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  1. in terms of real production Rocky Bernard was the best pick of the 5th round in 2002 - he came out as a DT/DE with a strength of pass rushing - started all 16 games as a rookie and finished with 4.5 sacks - never entirely duplicated that level of success but he's still a playmaker - 6 passes defended in 2004 (after 0 in 2 years prior) means he learned a valuable skill - would be a very good use of the 5th round pick in 2002 he put 225 up 33 times and ran a sub 5 sec 40 - not bad at all
  2. ok that counts as a "winfield" 8)
  3. it's not a true "winfield" unless the player is in the building and his wife is wearing a jersey of the team he is about to screw over
  4. not so sure about that - they already have DRob and 2 all pro ends - they could start santa claus at that other DT spot and still be competitive
  5. denny mercin had to have recommended this cat since he coached him - that's good enough for me remember folks we need rotational guys not all-pros
  6. i don't know about ALOT of dough but i would give him some - it would be great to have a highly motivated top-5 CB that absolutely HATES Belly - he's not a spring chicken and he has durability issues but he's a better player than Smoot will ever be - the age and injury factors have to drive down his price - but as a player he's pretty great - just not a long term solution -
  7. purely a gut instinct but im thinking ty law
  8. if i were a pats fan i'd be a lot more worried about the OC by committee than the WR corp personnel the loss of Weiss is going to hurt that team big time - Romeo will be missed but Belly knows defense - who is going to call the plays? who is going to design new plays? these are questions that have to be answered - and frankly i don't see any good answers to that question
  9. the JETS don't have as much as widely reported - the tag of Abe put them at around 7 mil left - if we figure 5 Mil to sign rookies and UDFA that's not alot of a wiggle room
  10. not necessarily - there are alot of great coordinators that are not necessarily HC material - i've not seen Heim in action but from hearsay he could be one of those guys Donnie is HC material and yes he will be on lists but it's my contention that he will be loyal to Herm despite opportunity to buck and flee the NY JETS... at least for a couple years.
  11. the Moats video totally rocks Kanye West "thru the wire" sampling Chaka Khan that my stuff right there
  12. im sure they will find someone to perk up the O - Terry found Joe Horn in a grocery store parking lot as for Donnie all the sappy bullcrap that herm haters hate about the man is the exact stuff that is going to keep Donnie longer than he normally would - hopefuly here until the JETS win the big one. for all the clock management whatevers If it wasn't for Herm, Donnie Henderson would be coaching DBacks for the rest of his life - there aren't alot of DC jobs being handed out to positional coaches on other people's staffs... these guys will stick together dinger is another Herm hire that could pay dividends for years
  13. SS i trust your eye - those numbers are Tank Reed-esque - this is what im saying the JETS run a DT rotation maybe between Drob, Reed and another guys they take the pure numerical snaps that a Fergie or a Pat Williams would take - Ill look into Bell but he's big with some production and that's a plus - nice get
  14. agree sherry DB can catch the ball and run with it - better than Jordan? no- he's talented though and young. he doesn't suck i will grant that much - this dude has to be ballsy to beat out (at least temporarily) the franchise's first round pick RE: Draft- cmon terry didn't sign this guy to take a first round back - and the top 3 might not drop - Cadillac made a good case this weekend - and Benson is a physical freak who has rushed for 4 1000 yard seasons but back to blaylock besides the character of the player i like the move because they are going for quality at a position they just lost. all in all this is a pretty good first signing - ps- Dave Te Thomas was a great draft writer!! what happened to that cat?
  15. hey guys i admit it's not fun and it's not pretty but just answer me one simple question would you rather one or even two of Lamont Kmac Fergie or all three of Chad Ellis Abe these were the big three FA and the JETS paid top dollar for all of em. Yeah i wish they had a DT here and the JETS seem to wish that too - they got played with by Williams and Payne - probably are in the bunker re-evaluating they had Payne in NY last night and he went back to HOU - it was a bargaining ploy - he was wasting the NY Jets time - and i don't know that you or I wouldn't have fallen for it too - live and learn - my play would be to resign Tank Reed ASAP and batten down the hatches - he's not a bad player - they need someone else but the offseason is still young and the FA period is too new - overpay is what happens this week - they did it last year they probably won't do it this year - terry was honest about it at the press conference and sure enough it's how it came to pass - they still have the core players they need to win - they are young and hopefully Chad heals up fine. But Ham especially this post is for you bro - i know you think this is a dispicable display of GMship - and in some respects i will grant wrong (i.e. no superunit DT) - Pat Williams was a short term solution - Fergie got more money than williams cause he's 2 years younger and his tackle numbers are swollen even 4.5 sacks ain't bad - The Payne situation sounds rough - i'd like to think that if i were Terry bradway i would be able to see Payne was wasting the franchise's time... but we were here talking about it last night if it's not Payne it's gotta be June 1 and the draft - stop-gap tackles are a nightmare - besides franchise QB it's toughest position to fill well - i gotta be honest if the JETS get a couple young bucks with Reed, Evans i could live with that - if they stay healthy the DL is stacked regardless ...
  16. no i agree Roscoe is a fraudulent first day guy - too slight for real WR work
  17. also remember if a guy goes to NFLe the chances of him contributing THAT SEASON to the real squad are slim to none - the guy will have been beat up and by the time preseason is over if he is seeing any real snaps his gas tank will be empty by midseason if they think there is any chance of Cavka or Jones playing next season they have to stay local and train with the rest of the "real" players.
  18. either way the significant factor is the surface - a 4.4 on wet grass is more impressive to me than a 4.3 on a dry warm track - the ITL article i posted also has the ranges of times from 4.38 to 4.48 - with the consensus in the 4.41-42 range on wet grass that's good enough for me to keep him #1 CB in the ranks
  19. the only reason i could think of why they wouldn't be allocated is the team wants them close by, learning the new system in case they have to use them this year for real snaps - this is especially true of Jones at RT.
  20. here's another tidbit - he ran those times on wet grass
  21. FYI that poster "JETS&Canes" on the board that shall remain nameless reported that Rolle ran a 4.41 and a 4.43 - i know it's splitting hairs - but those are better times than the ones on NFL.com
  22. 4 years from now when Curtis breaks the all-time rushing record Savage isn't allowed to celebrate 8)
  23. if true - how is this their fault? and what can the JETS do about this? the way i see it if agents are using the team as a bargaining tool, there's no way for the JETS to "win" the player who's goal is to sign somewhere else for more money - JMO
  24. he's not a spring chicken - there will be 10,000 JETS fans bemoaning the fact they didn't sign him in March and then when he's on the IR in November with that chronicly undisclosed leg injury maybe about 5 fans total will notice. maybe im a loser but i trust the front office to get this team into the best shape to win a Super Bowl. Far too often people forget ya can't win games in march...
  25. we are really talking about hundreths of a second here - the question is as follows - does the fact that rolle is nearly 6'1 and around 200 pounds offset the fact that he ran a tenth of a second slower than guys who are roughly 5'10 (or smaller) and 180ish? i think size is still prized and Rolle is a prototype #1 CB - but i've been wrong before and welcome dialogue
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