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  1. oh man this one takes the cake. I thought it was a joke like from the onion. But it wasn't. Even dumber this genius leaves contact information for feedback. Dear Ted, you are a moron. Love, everyone.
  2. these are his weak points, he does other things well. The JETS got Dinger and Donnie to do all the heavy lifting. Herm is like a glorified cheerleader these days. He gives the halftime speeches. he throws the red flag. he sets the tone for the franchise by showing up every morning at 4:30am even jumping metal fences if he has to. When the rest of the team is sweating their butts off in preseason, Herm is out there in a sweatshirt! Strategy alone is overrated. mike martz might be one of the best game day coaches around but his players wouldn't piss on him if he was on fire, let alone get motivated to play football. HERM's not a perfect coach by any means but you can't fire him in a year when he doesn't have a QB. He has shortcomings but he has the staff to make up for that - what he lacks right now is a real Qb and that's a tough hole to fill with street free agents and Brooks Friggin Bollinger.
  3. you can't win playoff games if you aren't in the playoffs. They came within 2 doug brien misses of going to the AFC championship last year and it wasn't DESPITE Herm Edwards. You guys beg for Donnie to be elevated - gee i wonder who found Donnie? If it wasn't for Herm, Donnie would be coaching D backs in obscurity, probably forever. You guys bitch and whine and moan but guess what you aren't entitled to a Super Bowl trophy. There are 31 teams every year that don't reach their goal - do all of their coaches and players deserve to be fired? Like i said if you told me the Jets will make the playoffs 3 out of every 5 years for forseeable future I would take it and run.
  4. ill take the playoffs 3 out of 5 years for the next 5 years. Take it and run. to hear you guys bitch and moan you'd think they JETS lost every game they played in the Herm Edwards era.
  5. jets6ever is our generation's tom petty 1 minute and 32 seconds of pure gold
  6. 6ever is actually working on a sequel: "Brooks Bollinger... no"
  7. Bollinger is the best QB in the league... if you need a 4 yard pass completed. I predict this guy sucking crap through a straw until someone does the merciful thing and takes him out back behind the stable...
  8. it wasn't too long ago he was the best quarterback in the American Football Conference, Eastern Division
  9. look I gave this guy the benefit of the doubt... I hoped everything i said about him was wrong. It wasn't. He's worthless. Not an NFL QB. let's be honest, he was lucky to get drafted, he was pulled on passing downs for Jim Sorgi. If he gets cut tomorrow there's not a team in the league that pays notice.
  10. it's time to face the facts - your boy sucks bro.
  11. oh yeah that Herm - when Hackett was here he didn't interfere enough because he was too stupid. Now that he got a million dollar a year OC in Dinger, why that Herm must be interfering too much! Cmon. yeah ok it's Herm's fault this team is starting Brooks bollinger at QB. Oh if only he was more unpredictable! They could have lost by 30 points instead of only 10! face the facts this is a disaster and it's not the fault of coaching. You lose Chad you lose Jay this is where we are at. Starting Brooks Big 10 Bollinger in the NFL is not a place any coach wants to be. You could put Belly in this situation and see the same results. There's no substitute for a QB with an NFL caliber arm. They have to go to Vinny, and soon.
  12. you guys need to get real. There isn't a coach in the league that can win games with his emergency QB. Firing Herm is like kicking the dog. It's irrelivent, might make you feel better but doesn't really address the problems of the team. Put some other schlub in charge of the JETS it's the same mess. No QB, No Offense. This is what's supposed to happen when you lose your franchise QB and his starter quality backup for the season - YOU LOSE GAMES. WHo the head coach is, doesn't change that fact.
  13. Tex serious question how much JETS football have you watched this year? i've watched every play. Aside from a rough KC game (who didn't have a bad KC game) - Barrett has been just fine.
  14. Barrett made great plays against the fins and the jags. All this guy does is get bashed every day and then come up huge with 5 minutes to go in the game. He's a great #2 CB.
  15. lets turn Chad into glue.. Dr Perlman he should sue.. herm should be kicked with a shoe.. terry too.. our quarterbacks stink like poo.. whatever will we do?.
  16. ill tell you what I told my girlfriend when we met, don't ever become a Jets fan on my account they will only set you up for a lifetime of heartbreak... or in your case a week of heartbreak.
  17. i disagree the Pats are never going to lose at home again. They will win Super Bowls at a rate of 3 out of every 4 years until the end of time.
  18. this is true - on the other hand the Pats medical staff consists of a single toothless man with a shotgun, to "put down" those sick and broken horses when the time comes. "Get away from my f--king player! the buckshot spreads! BLAM!"
  19. DUUUUUUUDE I can't believe WOODY sold us out MAAAAAAN. that guy used to be so cool. he used to be about the love of the game. Now he's just about the money. I can't believe anyone would take money over people. Hey wha' happened to peace love and understanding MAAN. Im so pissed off im gonna get in my prius and go get a vegan soy drink to drown my sorrows. MAAAAAN!!! Postscript: anyone who puts a Bush Cheney graphic on their site is not allowed to use the words "sold" and "out" in conjuction. Ever.
  20. some people wait for consensus and repeat it - others MAKE it -
  21. people love the idea of Phillip Rivers. The reality is he's got a funky sidearm delivery and is completely unproven in the NFL. Yes early indications are he could be a winner but there's nothing guarunteed with that guy. I'd take him if the price was right but not a potentially very high first "plus extras" - besides the SD GM is very forthright and he said Rivers is not on the block, so it's a moot issue. He's gonna be a Charger.
  22. agreed - Queens was just as much a pipedream as WSS the only difference is that WSS was worth fighting for. the only advantage to building in queens is that it's closer to certain people's homes. bIg whoop. You want to see who's selfish? just mosey on over and find the woody bashers.
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