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  1. 5 hours ago, Jetsfan80 said:

    Ashtyn Davis has as many INTs and FF's since Week 9 of the 2021 season as Jamal Adams has had over the last four seasons.  


    @Gastineau Lives @Larz @bitonti @Pac @T0mShane

    how many sacks does he have? DTD? 

    we've had versions of this conversation over and over for the last few years but Jamal didn't get paid for his INTs he got paid for "big plays" which in his case was darn near a sack per game (when healthy) 



  2. 24 minutes ago, SickJetFan said:

    we as Jets fans always think we have the worst positions players of every team, while that is often the case 9 out 10 there are a lot teams in worse shape but those teams manage to win despite.

    Except for the qb. We really do have the worst qbs 

    The Worst GIF by GIPHY News

  3. 15 minutes ago, Augustiniak said:

    I’ll tell you what.  Zach has this season to prove he’s worth their time.  B/c if he sucks and the jets have a top 5 pick they will be able to get another good qb prospect and douglas would be a fool not to take one while he’s building the roster up.

    i wish that was the case 

    Zach probably has until year 4 (two more years) before they bring in any real competition 

    and JD would probably have to be fired first 

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  4. 2 hours ago, Flea Flicking Frank said:

    Im not saying Wilson is any good, but you know the knock on Phil Simms early on his career? 

    yes Phil Simms overcame alot and he's a good comp to Zach Wilson to be honest 

    he had 1 great rookie year then 4 years of major injuries 

    my question do the Jets pick up a 5th year option if Zach's injuries continue? It feels like the league has less patience for this type of story - and unlike Phil Simms, Zach didn't have a winning record when he was healthy 

    I'll give you another comp for Zach - oft injured, from a mid major - how about Chad Pennington? 

    Zach obviously has a great arm and Chad had a noodle but neither one can appear to take a hit 


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  5. 20 minutes ago, Warfish said:

    Oh, it's absolutely a guess.  

    I don't necessarily disagree, but forgive me if I don't anoint you the next Nostradamus, lol.

    A friend of mine used to referee in the Big East, back when that was a thing

    he had a phrase "sunday players" his way of saying that a guy was going to be a pro 

    Like that dude is going to play on Sunday. 

    Zach Wilson has a Sunday arm but he has a Saturday body 

    Trevor is a Sunday Player all the way 


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  6. 11 minutes ago, Warfish said:

    Well, we'll just have to keep it for posterity then, won't we.

    I don't like either player tbqh, and I don't see the massive difference between them that you do, but who knows. 

    You could always guess right I suppose.

    It's not a guess. one player has the physical attributes required for the NFL and the other doesn't. 

    how much mileage does Zach Wilson really have in him? he's getting injured against air 

  7. 1 hour ago, Hael said:

    If we are going by actual in game play (and not preseason) then Fant has been the best player on the team.  Yea he had a bad game in wk1, but he was easily the best player on the team last year.  Meanwhile Q had a bad year last year, and was probably not the best player on that side of the ball (JFM outplayed him).

    If we are going by preseason and wk1 (eg who is currently hot), then definitely Quinnen (b/c surprise, its a contract year).

    George Fant had a good year in pass pro and a terrible year in run blocking. He graded out about 30th out of 64 starting tackles 

    he was decent, but not as good as fans make him out to be and certainly not the best player on the team this year or last 

  8. 3 hours ago, IndianaJet said:

    If Zach makes a surprise start this week leading to an upset of the Browns.....most posters on this board will spend more time bitching and moaning about Saleh telling everyone last week that he likely wouldn't play until week 4.

    I love these hypotheticals that breeze past the fact Zach Wilson really sucks. 

    a couple weeks ago it was "what if Flacco is awesome and Zach is healthy?" 

    oh yeah? what if money starts falling from the clouds? 

    what if this what if that

    or... or... just hear me out... what if Zach is worthless 

    this "if Zach beats the Browns, haters will have to eat crow" is fantasy imagination time 

    like Jets season wins over 5.5 being "easy money" 

    there is no such thing as easy money, there is no santa clause, Virginia, and Zach's not going to beat anyone till after the bye

    assuming he comes back at all 


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  9. 29 minutes ago, peebag said:

    I'd trade Zach and Sauce for Trevor in a heart beat.

    this is an outrageous statement 

    yet... how many years can we really expect out of Zach's knees?  He already showed up with 2 labrum repairs

    Sauce is amazing a CB1 all the way. Instant star. 

    but Zach is basically worthless. 

    Trevor is flawed but he's going to be a QB1 for a decade plus. 

    this is one of those statements that looks insane at the time but give it a few years it will be obvious 


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  10. 7 minutes ago, Jetsfan80 said:

    I gave you plenty of answers earlier in the thread and you ignored them.  So now I’m just laughing at you for defending perhaps the most overrated player in NFL history.  

    You deserve the derision. 

    it's not about Jamal Adams the player

    i Know he's flawed

    it's about the Jets treating their homegrown players like tubes of toothpaste

    squeeze em til they are dry 

    it makes good players not want to play here

    and the ones that do come are like Trumaine Johnson, CJ Mosely or Laken Tomlinson pure mercenaries who don't perform and don't give a damn

    Jamal Adams was flawed and ultimately injured but at least he tried 


  11. Just now, Jetsfan80 said:

    K you got one.  Can’t wait to see if Mims gets his 2nd contract!  

    Aaron Rodgers asked for a trade almost every offseason and eventually they gave him a 150 million dollar contract

    he also was doing social media shenagans like posting pics of himself on vacation while the rest of the team was at mandatory OTA 

  12. Just now, Jetsfan80 said:

    “By himself”.  lmao.  

    you're asking questions and I'm attempting to answer them 

    they may not be perfect answers but that's communication

    You're not bringing jack to this exchange other than derisive laughter and the belief you're correct

    here's an idea how about you quantify how Jamal Adams' 2019 1st team All Pro year didn't help the team win games 

    if that's so easy to do 

  13. 4 minutes ago, Jetsfan80 said:

    lmao at the idea of Jamal Adams being worth 3 wins.  

    why is that so nuts? they went 7-9 the year before with Darnold and Le'Veon Bell

    it wasn't the offense that was winning those games 

    the Jets under JD haven't won 7 games total since the Adams trade in 2 seasons and counting. 


  14. 17 minutes ago, slimjasi said:

    so I understand your take better - if Douglas had given Adams whatever he wanted, how much better would the jets be right now, in your opinion? 

    OK let's game this out

    That first season they'd have been like 5-11 instead of 2-14

    Maybe they draft fields instead of Zach. 

    I think they'd be mediocre rather than terrible. However we want to define it 

    It's better to be average than to be God awful 

    That idea the team has to be historically terrible before they can rebuild "the right way" was JD propaganda, and we all bought in

    There's no such thing as a 4 year rebuild in a league where the average player career is less than 3 years 


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