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  1. The Jets don't ever find the bag for players who outperform their contract That's why woody loves jd so much He treats the players like sh*t. grandpappy Johnson would be proud
  2. The 18 page thread was not 18 pages of everyone agreeing. It was controversial with half making excuses and attacks on the reporters That's the secret sauce for a long thread: difference of opinion What this shorter thread proves is that Zach haters are willing to accept bad news and good news alike. While Zach lovers can't stomach any bad news about Zach and want to live in denial so they come to his defense to the tune of 18 pages Yes I'm happy Zach looked good against air and wearing shorts. Yesterday was a great day for him. I'm not going to attack the source reporter or make up excuses for the defense That's what he's supposed to do, every time he practices.
  3. He's supposed to be good against air What do you want, a parade?
  4. All work and no football make Homer something something
  5. Connor said the other day: neither guy is making kicks and it's possible the week 1 PK isn't on the roster
  6. when Connor Hughes says ZW is good: What good news everyone, can't wait for this season! when Connor Hughes says ZW is bad: OMG CLICKBAIT CLOWNFACE EMOJI
  7. bid 380 using price is right rules
  8. Top Twitter comment "it only took him 24 seconds to stand up"
  9. Truth. Mims always had world class attributes But he did not play special teams and couldn't learn all the routes and all the positions If mims is working on punt or kickoff coverage that's a huge sign of growth. he's always been in awesome physical shape.
  10. Probably what should happen but Fant is on the last year of his deal. Coming back from injury too. Naming him the starting LT complicates the negotiation. If there even is one. Fant also has starting RT experience in the NFL while Becton doesn't. That might not matter as Becton played rt at Louisville at times but it's worth noting
  11. How about the time the Jets were playing the eagles and the pk was fired by halftime? What was that poor bastards name? Kessman? Will that guy ever play pro football again? I've been watching football for four decades I've never in my life seen a place kicker get fired before halftime. It was truly a low point, like Salehs defensive ranking. PK is like free throws in the NBA or defense in the mlb or goalkeepers in soccer, hockey, lacrosse. It's not a glamorous job often overlooked but it also translates directly into wins and losses JD has gone through what? Like 10 pk since he arrived? I know this is a Saleh thread but if it's hard to evaluate the hc because the roster is historically putrid, thats a general manager problem End of the day Woody hired two people who have never done these jobs before. Saleh turns around and hires first time position coaches. The word retread has become a dirty word but just once I'd like to look at the Jets coaches and get a Mike westoff type of vibe Like someone knows wtf they're doing
  12. I don't know about you but I get 3 cents for every hot take click Only 20 thousand more clicks and I can get that Xbox
  13. Place kickers are the players who score the most points It's almost like the jets are trying to lose
  14. 3 years and they still can't employ a decent place kicker It's not like scoring points is essential for winning or anything Decent kicker, That's a ten year timeline, right?
  15. Can't blame Zach because the offense did not have enough weapons Can't blame Saleh because the roster did not have enough defensive assets Can't blame jd who built this roster because he's only had 3 years Can't blame woody for being the owner of the worst franchise in major sport, because he's only been back from England a year Fact is the only ones that we can blame are ourselves, for the amount of self delusion and excuse making is baked into being a Jets fan
  16. Yes everyone who posts an opinion that you don't agree with are looking for clicks /s
  17. dont forget about Geno Smith the exact moment when all my faith in this franchise was shattered it was when they passed on Jimmy G to draft Jace Amaro, so that Geno could have more weaponz Davante Adams went 5 picks after Amaro
  18. the funny part is around week 10, I become the "they aren't that bad" guy the manic swings from wild optimism to wild pessimism "trigger me" to use a phrase that my Gen Z niece favors i've settled into a "show me" mild pessimism. They suck until they prove, on the field, that they don't. You are what your record says you are etc. I don't hate the weather by reporting it's 80 degrees outside. It's just a fact. Nothing would make me happier than this team to prove me wrong
  19. A dislocated knee cap is a weird injury it takes weeks for the knee cap to migrate back to where it is supposed to be then, only after that's happened, can they xray the knee (again) for small fractures missed the first time around the word "dislocation" can also include ligament and tendon damage - we haven't heard anything from Becton so he's doing the right thing keeping his mouth shut as far as the Jets are concerned but it's entirely possible the injury was worse than expected, and they didn't know it until the 6 week mark
  20. The Jets offensive line is the 5th most expensive in football. And they are still looking for starting quality tackles? I also have no problem with sauce he's a very talented athlete, he just can't play left tackle
  21. Who I've become is what rooting for this team my whole life has made me Long timers will remember that I was the original Homer. I used to write 3 thousand word articles for max about how great the Jets draft classes were Turns out that optimism (and pessimism) has no bearing on the outcome I was optimistic every time I showed up to the swamp and saw tb12 blow out this team. I was there for the day Vinny T got ate by the turf monster. I was there for herm waving to the spygate cams, and I was there when Mangini narced his out boss out. I was even there Xmas eve for Victor Cruz 99 yard td I'll say it again... It turns out that my hope had no bearing on the outcome As for my own mental health or whatever I took a whole year off from the board but the Jets kept sucking. In the end I missed the people some of whom I considered friends. But yeah I don't know why I still follow the team. It's like asking why someone has leprosy. I don't know how I became so afflicted. But I'd rather be in the colony and suffer with friends than be in a cave somewhere suffering alone The suffering is going to happen, either way I just skip the part where we get hopeful. Around week 10, everyone sounds like me
  22. If by some miracle ZW wins a super bowl as qb of the NYJ he won't have to win a second to be an eternal legend in this town That's like victim martyr talk. No one is persecuting Zach. He's not victim of unfair expectations. It's the NFL. the 2 overall pick comes with a 20 plus million dollar signing bonus and huge expectations. Asking for decent (above 60 percent passing) and a couple of division wins is an incredibly low bar.
  23. Trust me when I tell you that no one is doubling back around to say "hey Bitonti, you were right." My recent rants have never been about what I want to have happen, it's about what is actually happening. It's because of drob that I know having faith in a Jets draft pick, coach, General manager or owner is dumb. Thanks for the annual reminder that hope is stupid
  24. Becton's injury was through no fault of his own if anything it was JD's fault for employing a below replacement level player in GVR I believe he can get it together but the Jets seem sure of it, and have no real backup plan if it doesn't happen. Meanwhile the other tackle is holding out for a new deal good thing we got that CB1, huh?
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