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  1. hammer i liked the Bartell pick - the Ravens were thinking about Corner (for depth behind rolle and mcCalister) but i got a 4th round CB pick that i guaruntee will be there when i select! be sure to let me know how you like it when i make it
  2. yeah savage you called it - sexual predators are a creation of the DEMOCRATIC party - are you friggin serious? the ACLU defends all sorts of assholes including your drug addicted hero Rush Limbaugh.
  3. sorry Jetnation this is not going to improve your grade of H you need to get the paypal button up so we can support this sinking ship don't take away the new clubhouse 8)
  4. Baltimore selects Chris Spencer OC/OG - Ole Miss garb (SEA) is on the clock
  5. sorry was stuck in traffic in between work and home - i will make my pick within the next 5 mins...
  6. i think there should be a spring time article for the authors of Bren Haus of Style/GG love column - Verde and Garb could help as well if they so desired - - top 10 NFL draft hotties - the article practically writes itself Matt Roth i've already seen mentioned by Bren on the board as someone she wouldn't kick out of bed for eating crackers - also ladies i would imagine you guys would be interested in the shirtless pic in my Evan Mathis profile - the dude's trainer sent it to me after a workout - see what im sayin? top 10 draft hotties!!! it would be a great article!! ps- i'm confident in my own sexuality to help research the list - too bad we don't draft sheep otherwise TS could help...
  7. Tom Shane cmon that will never happen! too big - please! the players families and friends actually contacted us - which was a relief - agents are so sleazy and we try to have as little to do with them as possible. as for mosely and interview i actually sent him less questions then i sent mathis - it was a couple weeks back before i worked up a fuller list - also tht's a great question from YJF i will try to include that on future content JonE i will PM you the list when i get home tonight - but as Riggo said the list is basically what i asked Mathis so you can take it from there... as for Bryant and his pops it's funny but what can i say - for me it's just a ranking on a website that i do for a hobby - for these guys it's literally their whole life. Could you imagine if there was a website that ranked you against your peers in terms of future upside? That would be a tough way to start the day, log on monday morning only to find out that Jones from marketing surpassed you on the corporate flunkie rankings.
  8. well the way it works is you redshirt as a true freshman and then you become a "redshirt freshman" (4 years of elig still left) thanks for the shout out Riggo - thought mosely was as cooperative as can be expected for a guy that just went through 12-16 weeks of prep for the same set of questions over and over... Mathis definately enjoyed talking about himself more - but this is the way of the league - QB and OL are the most literate players, DL are usually among the least test saavy, the least communicative... and it's this way for a reason. It's the natural order of things... 8) jetlag here ya go http://draftdaddy.com/prospects/evanMathis.cfm http://draftdaddy.com/prospects/cjMosely.cfm
  9. small suggestion - make the text links in the forum white??? for better visability otherwise this site is fat as hell - love the schedule graphics and pretty much the whole layout you guys should be proud it looks great
  10. this site is f!ckin fly home boys 8)
  11. bad news on the carlos rogers front for JETS fans the bad pro day of Pac Man Jones means he's the new #3 QB Rogers is #2 CB now - me and ham called it about 10 days ago
  12. well he showed up fat to the combine and Senior Bowl and you know how i hate that - the way i see it if you can't be bothered to get into peak physical condition for the biggest job interview of your life, then what worth are you? but having thought about it i think my rankings are going to have to change and Hawthorne will be higher - in fact he might make it onto the big board reason being the whole DT crop is just so underwhelming but when it's all said and done Hawthorne is probably the best big body on the board. i've seen him play great i've also seen him play like crap - inconsistancy and a bad motor are two other qualities i hate he has potential to be great. But that word "potential" has followed him around his entire career - he was dominant at times as a junior and he plays in a bit of a running league so sacks aren't going to be plentiful regardless - despite his fatness he's still a 5.1 guy at 320 and im going to have to raise him up - his good qualities are there - i've just spend so much time focusing on the flaws that make him NOT an elite prospect - at 26 however he could be good value. He's a player that i hope the JETS don't draft but if they do i can see the other side of the coin.
  13. the first one off will likely be Anttaj Hawthorne due to his pro potential - i think he can succeed as a JET due to the immense talent that he would be playing with (i.e. DROB and 2 all-pro DE) but then again that position could be the cushiest DL job in the league for that very reason...
  14. better watch all this Moss bashing if history is any guide he will be a JET again in about 3 years after Snyder threatens to bench him for the rest of his contract
  15. sorry about the delay guys BAL takes Jammal BROWN OT - OKLAHOMA
  16. ty warren has never struck me as anything more than slightly better than a JAG - obviously i don't see as much PATS football as the avg PATS fan but that's my impression
  17. those table games are a scam - when im in AC or Vegas it's Poker or it's nothing at all - maybe if time to kill craps or routlette (bet on 00 comes up sometimes) but all those games against the house you aren't going to win - on the other hand playing poker against other PEOPLE you at least stand a chance ...
  18. nice hook and ladder at the end ... uh drew bennett had a HUGE game... and Johnny Morton's Worm was priceless i believe that was the exact turning point of the game note it was Larry Johnson SHREDDING for about 100 yards and 2 TDs on 2 carries... not Blaylock...
  19. it may be time to drop mr crowder in the big board for more deserving prospects - long over due move probably - also Pool might not get into round 1 with a 4.5
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