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  1. the JETS _SCREWED_ the Vikings with the pick of Nugent watch the Vikings, who have seriously rebuilt their team into a playoff contender this offseason, lose a very key game down the stretch due to lack of a kicker. this non pick of Mike Nugent at #49 (who everyone on earth knew was their plan) is pretty much guarunteed to bite them in the ass. that's football for ya - millions of fans, 2 dozen coaches, 53 Juice monkeys all relying on the play of a single 5'9" 170 pound weakling to save their bacon. When that time comes for the NYJ don't be surprised when Nugent is cash money in the bank - this draft filled specific needs and if these picks pay off could be the moment this team turned into a SERIOUS super bowl contender Quick can anyone name me the last Super Bowl Champ to do so with a sub par kicker?
  2. remember that draft "grades" 1 day after the event are completely and utterly MEANINGLESS
  3. you guys remember Pat Leahy? Mike Nugent should be better than Pat Leahy.
  4. Q: Why didn't the JETS take an OL? A: Imagine going to the supermarket to get turkey sliced breast for sandwiches. You get to the Deli counter and you can see clearly that the Turkey is slimey and old, not only that but they are charging 1.99 a pound for this saran wrapped dysentary just so they can move the crap. that's what this year's OL crop was like - slimey turkey that 3 out of 4 times will only make you sick. I know It's tough to remember that they hold the draft every year but better off waiting until the new delivery is in (next draft class). Next year there will be at least 7 names at the OT position more highly regarded than this year's best OL. Also even if they had drafted a OL that guaruntees NOTHING. These guys are big projects most of the time.
  5. DTs job isn't always to produce - Jon Vilma needs guys up front to protect him so he can play his game... Pouha is a legitimate player - his age is meaningless we have to be realistic about these guys... 10 year starters are rare for a single team these days - if Pouha is great for another 4 or 5 years that's a worthwhile pick. we have to be realistic, even if a guy can play for 10 years that doesn't mean the Jets will employ him in his 2nd or 3rd contract...
  6. in terry's world draft picks always get first chance to make the roster - don't be surprised if one or both players make the team we are talking about a man that gave Alan Harper about 50 undeserved chances to make the team, based purely on his draft status - when Terry makes a pick, that guy just doesn't get cut too often.
  7. hey great another guy who can tell the future!! obviously a rookie that is so hurt (from Jan) he can't run for scouts in April is going to be the next Tony Gonzolez!! hey quick someone call up Canton and tell them they need to pour a mold for Heath miller's head! cause he's on his way baby
  8. hey that's a great statement - really just top notch and not at all IGNORANT obviously a guy coming from the patriot league will just right into the NFL - and be just as much a contributor in a complex WCO as a VETERAN guy who is faster, has better hands and runs precise routes... but oh yeah that 4th round rookie he's gonna do just as well - really a great statement - for me to poop on !!
  9. well that's your opinion - we will all remember that when these players are making plays, in your opinion they wouldn't do squat. how about this when Jolley scores TD or lance legree stops the play in the back field - and every other JETS fan is cheering, you should just sit on your hands. Cause if you were in charge they wouldn't be here, instead you can cheer for rookies you wish the JETS drafted playing on 4-12 teams. That's fair right?
  10. tex how the friggin hell can you say that crap when Tom Brady was a 6th round pick - without that 6th round pick who would you jerk off to every day? Manny?
  11. yeah right - in 3 years when we are laughing how the Raiders #26 pick was an absolute bust and the two JETS 2nds are solid starters - then we will see who got fleeced what people are forgetting is that picks are NOT KNOWN QUANTITIES - at this point they are JUST PICKS.
  12. if you say Jolley isn't an upgrade over Becht then you have demostrated that you have no friggin idea what you are talking about. Congrats.
  13. calling McGlover a sh*t player is wrong - this guy is a sick Punt gunner - he runs like a D Back but he hits like an LB - it sounds stupid but this team really needed a punt gunner after Morton left - McGlover filled that role you guys are getting all hyped up about 9 slots in the second round - i don't see why? there are gonna be great players at 47, just wait and see...
  14. hey Ham good to see you back with us - the urban legend on the internet was that you heard the deal and had a coronary - glad to hear that wasn't the case.
  15. yeah happy birthday you bastard
  16. yeah it's really clever... except that the Raiders are paying Lamont 8 million dollars this year and we are paying Jolley about a half mil. maybe you should add that lil tidbit to the quote of the day
  17. when Doug Jolley was in his rookie season the coaching staff said he had the surest hands on the team behind Jerry Rice. Tim Brown and Jerry porter were also on that team. DJ runs a 4.6 which is .25 faster than Heath Miller on his best day. He has no signing bonus due and three years left on his rookie contract, which totals to $1.5M in base salary. He's a pro and not a bust. The JETS TE situation is settled.
  18. to answer your question he doesn't have a major history in college - that being said the guy got a hernia in Jan it's april 21 and he's still not running - maybe injury prone isn't the right phrase, maybe i should have said slow healing - either way this guy's fastest 40 time was 4.85, Jolley runs a 4.6. the reality of the situation is that a first round selection of TE would have been a pressure-packed one for that player to live down the fates of Brady, Mitchell and Becht - he would have to be really really special, and without mincing words, I for one don't think Heath Miller is that special of a prospect to go against a curse of that magnitude.
  19. bogus phone cards is not the same as breaking a bottle over someone's head or inciting people to disobay police orders. It's a passive crime, plus Richard Seymour's talents are so great that you can look over that - i don't think we can say the same about Miller or jackson...
  20. maybe you don't but Bradway and Herm will. that's all that matters - these guys have copied Paoli's draft strategy to the tee and they have gone on record saying that character is the first and most important attribute they look for.
  21. just to clarify Marlin Jackson and Justin Miller could be good players in the league but i don't think the JETS will commit first round money to any player lacking IMPECCIBLE character. So it doesn't matter how much the fans liked these players, the FO has another set of criteria altogether.
  22. ok lets talk about these guys one by one Dan Cody is a medicated Manic depressive Marlin Jackson once bashed a bottle over someone's head in a bar fight Justin Miller just got arrested for Drunken Disorderly conduct Fabian Washington could be a workout warrior - also he's not big Heath Miller hasn't run a route since January and he wouldn't be healthy for minicamp! for my money they can take a chance on flawed prospects 25 slots later and have the same or better success rate - I say that in all honesty without a shred of sarcasm.
  23. bitonti

    RIP GJ&H

    what are talking about the JETS need a TE now - they got one - just by showing up Doug Jolley becomes the best TE on the roster!!! When he was a rookie the coaching staff said that behind Jerry Rice, Doug Jolley had the best hands on the team - Tim Brown, Jerry porter were also on that team - he's at the least a starting caliber TE with upside. This is far preferable to taking a still injured Heath Miller.
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