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  1. Ok my dad just called and said we received our play book. Do we have to wait for a jet official to call us or do we contact them? I am at work and a little anxiouse to know what we need to do.
  2. Wish a Happy New Years To Everyone!! Hope its a Happy, Healthy and Blessed To You and Yours!!
  3. I guess we all can;t get the tuck rule
  4. I still rather back into the playoffs than end my season with a winning streak and not make the playoffs.
  5. - ok so we should have a low light reel of our low plays - Players come and go - Keysahwn is gone we still watch 1998 - Hey Namath is gone and went to the Rams before retiring i bet we all watch Super Bowl III - Injuries are part of the game - Rather be a paper tiger in the post season than a beast sitting home watching the games
  6. wow out with the old i guess - well as long as the site is up who cares
  7. What is going on ? Who is maintaining the board now?
  8. but when brady came out of collge to see the size of him you had to think that he would be a poweful blocker and break tackles after the catch
  9. sometimes its not the players that are bust but the teams that take them are make them busts... we had Mark Bavaro as a TE coach and Kyle Brady still tripped over himself... with all the holes this team has to pick a TE at #4 is not worth it
  10. Anyone pay there season tcikets using the over night delivery address? I sent it out to Northfork Bank and tracked it.. It was received 11;00am Friday but the money has yet to be taken from my account and i am getting nervous
  11. Looking for tickets for 6/3. Ticketmaster is sold out and stub hub has either terribly cheap seats and locations or overly priced
  12. Before you make your purchase check out the Honda Odyssey... I just got one in February... I have to say its the best vehicle I have ever driven in... Removable middle seats... Stow away back seats, power sliding doors, 6 cd changer... side windows that can fully open... rated safest minivan...
  13. How do i start betting? Do I need to join something?
  14. http://www.myspace.com/djaparz
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