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  1. This is exactly my thought. Then when it's time for these contracts to expire Sam gets his re-up and hopefully they have young cheap guys to come in and replace these FAs.
  2. Jets are being used for leverage, hopefully CJ sees this and moves on. Seems like Monken or Rhule are most likely the guys for this job whether they work out who knows. I don't think any of these candidates seem are a no brainer including McCarthy.
  3. This is my vote. To expand on the trade down I want N'keal Harry and either OL or pass rusher.
  4. If it's apparent the Jets have ruined Darnold by the 2020 season, I'm making the jump and not looking back.
  5. Hard pass on Cobb, dude cannot stay healthy.
  6. Larry Fitzgerald clone. Tough as nails, hands, speed, height...etc. Yes.
  7. No one will agree with me and no one ever does but I've said it many times to people over the years. Rex should have never been fired. I've thought that since day one. Yes I remember all the bad, I remember the butt fumble I remember the poor clock decisions, I remember the media gaffs. This man gave a sh*t. I hate to tell Jet fans this but here's the truth.....our culture sucks. There's nothing redeeming about this team or it's fanbase. We're pessimistic, sarcastic and almost relish this idea of the next coach will fix everything. Rex was a wild card, in many respects, but he had the ego and was bombastic enough to break through that nonsense. He understood we must embrace the greatness of Jets history (what little it was) and look to build on that. Yea I get he made plenty of poor decisions and no one will agree but I've been a fan of this team for 20 years and he's easily the best coach we ever had in that tenure and yes you know who I'm including that.
  8. At least they have a young promising QB waiting in the wings like Davis Webb.
  9. I never wanted Rex fired. I would take Rex back tomorrow....sans Jeff Weeks.
  10. Eric Tomlinson should start cleaning his locker immediately.
  11. Your signature is an embarrassment. Those things happened in the past. Let them go. This fanbase refuses to move forward. They could do a study on the masochistic nature of the Jet fan.
  12. One of the best sub reddits if you've never been. https://www.reddit.com/r/the_darnold/
  13. This was brilliant by both teams. Someone on reddit wrote this "Yeah, but as the replies are pointing out the Jets have a ton of money so they'll be picking up a fair number of free agents meaning they likely wouldn't get the comp pick. So they trade Bridgewater for a pick they probably wouldn't get, and the Saints traded the pick knowing that they might get a comp pick next year for him if he doesn't stick around." So the Saints basically got an excellent backup QB for the 2018 Season and traded back a few spots in the third if they don't end up signing TB long term.
  14. from nyj twitter : They get 167th and 225th and we get back 180th and 204th.
  15. Klatt has Shepard as his #3 Sleeper and thinks alot of his upside. Starts around 8:50.
  16. A stat I heard yesterday, in 2017 in the redzone his td-int ratio was 15 - 1. Which is great news because atleast he had the awareness to keep the ball safe at the most important time.
  17. Would you take Barkley over Allen? Jackson? So on and so forth. At some point we're only talking faith in talent of the QB. You just have more faith in Baker being closer to Brees than not. We are not a QB away from being relevant. The only reason Mark was able to to step in and be successful is because there was talent that surrounded him. Unfortunately this team lacks depth of talent. I will not be mad if they draft Barkley if Darnold and Rosen are off the board but I know that many will.
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