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  1. Nice try, Dickloaf. If you ever want to meet one of my close friends, you only have to ask instead of acting like you rode (still ride?) the "little" bus to school.
  2. I feel like I am at the amusement park, only on this day the main attraction, the roller coaster, is down. So to kill time, why not wander over to the freak show? Here, you can exchange information with all the freaks, losers, wanna-bees and those who generally have no class and no social skills. When the roller coaster is fixed, I wont be here anymore. Good luck to you all.
  3. Well if it isn't the confused one. You insult my friends but yet you can't seem to stop coming over to our house. Constantly. Very interesting. BTW, if you are hinting that it is me who needs to be smacked then you need to examine the morals that your parents have instilled in you. Moreover, Any real man wouldn't beat around the bush. If ou have something to say then say it. That, of course, is if you are man enough. I'm sure you know who my family is....
  4. Marko is a very good friend of mine. He wouln't talk to a lady like that. Your idiocy is never ending but I should expect that from this place.
  5. Keep it up Sp. Maybe I should call a dear friend who runs a top jet site and let him know about how two-faced you really are?
  6. High priced? Thats funny. I guess your the envy of the block with your double-wide and that 76 Nova in primer. Tell me, does the mailbox really say "Southernass" on it?
  7. As if you would be qualified to judge?! How many games have you been to? BTW, I am talking about our beloved Jet games, not the Giants. One day when you evolve from your current species then maybe you will have the capacity to actually think but I'm sorry to say that for now you will have to just act the part of a fool. This should be easy for you. People like you could never mingle with people like me. You are a parking lot dweller, I break bread with players. Bye!
  8. If you are referring to the cheap Walmart decor that your welfare studio apartment is decorated with then yes, breaking furniture is a strong possibility.
  9. Thanks for the kind thoughts chickie but I'm afraid you're wasting your time. Much like savages in Africa, the grown "men" of this cesspool have no capacity to understand right from wrong. That's why they are here as message board castaways. It's really hopeless
  10. The only fantasy going on here is your thinking that one day you will be let back in to the best N.Y. Jet site in the country, and guess what? Its not this one. You seemingly have nothing better to do but to make remarks about me. Is it love Boozer? I do hope not, because I will have to break your heart. But good luck to you anyhow........
  11. Is that the best that you have? Really Southernass, I am a bit dissapointed. Go on back to your tin-roofed shack and try to insult me like a man, will ya?
  12. Oh look, the lights turned on again. How are you Husker? I suppose you would know what a cow says.....being that you live with them.
  13. Well I have to admit that I dont know who is worse- Dickloaf or Southernass. Its too bad that you couldn't afford to live in the greatest city in the world and had to move to the sticks, but then again, the call of your cousins in Appalachia must have been motitvating. So what are you playing these days? The washboard? Or perhaps your the guy manning the moonshine rig? Either way, good luck to you and your kind...or kin, whatever the proper term is nowdays for mountain retards.
  14. It never ceases to amaze me what the lunatic fringe of message board posters can dream up. When I was younger, my family had a recluse cousin who lived in a dingy apartment in lower brooklyn. I'll never forget visiting him and seeing how many ****aroaches would scatter when the lights were turned on. This board reminds me of that apartment - with all the castaway ****aroaches running around every time I make a move. Good luck to you all. Its too bad you couldn't "hang" with the rest of us on a real site. Maybe one day, you guys can work hard and get out of this amateur hellhole.
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