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  1. perhaps you are thinking of someone else? i've always liked Drew Boylhart - in fact since Joel Buschbaum passed and Dave Te Thomas dissapeared he's probably my favorite active draftnik... now that i say that outloud i gotta subscribe - i miss his profiles!
  2. this is from Drew Boylhart's "BUZZ" column he's a draftnik I really respect - note however i do not have a subscription to huddle report this year so i did not read his notes on Barron. I came to my conclusion based on what i saw - much the same what the drew comes to his conclusion here - enjoy
  3. i dunno about 2 firsts but they would give up a first and a conditional later pick in 2006 i bet he's a 3x probowl rush DE at the age of 26 - someone somewhere is lusting after this guy, terry's job now is to find that person and ship Abe's greedy ass out of conference
  4. well shane since you asked... last year he had 85 tackles, 8.5 sacks, 10 QB hurries, 17 tackles for loss 2 Pass Defended, 3 Forced Fumbles, 1 recovered ... and a partridge in a pear tree - year before that he had another 55 tackles, 8.5 sacks, 12 Hurries, 9.5 tackles for loss, 3 passes defended, 2 fumble recoverys as a freshman - 49 tackles, 5 sacks, 4 QB hurries, 6.5 tackles for loss, 1 forced fumble comes from a great program that turns out great NFL defenders - too good to stay there all 4 years - it's safe to say he's a balla
  5. 11 pm EST saint pattys day no shame in being slow board especially with this crowd as long as the mock draft keeps churning along TS i don't think you need numbers you guys should keep it managable - don't grow as much, maybe put a lock down on opening accounts if it gets stupid -
  6. consider the notion that Dallas has 2 first round picks - Abe owns tre thomas - jerry and bill could trade the high 1 and a conditional in 2006 (say from 2nd to 5th depending on how many snaps for Abe) - would that be too little compensation? the JETS would have 2 first round picks, one in elite territory if that went through theyd have an outside shot at Merriman or Johnson or Rolle or someone BIG falling they could package and move up??? more realistically it would be value for Rogers, T Davis, T Williamson - talk about opening up an offense a 4.3 troy williamson will do that
  7. probably it was that play that made Al Davis sit up in his owner's box and say "damn i wish we had that kid" ffwd a few years later and he got his wish
  8. yeah i agree - and for the most part you are right - martin's 70 yarder was in 1997 - out of the three Jordan is the most likely to break a big play - he's also the most likely to fumble all im saying is if you made that bet with YJF who had the "biggest play" i think you would have lost - Im not sure tho because NFL.com doesn't include playoff stats and Jordan had a very big play in the raiders playoffs a couple years back
  9. savage you said that you'd "bet Jordan has had bigger plays and I also bet Blaylock hasn't broken one bigger then even Martin!! " you said PLAYS not RUSHING PLAYS even so Curtis ran one from 70 and he's the long rusher out of the three Blaylock caught a 63 yarder and he's the long receiver out of the three that leaves Lamont where exactly in your bet? i wish we made that bet i could have made some cash 8)
  10. according to NFL.com RUSHING LONGS Blaylock - 25 Martin - 70 Jordan - 61 REC LONGS Blaylock - 63 Jordan - 27 Martin - 41
  11. there is one casino in AC (bally's maybe) that runs blackjack tables with a 1 deck shoe - that would be a smart place to spend time craps are a good place to get hot but be careful you can get up big and down big in a matter of minutes personally i will only play Poker in AC and not those table games - play against other people - the casino is never drunk - the casino never makes bad decisions -
  12. baltimore takes Karl Paymah - CB Washington State
  13. the way i see it Merriman's 4.6 at 270 is better than Derrick Johnson's 4.56 at 230 - his leap of 40 inches at 270 is FAR better than Rolle's leap of 38 inches at 210 pass rushing DE is a tougher position to fill than CB or LB he's a unique athlete and when he goes to CLE @ 3 - remember that it was hammer and Bit who were calling it 7 weeks before it happen (that's where we have him slotted in the 3/5 mock)
  14. there are no stinky brackets - except the ones that vida hides under her thong that girl is a dirty slooooooooot
  15. ran the 40 in 4.6 and leaped 40 inches (amazing number for a 274 pounder) great production - no injury history - fastest 40 time of all the "elite" DE is he the first defensive player off the board?
  16. remember in the simpsons when it appears Lisa will have no money for college - Homer assures lisa that she can go to the best college... in South Carolina "I will NOT be a gamecock!!"
  17. limited edition!! i need one!!! dammit! 8)
  18. This is the salary cap era and The JETS can't pay 8 million dollars in Signing bonus to a backup running back. Say what you will about Curtis Martin there are two FACTS no one can deny - he won the rushing title last year and the JETS are paying him like a rock star. The Chargers may have tons of cap room since they are paying 2 high priced QB's even tho they can only play 1 - the JETS do not have that kind of cap space.
  19. um... ok... first off if your defense SUCKS then you go down quick and your running game gets abandoned. That's point #1. Note that throughout NFL history GREAT defenses are usually accompanied by BALL CONTROL offenses (85 Bears, 00 Ravens, 86 Giants, etc) - and usually crappy defenses are accompanied by RUN AND GUN offenses - rarely will you find a team with a s--t defense playing ball control second point Lamont Jordan is not a Goal-line back. we've ALL seen him get outright STUFFED on 3rd and goal from the 1, 4th and 1, etc. Let's not pretend he's something that he's not. Lamont Jordan has a better chance running 15 yards to the corner on a short yardage play then 1 yard up the gut over a DL. If the Raiders try to use LJ as a Goaline back (over Zach Crockett who not only is the best in the business but that's the only reason he's on the roster) i will be EXTREMELY SURPRISED.
  20. i love this area of the draft - so many great names on the board and so many bums are being taken!!
  21. you guys are mistaken if you think Lamont gets 1500 in an offnse with Moss and POrter the Raiders never run the ball _that_ much they are going to be throwing alot more than they run. also Zach Crockett gets all the TDs Lamont Jordan gets 1100 and 4 TDs with 400 yards rec.
  22. Shane that's sorta true but that Barron is not a bulky dude like Pace or Ogden. He's 6'7 but not much over 300 - Pace and Ogden were mammoths coming out - these are players that can overpower nearly any player they match up against by default. Barron isn't like that also his injury history isn't great can he be great yes - but asking a guy who is already injury prone to bulk up and gain a nasty streak seems like bad mojo to me - it seems like it would be asking alot. brown and barnes are better football players - barron is the better specimen - no argument there by my own logic there are no tackles worth the 11 pick and my next big board should reflect that - the problem is that tackles always go higher than they should - due to positional scarcity there will be at least 5 and there could be more (6, 7?) 2006 OT that will be more highly regarded than the BEST OT prospect this year - whether that's considered to be Barron or whoever else.
  23. i agree joey harrington is somewhat a product of hype if he can't get it done with Williams and Rogers and Kevin Jones im sorry he should be drug out in the street and shot - the Lions aren't that far away - it seems from a casual observer that the QB holds em back at times...
  24. there is truth in that statement - however there is a diff between a 1 year man and a 0 year man - they are going to look around but starting Adrian Jones who at least has been in the NFL for a year taking real snaps on FG/XP at RT is a little less risky than starting a rook at LT. Especially with the injury - i agree that Terry will be looking but starting caliber tackles are hard to come by in this league - barring unforseen cut - best case is probably the guys on the roster. how about this - if Fabini goes down (drunken accident slipping on his own piss in a women's restroom, for example) it would not surprise me to see BOTH 1 year guys on the field at some point - alot can change in 1 year - if cavka hit the weights he could pull off LT - that's terry's wet dream - an entire offseason of cries about the tackle positions and all of his cheap solutions paid off with a winning product for his sake and ours i hope it works out that way.
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