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  1. bogus phone cards is not the same as breaking a bottle over someone's head or inciting people to disobay police orders. It's a passive crime, plus Richard Seymour's talents are so great that you can look over that - i don't think we can say the same about Miller or jackson...
  2. maybe you don't but Bradway and Herm will. that's all that matters - these guys have copied Paoli's draft strategy to the tee and they have gone on record saying that character is the first and most important attribute they look for.
  3. just to clarify Marlin Jackson and Justin Miller could be good players in the league but i don't think the JETS will commit first round money to any player lacking IMPECCIBLE character. So it doesn't matter how much the fans liked these players, the FO has another set of criteria altogether.
  4. ok lets talk about these guys one by one Dan Cody is a medicated Manic depressive Marlin Jackson once bashed a bottle over someone's head in a bar fight Justin Miller just got arrested for Drunken Disorderly conduct Fabian Washington could be a workout warrior - also he's not big Heath Miller hasn't run a route since January and he wouldn't be healthy for minicamp! for my money they can take a chance on flawed prospects 25 slots later and have the same or better success rate - I say that in all honesty without a shred of sarcasm.
  5. bitonti

    RIP GJ&H

    what are talking about the JETS need a TE now - they got one - just by showing up Doug Jolley becomes the best TE on the roster!!! When he was a rookie the coaching staff said that behind Jerry Rice, Doug Jolley had the best hands on the team - Tim Brown, Jerry porter were also on that team - he's at the least a starting caliber TE with upside. This is far preferable to taking a still injured Heath Miller.
  6. just my opinion the Bradway/Herm JETS aren't the type of club to draft a guy who just got arrested for Drunken Disorderly on April 16th. (justin miller) Also they aren't the type of club to take a guy who once bashed a bottle over someone's head in a bar (marlin jackson) also they probably looked at a ton of Washington tape and realized that Bullocks was the best player in the NEB secondary.
  7. it's not about being scared it's about taking a guy too early who would have been there 25 slots later - the guys the JETS REALLY want would be considered reaches at 26 - so why not wait? it's preferable to me for the JETS to take great second round players instead of reaching for the SAME group of players in the first round. Doug Jolley is really getting a bad rap, this guy is a player - he's just as good as Jeb Putzier, maybe not in terms of production but they are basically the same player - there are exactly 0 TE in this draft that run a 4.6 40 - heck lets be honest they were probably gonna take Heath Miller a guy that can't even run right now!! Talk about ugly the great thing about this move is it prevents them from making the consensus pick in Heath Miller, who i think would have been a sure fire bust. Even if he wasn't it would take a couple years to ramp up to speed, plus they would have had to give him first round money - Doug Jolley has 3 years left on his original deal with no signing bonus due and a total of 1.5M in base - what a steal I'm actually relieved with this deal - there are more second rounders in the hall of fame than first rounders - in this draft everyone wants those 2nd round picks, the JETS have 2 choice selections and their TE problem is gone - what's not to like?
  8. YES! you can also add DT Anttaj Hawthorne to that list - at 26 that's too high but 47 is a perfect place for a guy like that - JMO the JETS were watching yards of film on Fabian washington, realized that Josh Bullocks was the best player in that secondary and thought to themselves, what the heck are we doing?
  9. think about this - the team can get a DT/OL with one pick and still take a young DB with the second second rounder WR that could be there Vincent Jackson Reggie Brown Roddy White DT who could be there Mike Patterson Luis Castillo CJ Mosely Anttaj Hawthorne OL that could be there Chris Spencer David Baas Evan Mathis (OT/OC) Todd Herremans DB that could be there Stanley Wilson Dominique Foxworth Corey Webster Bryant McFadden Eric Green Brodney Pool Josh Bullocks Ron Bartell Jr Stanford Routt PK that could be there Mike Nugent straight up no lying if the JETS could get any 2 of those players listed with their 2 2nds, this move will be a heist. no not all of those guys will be available but some of them will -
  10. i agree COMPLETELY you guys think this is ugly, just wait until Bradway uses the 26 pick on Heath miller who becomes the 4th first round bust TE in 20 years - cause make no mistake that's what could have happened - note that GJ&H projected the JETS to get Mike Patterson at 26 - honestly that pick (or a similar player - mosely/castillo) makes sense at 47 - the player the JETS really want (a DT, an S like Pool or Bullocks, a CB) will probably be there at 47, the team can literally have it's cake and eat it too.
  11. hey Bugg you want to bet that Matt Jones is GONE by 26? Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones is a Razorback alum, quoted in the local Arkansas paper as saying that a team with 2 first round picks would be smart to take a chance on matt jones - the JETS would have had to get lucky to have matt jones fall to them at 26
  12. bitonti

    RIP GJ&H

    if you really believe that, then my opinion is that you are a masochist. Doug Jolley fell victim to a change in coaches - he's not any worse than Jeb Putzier, and at the least a starting caliber receiving TE - with upside.
  13. bitonti

    RIP GJ&H

    i haven't spoken to Hammer about the deal and yes it's not out of the realm of possibility that he heard the news and keeled over - let's hope that's not the case.
  14. you guys don't get it - they were going to take Heath Miller - a player that I and many others feel is a bust instead of wasting triple the money on a bust they got Jolley who - whatever he is - is NOT A BUST - and they got a second rounder which is a very valuable pick in this draft - honestly if i were the GM _some_ of the names I would have reached for at 26 will still be there at 47 - that's the beauty of this move - 26 is too early for josh bullocks or cj mosely but 47 is a perfect place to snag these guys -
  15. how much you want to bet Doug Jolley starts over Chris Baker? seriously name your terms and put your money where your mouth is. This team didn't trade their 26 for a backup, if you believe that - maybe you like to be depressed?
  16. Tom Shane only scrub teams start rookies and expect the world of them. Despite all of this disgusting whining and crying, the JETS are not a scrub team. Guys like Vilma and Coleman are the exception, not the rule. I'd much rather them do this deal then take an injury prone Heath Miller as the 4th first round TE bust in 20 years. this is a much safer move in terms of the psyche of the franchise.
  17. you guys aren't seeing the forest for the trees. im a true Jets fan and very happy with this deal - relieved because Jolley and a 2nd rounder is BETTER than drafting a BUST - which was about 2 out of 3 likely with this group at 26...
  18. just cause a guy falls out of favor with a coaching change doesn't mean he's a bad player. when Doug Jolley was a rookie the staff compared him to Jerry Rice as having the second best hands on the team!! he's not a scrub and he's more of a true Receiving threat than Watson/Graham/Fauria - he's not much of a blocker but then again neither is Heath Miller.
  19. in the past three years Heath Miller has made 0 NFL receptions. People don't get it - they were gonna use that pick on Heath Miller or Alex Smith, the JETS got a pro-ready TE (who doesn't suck, despite his current status on the depth chart) and a second and most importantly they didn't put the pressure on Heath Miller to break the string of TE busts. Honestly - and i can say this without a shred of sarcasm, Doug Jolley is just as good a prospect as Jeb Putzier.
  20. the Raiders have 0 chance of playing that late in the year, they are not a contender and a #26 pick isn't going to heal their leaky defense.
  21. most important - people need to realize the draft isn't going to dictate the success of the team in 2005 - this team is a contender and contenders usually do not start rookies - while it does happen, and although Jon Vilma was a nice change of pace, most first round draft picks are not going to contribute right away... also DOug Jolley is not a bum. Seriously look at his age, upside and production in the league and this guy is a very nice sleeper - in the same league as Putzier and people loved that guy. Great receiving hands is exactly what this team needs - he is a pro can play right away - plus he already has a contract with 3 years left on it, ~2 mil in base total - with NO SIGNING BONUS the other thing to consider is that 26 is no mans land, the area where prospects are not quite elite and many of the guys you really want are reaches. At 47 and 57 they can get high quality players and gamble on more cheaply than at 26 - the way will break alot of QB's will go higher than people are projecting and some guys will slip through the cracks if you read nothing else from this post read the following facts: - there are more second round picks than first round picks in the HOF - the value in THIS draft class is in the 2nd round, not the first.
  22. Ball was closer to 330 when he came into the league - you are right it is not a perfect comparison but i think the bottom line is that if the JETS had Patterson and Drob they would have 2 guys that could occupy the double, and two guys that could beat 1 on 1 matchups - the DL could be a super unit also keep in mind Evans is almost retired im not saying this WILL BE the pick im saying i'd have little problem with it...
  23. Mike Patterson is a pure plugger - he won't be a penetrator on the next level like he was in the PAC 10 - however he will take on blocks and allow othersto make plays - he's similar to Jerry Ball, a stocky immovable object - would have no problem with that pick at all.
  24. http://www.kvrx.org/ University of Texas Radio ill be on somewhere after 11am today - will talk a little about DJ and Benson but im sure there will be comments on JETS and the draft in general... thanks to BrodyMan a.k.a. paul for the latest opportunity to talk draft
  25. with all the talk about Alex Smith to 49ers at #1 - I tend to agree with Scott Wright in his latest blog (nfldraftcountdown) - the niners are playing games - rodgers is their man... it's not like them to take the expensive option - the Bucs wanted #2 (MIA) to take Smith - because the 49ers have "settled" now the Bucs would have to trade up to 1 to get him... if that fails, they can always negotiate with a rodgers at even cheaper, with the threat of him losing more money by sliding down the board. it's a win-win for them to say they want Alex Smith. the Dolphins still need a trade down and could be hocking that slot for Braylon Edwards... to the Vikings? Eagles? Ravens? who knows... Braylon is the hot property and someone could make a move... Just a feeling it's an outside chance the draft could have a couple really big trades before we are even through 2 picks... the niners and fins can take their consensus picks (rodgers and brown) later and cheaper... or they can look at another position - these teams need all sorts of players. thoughts?
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