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  1. It's so easy to draft players in retrospect. IMO it's the grossest form of arm chair QBing around. Wouldn't it be great if the Jets took Tom Brady in the 5th round of 2001 draft? Wouldn't it have been great if the Jets took Emmitt Smith instead of Blair Thomas? As CBNY said on the other board if we wanted to talk about all the players that could have been taken it would become the longest thread in the history of message boards. People always mention the all-pro they didn't take but don't mention the scrubs they didn't take. for the record DROB is a sick player. It's not a coincidence that when he started getting good the Jets D started getting good as well. Even if we play the "what if" game, I'll take 1 DROB over any number of Troy Palumalu's and Willis McGahees any day of the week and twice on sunday. Can those guys take on a double team? a triple team?
  2. i like DBrick quite a bit and he's our current #1 overall senior prospect in college football on DD.com to be honest I don't want to go into it just so afsomf can say im a dumb jackass. i will say this much it will not be an issue. The Texans are 0-5. The Jets aren't as bad as bipolar Jets fans are thinking right now to get a top 5 pick. Lose on the road in Orchard Park, a place where the franchise has traditionally had trouble and all of a sudden they are the worst team in the league. What if they won? why Jets fans would be polishing Vinny's bust in Canton and the Jets would be super bowl bound again. They will most likely finish in the middle of the pack.
  3. Weiss isn't coming so forget about it file the idea under "no chance in hell" and move on ok
  4. it seems like we are always looking for an infusion of youth... didn't we just get young on defense? How much younger can the team get, i think outside of a few vets they are already among the league's youngest. what they NEED is a real QB. Great coaches need great players to win championships. Lombardi needed Starr. Parcells needed LT. Bellichek needed Brady. Without a real Qb this team isn't going anywhere. And they can't cut Chad and draft another one that would take up like 1/3 of the cap.
  5. we've heard the "blank check" theory before - notable GJ&H with bob stoops it's just not happening. No owner is giving an unproven NFL HC a blank check. You give Parcells or Bellichek a blank check that's one thing. Giving Weiss (or Stoops or Ferentz) a blank check that's foolishness. Remember when that fat bastard Dan Snyder gave Spurrier a blank check to leave Florida? that's how college geniuses translate. He followed that up with giving a blank check to Joe Gibbs hey at least he's HOF caliber. Don't get me wrong Charlie Weiss is a very good coach with NFL experience and rings but the fact remains he has never been an NFL HC - you don't give blank checks to guys that have never held the position before. Also there's no guaruntee that changing the CS will change the outlook of the team. Going from one mediocre option to another, I don't see the point in that.
  6. two points 1) the GM of the Chargers has already gone on record saying Rivers is not available for trade. This guy isn't a BS artist he says what he means most of the time. 2) Even if he was available for trade the Chargers would take a huge cap hit to move a guy 1 year after giving him a giant 1st round pick bonus. They would be trading Rivers and a bunch of cap room for whatever.
  7. LOL yes chronic back condition stemming from an enlarged wallet.
  8. sorry JW i guess im just in a grouchy mood
  9. Charlie Weis is coaching his dream job, why would he leave? this is what pisses me off about all the Herm Haters, you want him fired but have no better ideas. you think you are pissed off now, see how happy you are with Jim Fassel or Gregg Williams. There's few good HC candidates out there.
  10. some good news from that front, Allan Houston actually is retiring!
  11. guys this is not the NBA you start 22 guys plus ST not 5. there is no Lebron James out there waiting to save the franchise with merely reading his name at the podium. in the NFL top picks are chancy none of them are slam dunks. Many bust out it happens every year. as much as I enjoy the draft, there's nothing in this pretty good draft class that will rescue the Jets and turn them into instant contenders.
  13. this is not good at all. Mawae was the heart and soul of that line, really a leader of the team. You thought they sucked before, just wait. this is what i mean when i say you need luck to win a championship. Losing franchise caliber players for the year every week is a sure recipe for disaster.
  14. OH man i just read your next post if the Chargers don't want Abe for Rivers straight up why the Jets should throw in Vinny! a 42 year old who was on his couch last week that's gonna tip the scales! LOL you are a master of trades my friend. Really top notch.
  15. if that's true and the wind was at his back then it should have been attempted.
  16. i just heard your plan to save the season. Trading a 3x pro bowl 26 year old DE for a guy who hasn't started an NFL game. and that's gonna save the season! Really good, hey you got any more bright ideas? You should write em all down in crayon and send em to the Jets they could use a brain surgeon like you at Hofstra.
  17. whatever jackass. i've forgotten more about football then you will ever know.
  18. Dierking to be fair Terry has had some good moves to go along with his bad ones. Remember the Aaron Glenn/Marcus Coleman/Ryan Young situation with the Texans? That was genius and cap saving. Adrian Jones, left tackle in round 4 not a bad pick. The DROB pick was sweet. Barton/Kendal FA signing were excellent. No it hasn't been perfect but he put the team in a position to win. the top 2 QBs got injured i don't know that particular problem is Herm or Terry's fault.
  19. They were on the Bills 35 + 10 for the endzone + 7 for a snap that's a 52 yard field goal - if that's into the wind then yes i agree with the decision. I wasn't there I don't know where the wind is. 4th and 12 isn't exactly an easy conversion.
  20. funny how this was moved to the lounge - FYI Jetnation moderators, Steve Morely is a member of the New York Jets, not a political prisoner.
  21. hey yeah i'm f-in stupid! Dbrickashaw Ferguson would have been a top 3 pick last year and he returned for his senior year. Leinart could have gone #1 last year and he returned for his senior year. But yeah I'm stupid. Oh and let's not forget about the horrible Texans and their hammer lock on the #1 overall pick. But forget that i'm just stupid.
  22. Ty Law had a pure s--t game. Two missed tackles that led directly to TDs and he tried to run when he should have just fallen.
  23. two points 1) Reggie Bush could go #1 overall if he declares. 2) Reggie Bush is a junior and hasn't declared.
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