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  1. You have to go team by team but yes by "full roster cash" the Jets spent 55 mil on the line If you sort by "active roster cap" it looks more manageable but it does not include brown or Becton because they are on IR https://www.spotrac.com/nfl/new-york-jets/positional/offensive-line/2022/full-cash/
  2. it's ridiculous how a team supposedly based on the running game neglects the place kicking position JD is "super smart" cheering at his own draft picks when he makes them just can't seem to find a place kicker well folks there's always 2023
  3. duane Brown is ryan kalil revisited someone should investigate if JD is getting kickbacks on these deals like Parcells and Vinny T
  4. you want some positive vibes? those ticket prices are going to plunge soon always looking for a deal
  5. Yeah the defense couldn't get a stop because they played 26 of the first 30 minutes of the first half and were gassed. It's a football team everything has an effect on everything else As for @slatsthread title I too had a positive vibes only resolution. It lasted about 2 weeks. The Jets have a better roster than last year but a more difficult schedule. I hope they can be competitive but I expect them to get smeared for the first month
  6. Sanchez went three and out like a million times in the Pittsburgh game And still he's better than Zach wilson
  7. they get paid by the attempt not the win the Jets are very successful by business standards the Jets are the 6th most valuable franchise in the league if you look at it like a business for Woody, the Jets have it all figured out it's a money printing machine
  8. JDs very good at trading assets The drafts have been spotty and the Zach pick could end jds gm career
  9. Zach Wilson Week 1 Surprise attack on the Ravens
  10. time is an artificial construct who decided that like a minute was a minute, man?
  11. "JD is on a winning streak!"* * = winning streak may or may not contain actual wins
  12. the line is better with Duane Brown - George Fant in the lineup than it was with George Fant - Mekhi Becton in the lineup meanwhile Riley Reiff who certain negative vibe posters mourned not signing, lost the right tackle job in Chicago. Reiff's contract is based on playing time and he hasn't played well enough in preseason to justify him over Larry Borom.
  13. success is defined by positive vibes it's a measurement of pressure and can be expressed in Newtons of positive vibes per square meters
  14. Streveler ran a 4.4, even if he can't make every throw, he belongs in the league kind of a poor man's Taysom Hill
  15. i'd sacrifice a gonad for Jets playoff football
  16. maybe we need to see more from Caleb Benenoch
  17. The only problem today was that the Trainiing Camp thread title had three "i's" in it there's no I in team but there's three in trainiing camp Positive Vibes Only
  18. Winning teaches young players how to win. Losing reinforces a culture of losing there's no such thing as a meaningless win PVO
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