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  1. When you are done spitting why don't you tell me how many TD's he accounted for.
  2. I'm sorry, I couldn't understand what you said with that big giant black cock in your mouth.
  3. To all the Sanchez haters, especially EY......Go suck a big, veiny, giant black cock. Put it in your mouth and suck it. That is all.
  4. I see someone else reads KSK, maybe.
  5. We're all dooooomed! DOOOOMED I TELL YOU!!!!!!!
  6. Dear god let there NOT be a wardrobe malfunction! Mute buttons worldwide will be getting a workout for this one.
  7. Lynch is a feast or famine back. When he's on he is a star. When he's not he literally does nothing.
  8. You better cut it out with posting facts and stuff, don't you know EY is part of the football genius brigade here? To your point, don't forget those 20 TD's included one 6 TD performance against AZ, so in 10 games he only had 12 TD's. Favre was never lighting anything up outside of that AZ game, injured or otherwise.
  9. Yeah, nobody was getting paid millions when I played that. I don't care what their reason is, there is no excuse for these receivers to be dogging it the way they are. So you're saying it's ok for their response to our QB struggling is to make his job even harder?
  10. Right.......Because Santonio is constantly running around the field uncovered. As mentioned above, the Giants receivers run precise routes and their plays are designed to fool the D and get WR's open. Our guys are told to run 5 yard hooks on 3rd and 7 and run "drift" routes any other time where they basically jog down the sideline. We haven't had a receiver open all year the way Cruz was last night and is quite regularly.
  11. This is why I have hope: Year 2: 2002 San Diego Chargers 16 16 320 526 60.8 3,284 6.2 17 16 24 180 76.9 38 130 3.4 1 2 0 Year 3: 2003 San Diego Chargers 11 11 205 356 57.6 2,108 5.9 11 15 21 178 67.5 21 84 4.0 0 5 3 Year 4: 2004 San Diego Chargers 15 15 262 400 65.5 3,159 7.9 27 7 18 131 104.8 53 85 1.6 2 7 2 This guy would have been run right the hell out of town if he were drafted by the Jets.
  12. Hey, look at this, someone who can actually have a differing opinion and express it through intelligent discussion. Thanks Jif, fair points made.
  13. sh*t, this is why I can't ever elevate to the football genius acumen that others have here. Not only am I bad at witty one liner wise a$$ responses, but I can't even get the "we suck" attitude down right.
  14. Oh boy, get ready to get blasted by the football geniuses here. You and I obviously do not know anything at all about football.
  15. Boozer76

    We suck

    Everyone on the team sucks and has no hope of ever improving. The coaches and front office suck too, as does the owner. We should just mail it in and fire everyone. Am I doing this right?
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