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  1. They're probably all part of NXIVM. Judgement day is coming.
  2. from nyj twitter : They get 167th and 225th and we get back 180th and 204th.
  3. Jetlag

    Welcome Nathan Shepherd

    Klatt has Shepard as his #3 Sleeper and thinks alot of his upside. Starts around 8:50.
  4. Jetlag

    Someone sell me on Darnold

    A stat I heard yesterday, in 2017 in the redzone his td-int ratio was 15 - 1. Which is great news because atleast he had the awareness to keep the ball safe at the most important time.
  5. Jetlag

    Dilfer on Rosen

    Would you take Barkley over Allen? Jackson? So on and so forth. At some point we're only talking faith in talent of the QB. You just have more faith in Baker being closer to Brees than not. We are not a QB away from being relevant. The only reason Mark was able to to step in and be successful is because there was talent that surrounded him. Unfortunately this team lacks depth of talent. I will not be mad if they draft Barkley if Darnold and Rosen are off the board but I know that many will.
  6. Jetlag

    Dilfer on Rosen

    Is getting Mark Sanchez worth passing on LeVeon Bell? Not to say I think Sanchez is Mayfield's pro comparison but he may end up with a similar career arch. Barkley on the other hand, looks like LDT, Bell, Faulk type. I'm all for Sam and Rosen but I think we're being sold a bill of goods on Baker.
  7. Jetlag

    Dilfer on Rosen

    If Darnold and Rosen are gone, I think I want Barkley. Am I alone on this?
  8. Jetlag

    Rosen too much a risk?

    Articles like this make me want this guy on the team. Smells like NYG/NE propoganda. Don't worry we'll draft "Broadway" Baker. I love how they're going full boar on trying to sell Mayfield to us.
  9. People are tuning out because 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. is much more interesting than watch Cade McNown lead the Jets to 6-10 or fill in whatever scrub QB most of the league starts.
  10. Jetlag

    Oh f&@# me. Draft edition.

    The problem here is that Mike Maccagnan is no leader. Seems like a nice guy. He understands the game, he even understands how to evaluate talent. This is all great but they are just part of the role to be a GM. The other part is to have the stones to tell your head coach "Hey go develop talent. You want an all-pro backfield? Turn late round talent into Pro-Bowl material." Maccagnan doesn't have the right temperment for this job. He isn't ambitious enough. He is a textbook guy who will continually be beaten out by those ahead of the curve. This is sad to write but it's the truth. I didn't have a problem with Adams because he was BAP, but give me a break with these other guys. We see what's going to happen with them. We desperately need talent on our offensive line. It's barren, it doesn't matter who lines up at QB or WR or RB or anywhere on defense if the offensive line is paper tissue.
  11. I watched the post pick press conference. Mac said the complete opposite. Said there was not a lot of calls for the pick.
  12. You might be right I don't know anything outside of some highlight tapes and scouting reports. My point was that if he is a Troy Polamalu or Dawkins, I would have no problem giving up the 6th for him,
  13. It's a little disingenuous. Bowles doesn't play SS or FS that strictly so, if he's Eric Berry or Earl Thomas or a Brian Dawkins type, is that worthy of a top 10 pick? I don't see the Chiefs regretting it.