2020 playoffs. Fant's career didn't even really get started until his late 20's. If Becton wants to have a career, he can.
  6. obligatory victory parade post "B+ on Balls" the Week of the draft: Two days after the draft reading those posts from 2017 there was this idea that the team had to build around the QB spot and then draft a QB when they were ready for the SB window. There was also this idea that mediocre was worse than terrible, that only getting to the top of the draft would this team find a savior. but when that philosophy fell through and everyone got fired, it became, get the QB (Darnold) at all costs, even if he has nothing around him. QBIE. then all those Darnold guys got fired. Now it's like both... get the QB (Wilson) at all costs and give him the most expensive O line in the NFL and build a new defense too. of the three philosophies, where we are now (actually trying on all fronts) is probably going to lead to the best outcome. They aren't always going to win but they can't win at all if they don't try. Trying means maxing out the salary cap, which they did (finally). Not being 79 million under it for next year or the year after.
  7. Spooky or even during training camp necro-ing this thread because, well, as it says in the title, Max Mitchell is a possible stud 2nd rd talent at 4th rd prices
  8. about a month ago you asked me why am I a Jets fan and truly, I was lost at sea when we had that talk I had to like really think about it then i heard the words, the words that saved me P.V.O it's not a suggestion it's a mandate Becton gets hurt again, the team secretly got better. It's part of his journey. That's the only rational explanation. Once and for all
  9. Players that go on IR are just resting until 2023. See you soon Mekhi! Every decision that the Jets has made since Joe Douglas has arrived been flawless. The decision to draft Becton was well intentioned and we all know that the road to the super bowl is paved with good intentions. The Jets are an amazingly well run organization, everyone says so. Like how they lowballed natural right tackle Riley Reiff? Chef's kiss Drafting a premium cornerback helps Zach and breece hall by getting them the ball back more. It's simple football logic. Duh, silly. I don't understand why people are so sad about this injury. Becton will report at 330 next year and resume his hall of fame career. Chuma Edoga is going to be a 20 year starter once George Fant retires They are the best team in the AFC and handsome too. P.V.O.
  10. strictly speaking these seem like negative vibes but let the record show that "hamburgular" is one of the top 100 funniest words of all time and as we all know, laughter is the best medicine they don't need a vet Max Mitchell is instant Jason Fabini We're not going to let anyone steal our good vibes burger VERDICT: positive vibes all the way
  11. I also am loving the vibe here P.V.O.
  12. He's going to be fine. Pro bowl even. P. V. O.
  13. Can he? Yes. Could he? Absolutely. Should he? Sure. Will he? You betcha. Won't he? Never.
  14. Mistakes are how we learn and grow. They can do it as long as everyone believes. P.V.O.
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