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  1. one things for certain, wherever he goes in the first round it will be too high in my book!!
  2. you aren't crazy at all - he's a great slot WR in the making - however with Chrebet coming back he's going to have to wait for his chances again this year - his stats probably won't be all that impressive - unless Wayne goes down, year 3 is when it will come together more for JC.
  3. this is a key point - with the measurables Alex Barron is walking around with he SHOULD be arguably first overall. The fact that he's not even close (except on busta ass boards like the sporting news) means that this player has flaws - I mean seriously SF, MIA, CLE all need a franchise caliber LT - the fact that he's not CEMENTED a spot in the top 3 should tip people off to what the real scouts are thinking. He's a great college player with a lot of potential - but he's also very RISKY - if he wasn't he would be a lock for top 5.
  4. if memory serves Robert Gallery didn't give up a sack for his last 3 years as a starter that's the difference between an ELITE tackle prospect and a very good one - there is alot to like about Barron he's got great athleticism, great feet, long arms, etc. and yes Pass Blocking is his strength - however he is not a mauler in the run game and i've seen him get pushed around by players that aren't that great - he is not nasty - he doesn't love contact or love to mix it up - and most importantly he's been injured a TON He seriously injured his knee in the 2000 preseason and redshirted, broke his hand in 2001, got his knee scoped again in 2003, and missed the 2004 spring practice with shoulder surgery. anyway you look at it that's alot of time in the training room - 3 surgical procedures in 5 years - he's brittle. finally i know this doesn't mean much as it should but in my gut i watch Alex Barron and just don't buy that he's a top notch ELITE tackle - very good? yes - ELITE - NO. yeah at 26 he's an LT project with concerns that's fine - but at 11 it's too high for that player. if this was next year he wouldn't even be listed in the top 6 tackles - the poor quality of the OT crop is what has boosted his stock more than anything. to use a phrase from last year he's full of BUST FACTORS - it doesn't mean he can't go on and be GREAT - but he has to be in the right situation and get lucky with injuries - something that he has not been to date.
  5. even disgruntled and holding out Abe is more valuable because someone will trade at least a #1 for this guy - no one is trading nothin for Lamont -
  6. there are a couple exceptions - jetsfreak the guy that always posts the "skimask" emoticon in every post is a very vocal pro-Abe guy pope on the Jets Addicts board is a stalwart defender of Abe - almost to the point of ridiculousness
  7. also regardless of whether it's Brown or Barnes or Barron - you guys realize that a rookie OT could get killed out there right? its not like Terry's gonna take a guy in the first round and pop him out there on the field this year - regardless of how good a prospect is we can't look to the draft to fill current holes, especially not OL holes - maybe if we were talking about RB that's a possibility - but GREAT OL often start out as OG (or if they are going to LT, at RT) and work their way to their expected position - the rare exception are guys like Boselli and Gallery - my point is that we can't use the draft to fill the hole that KMac left - we aren't rebuilding
  8. Ham that would make sense, only problem is that Barron's probably gonna bust bro am i the only one on this entire thread that doesn't LOVE alex barron?
  9. when done correctly cut blocks are safe - it's the one-two cut blocks where an OL cuts a defender who is currently engaged with another OL or cut blocks from behind that hurt people and those are already illegal - note that the NFL is not currently discussing this.
  10. http://sports.espn.go.com/nfl/news/story?id=2013952 what a bunch of bullcrap this rule would be
  11. BAL selects DB Nick Collins Bethune Cookman GB is on the clock (FABA)
  12. last years draft class - still a good read tho
  13. i don't know why people are down on his workout numbers - he ran a true 4.45 in CLEATS on WET GRASS to me that's slightly more impressive than running a 4.3 on a rubber track Q: Is Rolle Legit A: Yes he should be the first corner off the board.
  14. the JETS staff might have just been doing research for future - let's say ROnnie Brown doesn't pan out wherever he ends up and the JETS have a need at the RB position 5 years from now - and he's available - that interview 5 years previous could be a factor in the decision or better yet let's imagine terry doesn't pan out in NY and he's the GM of some other team that needs to trade for a top RB and Ronnie Brown is one of the candidates the combine is one big meet and greet and it doesn't always have to do with what's going on THIS year...
  15. mark my words... Alex Barron - despite working out like a beast - is far from a sure thing - he's got a chronic injury history and his blocking is at times downright poor. He will shoot up many boards but not mine. We always knew he was a good athlete but what he has not proven is that he can be a top notch tackle. to be 100% honest im glad he's not going to be a JET because he will keep another team busy worrying about why their franchise LT isn't living up to lofty draft status...
  16. YJF your list is very good - the only name i don't particularly like is Mark Clayton (not big or clutch hands - Reggie Brown is more pro-ready and bigger JMO) also FWIW i think tomorrow DE Shawne Merriman will make a case to be in everyone's top ten - but we shall see. nice work bro
  17. by the way if anyone drops out please give me their team im officially bored waiting for BAL
  18. I think Brackins is overrated - he's not surehanded. but otherwise that is a SICK 2 drafts CJ Mosely is a poor man's DROB
  19. oh man what are you doing thats my deep sleeper list for the mock draft!
  20. bren can post my pic all day long i know she's being complentary - now when my boy posts my pic and makes fun of my physique - that's bull :twisted: well big al as the bible says we shall reap what we sow... don't say you didn't deserve this!! . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . psyche!!!! - see that's how boys look out for each other they don't post half nekkid pics of each other for those that don't know AL is my boy 110% we were teammates on the field and ARE friends in life he's not always a raging jackass only sometimes - admit it bro - you posted that pic on the BBB board because you secretly want my body because like Bren says IM A STUD and im a sexy man say it!! i still got the pics!! do it! ...nah don't do it man i kill me 8)
  21. GJ&H's pick description makes me laugh the only thing slightly unrealistic about that pick is it might take the bucs longer than 5 weeks to realize how BAD their new TE sucks
  22. haha yeah Al... hey everyone do you want to see Al in nothing but a speedo??
  23. oh geez uh yeah i'd like to report this thread for the no nudity policy
  24. since you don't know where to begin i want you to carefully read the thread and see where Brenda says i have a better chest than Evan Mathis - see that! im the man!! I still hate you for posting that pic on the BBB board you bastard! my self-esteem is only starting to recover and what happens? Big Al joins the Jet nation board great!! just great!!
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