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  1. some days you catch the breaks and sometimes the breaks catch you. on the road, down by two touchdowns in the first quarter is not a nice place to be. People say throw Herm under the bus and maybe their anger is justified - but Herman Edwards Jets football trademarks are don't turn the ball over, don't commit penalties, don't make mental mistakes and the players didn't follow the program. I will admit that Vermeil had Herman out gameplanned. The Jets defense was designed to stop Tony G, which it did but the secondary was left out on an island. The pass rush didn't show up until the 3rd quarter and that's not acceptable either. Turnovers on the road early that lead to points are deadly, it's like shooting your horse while he's still in the starting gate. Forget about victory they were lucky no one got seriously injured in that shambles of a game. Doesn't matter what your gameplan is when the QB and Center can't make the exchange. That's a set piece of play that has to be made, and without that the offense can't operate - field position is pissed away. How ironic that die hard Jets fans are so psyched for the shotgun formation, as it turns out they can't execute the snap and catch and Dinger has to pull it from the playbook after the third quarter? Somewhere Hackett is laughing his ass off!! the real bottom line is that we are lucky the NFL is not a poll league or points differencial type of sitaution - even though this loss was so ugly it's only a single loss. it's hard to see the forest for the trees after a game like today, but there's alot of football left Jets fans don't kick the family dog too hard tonight.
  2. I blame the entire organization from Woody down to the (flag)fag boys. The Jets should be embarassed of themselves and I feel ripped off for watching.
  3. Michigan has great players but a horrible coaching staff. Lloyd Carr's defensive gameplanning is atrocious. Weiss ate his lunch today. In terms of pure athletic talent Michigan is a better team but the Irish were clearly better coached.
  4. reason #1085 the Jets can win it all - they cut this guy:
  5. what is long term? Live for the moment. The dude doesn't think long term now does he?? Jets fans should want Johnny Abe the best of health so he breaks Strahan's pilfered sack record and bring it back to where it belongs. green and white baby
  6. happy football's eve to everyone - im too excited to sleep! rest assunred the Jets are going to kill the Chiefs I just am excited to see it!
  7. because he's not really a power back. this is been the big secret of the offseason. He's a finesse back in a power back's body. there was one play back when LJ was a Jet, it was a goaline run from the one - he ran almost 25 yards to the corner rather than going up and over. The guy got in but he's not a power back and never will be. Just wait until he starts getting hurt and fumbling... RE: Pats - Brady looked good but overall they beat a very bad team tonight. like 3-13 bad. Now granted that doesn't take away from the victory - i believe that any team can win any given sunday - but trust me when i say the Raiders will suck this season.
  8. I call that the "i believe I can fly" game.
  9. reading the defenses?? what a novel concept! just when you thought you knew it all about how bad Paul Hackett was... it gets worse!
  10. FYI I have not found any confirmation that Craig Bragg was signed by the Jets. He is still on the Packers roster as PS and he is not listed on the Jets roster. As far as I know the roster stands at 51 (reid was waived).
  11. peter the jets roster currently stands at 51 - any idea what the team wants to do with the final two spots?
  12. so smizz are you gonna tie your pink bandanna around his head for good luck? 8)
  13. im not rigs or a WR scout per se but Larry Brackens IMO is too dumb and not fast enough for people to put up with his lack of awareness for very long. I think he only ran 4.6ish at Indy and was a general dissapointment. Very big of course but his hands were at times awful. the ridgeway and gragg signings weren't about attributes (although both are fast enough) i think they wanted young route runners who as riggo said could stick their face in the fan on specials.
  14. well so much for SNell! LOL note i did say he was hanging by a thread! i guess the thread just broke! seriously he was listed at OT on the depth chart so maybe they were thinking about using him as an emergency tackle, then changed their mind and signed Gragg. I don't know who the extra spot is for but i am willing to bet they are going to swoop on someone from another team's practice squad. My personal target would be DT Kenyonta Marshall on the Eagles squad.
  15. he was the most impressive 2nd team OL besides Cavka. He is mobile, finishes blocks and doesn't make alot of mistakes. granted he is hanging onto that roster spot by a thread but this is not another Willy Ofenheustle or Dave Yovanovitz - Snell played well this preseason.
  16. I don't know if it has been pointed out already, but the #51 in this picture is James Darling not Jon Vilma. The year was 2002 i believe, the last year of the bad grass trays in the Meadowlands. Yes Priest took over that game especially at the end. But it was essentially a whole different defensive unit that he took to school. That was one of the worst "fat teddy" non-tackling years on record. Ray Mickens was the most reliable tackler on the team, which isn't saying a whole heck of a lot.
  17. probably. Gragg is a run blocking RT type. Cavka is a pass protecting LT type. In terms of experience obviously Gragg has been in the stuff and Cavka hasn't but in terms of pure physical attributes Cavka is head and shoulders above Gragg, especially at LT. Heck to be completely honest I wouldn't have been surprised to see Cavka take Fabini's position had Jason gone down and Cavka stepped in. He's improved that much from last year to this one. I know it's not the soundest move but honestly if I were Terry I would prey that no OT got injured until Cavka comes back around week 8-10. After all we are talking about a substitute at a position where these guys get 10 snaps a year, maybe. The best case is that everyone stays healthy. If the "wishful thinking" approach bottoms out I don't know how much it will matter whether a guy off the street like Gragg has many weeks to learn the playbook or just 1. The team is screwed either way. What I am saying is they could win with Cavka more easily then they could with gragg. Picking FA OT at this stage of the game is like picking rotten apples out of a basket and judging which one is the "least rotten" - see Ethan Brooks.
  18. it's also possible that the Pats will be dissolved as a franchise before they play the Jets due Kraft giving the team away to Putin.
  19. by the time the Pats face the Jets, Vilma's comments won't matter. The Pats will be eliminated from the playoffs and the Jets will have the division locked up.
  20. Jonathan Goodwin is the emergency tackle Snell has been seen on the depth chart as OT so i guess they are working him there as well. --- RE: Gragg this guy is horrible. I know they need depth but the Jets OL are going to have to stay healthy until Cavka returns for them to have a chance. I don't like our chances with Gragg or Snell or Goodwin or whoever stepping in. The silver lining here is we are talking about a backup player that hopefully will never see the field, whoever that may be.
  21. remember they also had to cut Warrick, they had a talented second day draft pick who's name escapes me, my point is it was a complete log jam over there at the WR position. There's less shame in being cut from a corp that is jammed with talent then the alternative.
  22. man the KC WR are horrid. When Eddie Kennison is your "stud" you've got problems.
  23. well let's break it down. This guy led all WR in Rec. last year also all WR in yardage. So his college production was spectacular. Didn't have a great combine but still possesses pro quality attributes, at least on the field. He came out early, against better judgement, in a relatively deep WR class, and lack of a blazing time seriously hurt his draft status. he was drafted in the sixth round between the Dressen and Houston picks, which implies he was on terry's radar for a while. In Cinci and Stl they have sick WR all the way down to the #5 spot. They each have essentially starting quality WR but in sub roles (TJ Housh, Kevin Curtis etc). this guy is a pure possession WR with a good head on his shoulders, relatively good route runner who seems to be more ready than most rookies to step right in there. He could even contribute on specials. All in all I like this move. The guy may not be a workout warrior but he is a player. Can't argue with it until it fails. Also FWIW harry Williams is still in the mix, but he has to show more than 1 catch for 11 yards in the preseason to make this team (or get swooped up by any other teams)
  24. btw todd collins is in worse shape than Trent Green. If the Jets DL can knock Trent out of the game it will be their 3rd QB that gets the chance.
  25. JMO they are going to try to get a QB project for that 8th spot. Tom Arth JT OSullivan Gino Guiluidi someone we've never heard of with a live arm that Dinger can "billy volek" in his spare time. Anttaj Hawthorne is a fat pot head
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