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  1. thats funny but everytime i've seen that bald bastard on TV in March 2005 he's pumping up UNC
  2. heheh what's real shady about that joke is that the sargeant stood there and watched the wild insane camel sex? somehow that makes it worse -
  3. for my money i'd take a 6th round flyer on the Chevron Troutman's of the world over a 2nd round flyer on the Alex Smith's of the world - the upside is better -
  4. im at work - LL sorry to hear about your tiff -
  5. hey maxman count your blessings there are wall st bankers that will pay upwards of 300 dollars an hour for that high quality level of female domination. smart money says GGG owns a riding crop - cmon yall know it's true
  6. if only i took better notes while heavily intoxicated watching JETS games - he does have a funny smile - EB "what's that thing im holding" post of day???
  7. ill clarify - any1 who on any board is projected in the first round in the last 4 weeks - there that should make it easy - none of the guys that are talked about routinely as top 20 guys should drop personally these are my fallers and a short explanation why - remember im going with the criteria any board in the last four weeks - ill start with my top 32 board note that mathematically it's not likely that all of these 1st round "grades" will slip - there are 32 slots and GMs make mistakes alot in first round - roughly a rate of 50% - so reputation can fool alot of people - DT Travis Johnson: not really all that large or especially great - has alot of stops behind LOS but not alot of sacks - some character issues there will be a quality NFL player but not first round value. Compares similar to darnell dockett, who should have gone slighty higher based on his play this year - - Johnson in the high 2nd could happen- DT Anttaj Hawthorne: what a twinkie this guy is - top blockers will give this guy the business on the field. He's a wuss who has never reached his potential - almost made alot of plays in college - for all the talk about his quickness there's alot of near misses, a step too slow - in the NFL that's like being 10 steps too slow. He's also on the turf alot - a light needs to turn on - besides Wendall Bryant WIS hasn't had a first round DT since the 70's. *will be alot of other positions raided before the DTs start to move - the run will be in the 2nd* LB Channing Crowder: shady injuries and character, not enough upside to offset TE Heath Miller: has a sports hernia and no one can see him workout - at best a todd heap type (but not as fast)- and Heap spent most of last season on IR - Miller's stock is falling - sell now !! FS Brodney Pool: 4.55 doesn't excite people but had decent leap/agility/explosion numbers - not enough for a first round status - he's a difference-maker on the field so it's a toss up pick - if there is a 2nd S in the round it will be Pool. DT Shaun Cody: he's just not good enough against the run to be a DT. He ran around the Senior Bowl like a fool, doing spin moves like that's gonna work at the next level - and then he only ran a 5.03 at his pro day (not a 4.75 like countdown reports) Plus he's got his head up his ass on spike TV without an agent - hey pretty boy do everyone in america a favor and cut the crap - play football. the place for pass rush specializing "finesse DT" is in the Pac-10 not the NFL. CB Brandon Browner is still on many people's boards - this is a good litmus test for quality - Browner will not go 1st round. WR Mark Clayton - already a distant 4th behind Williamson on some board and on DD.com I cannot see the appeal over Reggie Brown and Roddy White. He's good but not as clutch hands as you might think - his concentration seems shaky and he could slip - the hype machine is churning away it's all about upside and i don't see much more for Clayton. A great #2 probably but guys like that shouldn't be first round picks - probably in a real minority on that one, but it's not the first time. GJ&H'slatest mock has some insight this time of year- http://www.draftdaddy.com/MD/MDstat.cfm i don't agree with all the fallers on his board (*cough cough Khalif Barnes LT*) but it's undoubtedly a noble and high quality effort Ham gets like nostradamus this time of year - don't argue just get out of the way and let him work
  8. he gets great push and many hurries - sacks are not the only stat - just off the top of my head there have been times i have seen with my own eyes BT force the QB (p manning) into key 3rd down incompletion in the red zone due to hurry - that doesn't go down in the boxscore but it's a big play - i've also seen BT have a sack removed from his stat line due to the QB intentionally grounding the ball - "loss of down - 4th down" in 2002 everyone said Ellis was a bust because he wasn't getting any sacks - led the team in QB hurries but no sacks - im not going to say those are equivalent situations - because granted Thomas might never get to the pro bowl for sacks - but he's still a valuable player and it wouldnt surprise me if he was with the NYJ longer than Johnny Abe this is both of their contract year - Abe is threatening to hold out and Thomas is planning on OTA on April 3rd yeah ok Thomas will never be Abes he will probably not make multiple pro bowls and be special - but he's at least a "good starter" that has toughness & heart - and in crunch time (playoffs) that's worth more than yourself and most other jets fans are giving him credit for. ill take the guy that will show up with his hardhat and lunch pail over the guy that has 1 strike left on the substance abuse program and only plays in meaningless games consistantly good is better than inconsistantly great JMO ps- thanks for the kind words
  9. Thomas isn't Ed Reed but he's not trash - admittedly the JETS should have taken Reed - but they also could have taken Mike Rumph who is a complete bust and every draftnik in the country had him going to the NYJ - my point is yeah the 1st round pick wasn't great but the 2nd round pick was worse - at least Thomas has some value - every year Jon McGraw is supposed to be a difference maker in the secondary and every year he dissapoints - Thomas is what he is - a solid starter with upside that can step in when Johnny Abe goes on a bender or pulls his pu$$y muscle - you will find no arguments from me on the point that Ed Reed would have been a better pick - my point is that if Terry had done better in the 2nd round the JETS wouldn't still be looking for secondary help (at least not as much) another point if Jon MCGraw wasn't such an injury prone player we wouldn't have had to sit through Damien Robinson, Ty Carter, Reggie Tongue and whoever else they parade through the position.
  10. i don't care about his times (which were pitiful) what pissed me off (and im sure many scouts) is the fact that he got pouty and quit his workout after his poor 40 times - he could have done positional drills, jumps, cone drills, shuttles etc - but no at the first sign of adversity he pulled in the tentpoles and acted like a little baby bitch. if he can't keep his head on straight after a rough 40 time, what's he gonna do when he fumbles on national TV? shoot himself? he's a bum with no character - he will go undrafted and deservedly so.
  11. you can't make the hall of fame from the trainers table
  12. if the draft was 30 rounds long i wouldn't even use a 30th round pick on Maurice Clarett - that's how badly he sucks -
  13. you all are missing the point - the JETS could have gotten the secondary help they needed with either BROWN or LEWIS - both of whom are STUDS and both of whom were taken 1, 2 after McGraw - mark my words if the JETS had Michael Lewis instead of Jon McGraw no one would be crying about missing out on Ed Reed.
  14. TomShane with all due respect i couldn't disagree more - Thomas had very good on the field production at UAB against very good opposition like FSU. He was a sackmaster in college - and while he has not the same sack production in the NFL he gets alot of QB hurries to go with his superior production against the run - and he keeps improving - he's still a very valuable player and if the JETS cut bait there would be 10 teams interested the next day - heck Al Davis tried to trade for him on several occations - BT's problem is poor PR - people think he sucks so he must suck? meanwhile he starts in big games and he gets better every year - no way that's a bust and no way you can get that in round 3 and 4 - at least not that year to be specific these are the DE taken in round 3 and 4 in the 2002 draft: rd pick overall name team college 3 15 80 Will Overstreet Falcons Tennessee 3 33 98 Dennis Johnson Cardinals Kentucky 4 6 104 Alex Brown Bears Florida 4 28 126 Jarvis Green Patriots Louisiana State see what i mean? none of those guys can hold BT's jock. also you can discount the numbers all you want but you can count the DE in the league that ran sub 4.5 coming out on 2 hands. He ran his 10 yard dash faster and he vertical leaped higher than many Cornerbacks that year - if thats not a unique skillset i don't know what is - as for McGraw he's had a laundry list of injuries - what he does on the field is great - when he's on the field - look at the Eagles picks these guys are tough bastards that are never injured. on the other hand McGraw might be too lanky (6'3 200) to ever make it through a season without injury -
  15. ok it's been 3 years of Bryan Thomas bashing from JETS fans - all sorts of bashing - how it was a horrible reach, how he sucks etc. - and to be fair the amazing play of Ed Reed isn't exactly helping his case - all that being said, it is in my opinion the 2nd round where terry really made the big mistake - not the first - his plan was to take the DE help in round 1 and take the DB help in round 2 - and as far as plans go that's fine - remember that this is the season after DE Abraham had his mysterious "flu" in the playoffs against the Raiders, the first of many dissapearing acts before big games - if Bryan Thomas was in the current draft his 4.45 would be the best 40 yard dash time among all DE... and lets be real he's not nearly as bad a player as most fans would have us believe from their non stop bitching and moaning... ok so back to the 2002 draft - terry took his man in the first and that's ok - however look what he does next - takes white boy safety Jon McGraw with the 2nd round pick - um... ok... the eagles have the next two picks - they DOUBLE UP on DBs - taking Michael Lewis and Sheldon Brown - two absolute STUDS at the position. if you ask me (and not many people do) this was a bigger mistake then passing on Reed for Thomas - besides the fact that we don't know if Ed reed becomes the same caliber of player without playing under Donnie Henderson and with Ray Lewis - at least Thomas is a servicable tough starter who can play the run and the pass with great measurables and real upside - meanwhile after three years the injury prone McGraw is teetering dangerously close to bust-dom and the Eagles took not 1 but 2 DB's back to back - for them to makes these picks with 2 pro bowl CB on their roster at the time, that means there was incredible value still on the board - these guys are studs in the Eagles secondary - which is probably the best in the league. thoughts?
  16. hey if Don King can stump for President Bush than Al Sharpton can stump for the JETS stadium
  17. most likely they are looking at DT for 57 not 26 - remember tho Randy Starks was a guy we had rated in the top 20 on our DD.com site - then he falls to the 3rd round - then he has a great year and proves us right - this is how it will go with CJ - he won't get drafted anywhere near wherever I have him on the big board but time will prove that he should have been. Mike Patterson is a great player but his upside is more along the lines of a booger mcfarland - he's not a 3tech penetrator like sapp - he'e more of a gritty NT that clogs gaps and occupies blockers - would be a real fit for the NYJ by the way cause they need a guy just like that -
  18. don't worry Jammal Brown will be long gone by 26 - count on that
  19. bitonti


    you guys desperately need to add hump.gif and buggered.gif please see the "funniest draft links page" thread for further info
  20. no problem - SEA was next after BAL every round and every round remember thinking you had great picks - well done
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