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  1. Can he? Yes. Could he? Absolutely. Should he? Sure. Will he? You betcha. Won't he? Never.
  2. Mistakes are how we learn and grow. They can do it as long as everyone believes. P.V.O.
  3. hey broheim save the apologies it's ok little brother I just had a 2 hour meditation sit to think about the Jets season just me and my kidney bean shaped cushion on the cliffs of Goa no bad vibes - all good vibes feeling the flow up and down plenty of room on the positivity train for everyone P.V.O.
  4. Positive vibes are contagious it's all love vibrations and numerology
  5. when the offense doesn't win it's because the defense is dominant when the defense doesn't win it's because the offense is amazing honestly, today could have been the greatest practice ever in franchise history. anyway you look at it, it's sunglasses time because the future looks bright ooo wee!! good times all the time - it's 5 o clock somewhere P.V.O.
  6. that sounds like negative vibes the positive vibe karma circuits work best when they are filled with positive vibes, going in every direction the best outcome would be if every team won every game and then we all buy t-shirts P.V.O.
  7. As a recently saved soul, I feel relief. Just hope that they win! Classic coke There's no possibility that could backfire on me emotionally in the future, right? The only way to be a Jets fan is to strap in and drink from the firehouse Bet on the over. Buy a Zach jersey. Watch milf porn every day Choose life. P.V.O.
  8. We wish 33 a speedy recovery P. V. O.
  9. “The more relaxed you are, the better you are at everything: the better you are with your loved ones, the better you are with your enemies, the better you are at your job, the better you are with yourself.” ― Bill Murray
  10. If a person says they can't do it, they are 100% correct if that same person says I can do it, they at least give themselves a chance
  11. for those looking for actual footage of Michael Clemons' college career, Max's gifs have an extensive selection of "robot wars" highlights
  12. sir, I feel like a like a slice of butter, melting on top of a big-ol' pile of flapjacks
  13. really like Quincy Williams, both as a player and the "Williams brothers" vibe in the Jets defensive locker room no one fights for each other like family
  14. for those who give a sh*t about such things, I've decided to make Robert Saleh's "Positive Vibes Only" the theme for my 2022 posts. All you're going to get from me is positive vibes, from here on out.
  15. thing about robots is they always want to be human michael clemons reads philosophy but his true nature is like that russian chess bot that broke the child's finger
  16. Hey Bitonti, great call. You're not such a worthless dumb f--k after all Gee thanks Bitonti I really needed to hear that
  17. when it's all said and done Quenton Nelson will be the best LG of all time so he gets my vote the Jets traded 3 2nd rounders and drafted Sam Darnold instead
  18. Kendall Lamm was supposedly visiting the Giants not the Jets (mis-reported) It's hard to fault JD for not signing Reiff for 10 mil. Reiff wanted to be a starter and he got his wish. This is a case where the player bet on himself (and won). It's also hard to fault JD for Morgan Moses leaving, as Moses had no intention of staying with this team. He's from Richmond VA, and played his whole career in DC. Baltimore is like a perfect fit. They'd have to back up the truck for Moses and neither would be happy. there is no cavalry coming it's going to be Fant and Becton with Max Mitchell as the next man up.
  19. just say Conor McDermott. this is taking forever
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