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  1. for all this talk about Becton, does anyone have any thoughts about where he should play? i.e. would you rather have Fant at LT and Becton at RT or the other way around?
  2. i don't have the pics handy but no he wasn't there, if memory serves the Zach Wilson Milf-fest touring workouts was like Braxton, Eli Moore in Miami - Garrett Wilson, DJ Montgomery and Denzel Mims joins the party in Scottsdale, Maybe Corey Davis and Tyler Conklin were in there too at some point CJ Uzomah rode the stationary bike at OTA and has not been in action since the SB. He sprained his MCL real bad in the AFGCG and was a decoy for the big game. Uzomah also missed all of 2021 with an Achilles tear.
  3. Zach milf stuff will be the peak of the whole season Like how the best fun we had last year was Dan feeney chugging buds at the hockey
  4. All teams encounter injuries this isn't wrong it's just normal In fact, sneaking cager on the 53 man could turn out very well indeed This happens every offseason we dream about this perfect lineup and then normal ish injuries occur and we freak out like we are so unlucky Luck may or may not exist but other (better) teams get over these injuries with depth. The jets have several poor depth positions like ot and lb At least they have some depth at te. Again, cager has insane upside and it would have been a shame to cut him I could ask you What do you see going right
  5. Cj Usomah is also hurt but not as serious Good news for cager and maybe even yeboah
  6. It's nfi because it happened when he wasn't in the league The fact they are preserving the roster spot is good for cager but Ruckert might not play at all this season Guys on the nfi tend to stay there for months
  7. Ruckert opens the year on nfi It's OK dude I don't like being right all the time, I'd rather they prove me wrong 2022 will probably be a redshirt for Ruckert NY Jets: hope for the best, expect the worst
  8. The Jets letting breece hall hold out because of 3rd and 4th year guarantees is peak Jets It's not like he's a big part of their offense or anything
  9. The guard position is top 10 assuming that the avt swap goes well McGovern is only OK the good lines in the league know who is playing tackle and which side since last year. The very best lines have high draft picks on the bench waiting for injuries The Jets have a good interior and highly questionable tackles. I think they are more like 20th than 10th
  10. Hope for the best but Expect the worst This team did get better but so did basically everyone else in the AFC Brutal schedule, young team, 4 to 6 wins
  11. Unless the qb is a runner like hurts or Lamar the pass opens up the run in this league
  12. No. They aren't going to be good because Zach wilson was overdrafted It's a passing league and they don't pass well enough. Making this strong run game is a ploy to protect Zach. Who isn't very good
  13. The NFL Can call or not call PI based on their whims. Same with holding. they don't make these calls in the playoffs - for example how Jalen Ramsey got pulled down by Tee Higgins (OPI) in the SB Sauce might get picked on depending on the crew but there's a real chance this player will be excellent right from the start especially if refs "let them play"
  14. that's what they say - I guess we will see it's a long mental road to connect the drafting of Sauce to improvement of the run D
  15. besides the terrible LB they look like the worst run stopping team in football, fwiw The D line is all geared toward pass rush, there's no heart in the middle of the defense the kickers were so bad in OTA that Connor said the 2022 starter probably isn't on the roster
  16. I don't understand how a team supposedly built around running can have no placekicker and a terrible defense usually run first teams win by specials and defense. There's no plan to run when you're down 21 at halftime this whole "running game looking great" that's good news if they were trying to win games in 1965 this team will go as far as Zach's completion percentage takes them
  17. Football is entertainment and Zach at least is entertaining people in the summer Men and milfs alike. Enjoy the good times because Lord knows they are not going to entertain us in the fall Zach needs to make this exponential leap forward for the team to have any chance the AFC is loaded and so is the division we will see if his time was spent wisely this summer He's gotta become like Joe Montana or this team will lose their first 10 games
  18. the case could be made that Fant is better at left tackle than right Like when Becton went down, George Fant swapped and became this reliable pass protector Fant wasn't that great at right tackle, tbh. Becton's never played it in the pros (but has lots of experience at Louisville who had this crazy power/speed system that had OT swapping during drives) Fant is also coming off a knee injury. Not as serious as Becton's but had it happened earlier in the season, it probably would have been multiple games. yeah Max Mitchell might be a year away and the Riley Reiff lowball is also still sitting out there. Reiff and Fant could both be done medically and it wouldn't be surprising. Becton making it 17 games is a tough bet to make. if this ramble has a point it's that teams that have the better tackle duos in the league don't have all these questions before camp the guards and center are solid to good the tackles are huge questions and it all probably ends with Conor McDermott getting reps again
  19. Sanchez idea of fun was to go to Broadway and get his pictures taken with Kate Upton Darnold idea of fun was to make out with every feverish coed in Hackensack And now Zach's "idea of fun" which is sloppy, hugely Freudian and a little bit petty (side discussion: did he really have to bang Dax's mom? Like that was an appropriate response to bro code violation? It was scorched earth. He could have taken the high road, as unfunny as that would have been) But yeah every time someone like me or Warfish says "gee I wish he could be better at football" and each time the "Boyz will be Boyz" brigade storms in to defend the quarterback's right to a private life Do we hear anything about Josh Allen's private life? That stuff is distractions. To quote rockys trainer mick, Women weaken legs before a fight. Is Zach's ridiculous personal life really going to help him find the open man? "It does not hurt" appears to be the consensus around here. I guess we'll find out. At least he's being entertaining off the field, since he can't do it on the field Smash cut to that week 8 trade for another swordsman, Jimmy G. His literal dating of porn stars is the next logical step for this reality show franchise The curse of Namath continues. Just once they should draft a qb based more on football potential and less on personal charisma.
  20. Sanchez Darnold Now Zach If Jets qbs cared as much about reading defenses as they do about getting their dick wet, this team would be champions every year It should be noted that here we are at the peak of Jets 2022 enjoyment. Before the injuries and the 9 losses in a row to start the season Last year the peak was feeney chugging beers Enjoy the jokes, fellow Jets fans It's all downhill from here
  21. We can attack the source all day but bottom line is that Saleh had the worst defense in franchise history. That's no good. All the excuses about injuries or whatever, he's supposed to be a defensive coach.
  22. Oedipus Zach In before he puts his eyes out
  23. the point of taking a franchise QB high is that they don't need a perfect roster to win games. They are the franchise QB Yes Jackson and Allen would be better draft picks because they are better players. Would they have met their full potential? maybe not but better than Sam Darnold to be sure. the best move would have been to stick at 6, take Quenton Nelson who everyone knew was a 10 year All Pro and keep the 3 2nd round picks
  24. put it this way 0 is just as likely as 10 honest question how many wins do you predict Fapono
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