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  1. cry me a river. the Pats could field a team of Tom Brady, Bill Bellichek and 44 street free agents and still have a shot at the super bowl.
  2. here's the problem. Vinny isn't in football shape and he doesn't know the playbook. It will take 2-4 weeks for him to get to where he needs to be. If in that time Bollinger is horrible and the Jets lose all their games, where does that leave the Jets with Vinny as "new" starting QB? 1-5? 1-6? on the other hand if Bollinger can somehow win games, why would they pull him? So basically unless Bollinger gets hurt (entirely possible with this crew) i don't see a realistic scenario where Vinny comes in like the white knight. is there a middle ground where Bollinger wins enough for the team to be not playoff dead but at the same time not enough that the team would make a change? it's a very thin line. basically the Jets are boned.
  3. Did Trent Green have any business being on the field after suffering an arterial tear two weeks before opening day and taking blood thinners? Hell no, but NFL HC's make these decisions all the time and hope that they get lucky. Herm didn't get lucky. FWIW i believe the team wwhen they say they followed James Andrews' rehab regimen to the letter. They have no reason to put their 22M dollar investment at undue risk. What fans have to realize is that every game could mean certain disaster for any given player - was Bruce Coslet to blame for playing Dennis Byrd? Sometimes stuff happens, accept it and move on. -- By the way even if we grant for the sake of argument that somehow Chad's injury was Herm's fault - what about Jay Fielder? the backup plan lasted exactly 1 pass attempt. The Jets suffered season ending injuries to the #1 and the #2 QB's within 7 offensive plays - that's ludicrously bad luck.
  4. R44 for President! not only this man will lock down the borders but he will make the third saturday in April a national holiday!
  5. I am not 100% sure but it is my belief that if a player retires the unamortized cap hit accelerates. I could be wrong and I hope I am.
  6. this isn't about second chances it's about money. The Jets can't cut Chad regardless of his injury status for a while. Even if he retires that money hits the cap. There is no injury exception in the NFL. The team has no choice but to give Chad a second, third, fourth, fifth chance until he becomes cuttable.
  7. right now there are almost 350 Chad Pennington Jerseys on eBay. Bidding is especially light. There are also about 6 Vinny Testaverde Jerseys - Bidding is especially heavy (9, 8, 10 bids etc.), even the Ravens Vinny Jersey getting a bid or two. VINNY VIDI VICI
  8. multiple #1's or a #1 and extras will be the price for any "decent" backup QB - why? because those teams know we are desperate. There are no nice guys in the NFL. As for the future I don't know what the answer is but i do know that it's too soon to speculate. Alot can happen in 13 games and even if it's all bad we will have all sorts of time to consider the options after the season ends. there are only 13 football weekends left guarunteed I am not going to waste them considering who will be the starting QB in 2006, 2007 and beyond.
  9. ditto Synder. What it comes down to is no one will deal fairly with a team that's desperate. They'd be dumb to do so. There are no "nice guys" in the NFL. If we had 4 decent QB's and Fisher/Snyder called us we would do the same thing. "Screw you, pay me"
  10. I wish i were. Fisher was on NFL network yesterday and Eisen asked him what about trading Volek and jeff said "tell Terry Bradway we need multiple firsts and then we can talk" - Eisen laughed, Fisher sorta chuckled but it was a reaction - you could tell that statement wasn't too far from the truth. I don't have any real insider info but i guaruntee that some of the offers terry was considering monday and today were OUTLANDISH. Snyder probably laughed in his face and hung up the phone.
  11. let's think about this - Vinny's best ball is the deep ball. He loves the shotgun. Dinger loves to go deep and he loves the shotgun. He has a great rapport with Wayne, and not that bad of a rapport with Coles. This is a guy who never really "got old" he always plays the same INT prone game even in his prime and I'm willing to be is still in sick shape because he's a gym rat. He's playing in his home town and gets to play the hero. I like this move. Once we get past the loss of Chad and Jay and look realistically at the options, this is a no brainer. It isn't a pleasant move to make but it had to be done.
  12. honestly I don't hate this move - if it's true. Dinger is known to work with the strength of his players. Vinny has a great arm. It could be worse.
  13. Pay attention - Here's the deal folks - why would any team deal "fairly" with a trade when they know we are desperate? Teams like the Skins (who hate us), the Titans (an AFC competator) are in a position to demand MULTIPLE first round picks for their backups - because they know that we are absolutely screwed. The price goes up based on demand and supply. Supply is short and our demand is high. Hence they will try to get as much as possible, even if it's completely unfair. That's the way of the NFL. So please cut the crap with "lets get Billy Volek for a 3rd rounder" that s--t will never ever happen. if the Jets make a trade for a name it will be an absolute butt raping. Seriously we are talking multiple firsts. Terry won't do that and he shouldn't do that.
  14. separated shoulder/torn labrum among other things
  15. they have an elite defense. Break it down. Abe and Ellis: best DE tandem in the league Vilma: Best young MLB in the league Drob, Barton, Law: borderline All-Pros Rhodes, Coleman: young and talented Hobson, Barrett: very underrated. Brown, Thomas, Strait: starter quality depth Reed/Pouha/Legree: the one weak spot - and scored a DefTD last week. they are an elite defense whether you want to admit it or not. People don't realize that it's very difficult to play defense without support from the offense. They got none in the KC game and just about none in the JAX game but they still played their asses off. If somehow Terry can find a QB or Bollinger is surprisingly decent they could actually win some games. But this is all probably a moot point. Mark my words though - barring further major injury - this defense is good enough to get this team to the neighborhood 8-8 with no one at QB. So put the ideas of a #1 pick out of your head, it's not gonna happen. They aren't that bad to collapse completely.
  16. kansas city at home and kansas city on the road are two different teams. the same can be said about Denver.
  17. I disagree - our defense is second to none. these guys are sick. They have the rushing leader from last season, who looks pretty much the same to me - what they lack is a reliable, sometimes explosive passing offense - if they had fielder (or a trent dilfer or other game manager type) they could go all the way, even still. If terry made a trade for such a player tomorrow maybe we would find out. But this is all speculation and we probably never will. The team is too capped out and that's not how this FO operates. But make no mistake this team is very similar to the 2000 Ravens we even have Donnie Henderson the same defensive leader!
  18. some would say Trent Dilfer was a stop gap - if your defense is good enough you can win the big game even with a stop gap. The Jets don't have a viable QB on the roster right now. That's not Herm's fault.
  19. Community college ball is no joke. Alot of the kids that play for top JC's go to D1 and even pros. Truth be told I couldn't play at a place like Nassau CC those guys would eat my lunch on their way to Georgia Tech. Look Rsherry i don't want to get into this crap. You are mad/sad we all are. Don't make me the enemy bro. Im a jets fan just like you. You think this is Herm's fault, that's great. Ill even grant it for the sake of discussion. But i stand by the statement if we had Jay Fielder this wouldn't be quite as catastrophic. if you can explain how Herm's coaching hurt FIelder I'd love to hear it.
  20. even if we ignore the fact that his shoulder joint is probably ruined, the guy just couldn't stay healthy. I don't know if it's time to bury him but there's no use talking about him until 2006. Maybe later. This is not good.
  21. Im still waiting for you to discuss like an adult. Or do you want to cry like a little kid? waaah waah Chad got hurt now my jersey is worthless WAHHH ps- I played in college too a$$hole.
  22. Im still waiting to hear how the Jay Fielder injury was Herm's fault. If we had Jay right now there wouldn't be a problem.
  23. i don't understand what you think he did wrong. Chad tore his cuff again on the hit not by playing with it. He played with it all year last year and the rest of the game. once it's torn it's torn. Not only did we lose chad we lost jay! How is losing Jay's Herm's fault? seriously I want to know. When lightening strikes twice i don't know how we can lay this on the feet of Herm.
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