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  1. it will be a long and tough road but honestly i feel the Jets have as good a chance as any. Their defense is playing like animals right now. This week will be key as obviously Buffalo is the biggest competition for the divisional title outside of NE. One thing we are really lucky to be facing the Bills on the road before it gets frigid. The Jets have historically had problems in Orchard Park but maybe if it's not freezing they can overcome history and take the lead in the hunt for the Patriots' top spot.
  2. this is a HUGE game - yes the winner will be a contender for the AFC East title. The Pats are DONE. This is the year they go sprialing down the drain. Someone else will win the AFC East division title the only question is who?
  3. and Where's Chad gonna go? they can't cut him his cap hit would be ridiculous. guaruntee he will try to make a comeback. how serious the Jets think that comeback is going will dictate the type of QB they bring in. Yes McNair is an option but only if Chad's career is over. I think Jets fans are really eager to declare his career over but the financial realities are what they are...
  4. just as an FYI this is a partial lst of the high profile recruits coming to ND for the USC game - i don't think Clausen is among them. also a good read about what happened when Reggie Bush showed up to watch #6 USC face #7 Notre Dame in 2002 http://www.southbendtribune.com/stories/2005/10/10/sports.20051010-sbt-MICH-C1-USC_game.sto
  5. i was talking to GJ&H about this... he says there's a top recruit prep Greald McCoy DL that visiting Notre Dame this weekend - and the boosters said to Weis, hey maybe we shouldn't have this kid in the week we are playing USC - Weis says to the boosters, this is the perfect time to have him in, cause after we beat USC he signs on the dotted line!
  6. yeah we should replace a head coach who's team has the least amount of penalties in the NFL since 2001 with a guy who lost control of his team's penalties. Great idea!
  7. the Bucs still had the the #1 defense in the league and no one was injured from that unit. Heck they even got away with having their best CB punch an official in the face! he stays in the game, makes an INT and the JETS still won! Give credit where it was due - it was a good team and a good win - no such thing as a gimme game in the NFL
  8. bitonti

    Hey !!!

    anyone notice how snippy tex is this year now that his team is barely over .500?
  9. re: MIAMI hey riggo not to toot our own horn but who was it in July 6, 2005 blog touting the next big thing in Canes defenders? now everyone is Kenny Phillips crazy, we were there first. heck we even put up a pic! we rule!
  10. yeah Mawae should have been penalized for watching Barber punch an official in the face. I agree completely.
  11. the guys Carr benched Watson for were overstuffed linebackers. It was a travesty to bench arguably your best defensive player for a couple of bums, regardless of his work habits. How lazy could he really be, he's 340 pounds! Seriously, Lloyd Carr is holding that program back.
  12. it's all about the planet theory
  13. serious question why do you ask a question when you don't want to hear the answer? You come around "what makes Herm a good coach" people write you responses and you go on thinking whatever you wanted to think in the first place?
  14. that's completely untrue. There were several passes on first down in the second quarter, Brooks didn't convert. Go check the play by play. People see what they want to see. http://www.nfl.com/gamecenter/playbyplay/NFL_20051002_NYJ@BAL
  15. The players didn't believe in Brooks it was apparent. They didn't think they had a chance to win, so they didn't. The team didn't believe in Brooks and neither do I.
  16. Herm did the right thing and put in a QB that could save the season. Bollinger is, was and always will be HORRIBLE.
  17. i can't wait to see you eat that gross sandwich moses
  18. i would be oppossed. Jets fans automatically assume their backup RB is better than the current one, when all the guy does is winning the rushing title last year. Houston is a green rook. There is no guaruntee he will hang on to the ball like Curtis does. You bring up Ronnie Brown's great game last week but neglect to bring up it was a Ronnie Brown fumble that ended the game for the Fins. I do think Houston deserves some carries, especially in short yardage situation but come on, Curtis is an institution. Curtis is being paid like a franchise caliber player they have to play him like one, and that doesn't mean sitting him for rookies.
  19. first off I don't believe Herm is a genius level coach by any means. I merely believe he is not as horrible as people say. without getting into it two deeply there are too superficial ways of judging the performance of a head coach: team disipline and playoff appearances. these are yardsticks by which the entire league measures coaching. The Jets since 2001 have been the least penalized, least turnover prone team in the league (also best turnover ratio, which means they are getting the ball from other teams) - stuff like that wins games. As for the playoffs i know everyone blithely glosses over the 3 out of 4 appearances but you can't win it unless you are in it - when it's January and there are only 8 teams left in all of football still playing, and the Jets are one of them, that's a sign of good coaching. his teams play better later in the year than early and they play great when their backs are against the wall. In general I think Herm is a far better coach than people give him credit for. Why that is, i can't say for sure but i think his general attitude rubs people the wrong way.
  20. JMO gabe watson is real deal and will be playing well on sundays in the future. the problem with Michigan is that their head coach is a moron. With the talent they have on both sides of the ball, they should be undefeated. Especially studly on defense it's a disgrace that their record is what it is. As for Gabe he's a man mountain in the vein of a Ted Washington or Jamal Williams, you don't find guys like that on the street. I've seen him play about 4x this year and each time i'm impressed by his size/speed - He's raw but in general a first round lock in my book.
  21. this is what happens when you DON'T double team Dewayne Robertson. oh and by the way this manster is only 22. He turns 23 next week.
  22. he's the best quarterback in the american football conference, eastern division
  23. everyone calling for Blaylock to get the ball - well guess what he got the ball and look what happened - Someday, people are gonna realize what a warrior Curtis Martin is, and how lucky the Jets are to have him, rather than trying to run him out of town in favor of never-will-be's.
  24. any single stat or collection of stats is not enough to judge a coach's performance. i will say this though even the most dyed in the wool herm hater has to admit, if HERM gets fired, between the penalties/turnovers stats and the playoff appearances his resume at a glance is top tier. many are so blinded by hatred for Herm they don't realize that in the eyes of the rest of the league, the man is a quality coach, and his resume speaks for itself. He'd get re-hired in about 5 minutes, whether you guys choose to admit that or not.
  25. you might not like him and i've never heard but him but he's absolutely right. gee guys im sorry the Jets won and ruined your day. sorry that the Jets didn't get the memo from the fans that the season is over. the division is wide open and they beat an undefeated team today - to hear people talk you'd think they got killed.
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