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  1. “We did this twice to the Jets this year.”
  2. The whining and crying on this board is almost as entertaining as the SB itself. SMH.....
  3. Congratulations on hiring Norman Bates. For the love of all things Holy, hide all your knives.....
  4. I hope so.. Did you see Brady carve them up the second half?
  5. I plan on bringing a laser pointer to the game. Not that I'd aim it at the ref's eyes or anything......
  6. Texans doing everything they can to lose this game.
  7. So you're saying the Pats are a good team? You running a temperature Klecktard?
  8. The trade deadline is only a week away Coach.. Please make it happen......
  9. Didn't the Colts pump in artificial crowd noise? How many rings did that get Manning?
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