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  1. The Time Out literally had me in shock. I am not kidding, I sat there silent. Ask John, aka, GreenBeans, I sit next to him a Jets bar in Raleigh. I get 'when whistle blows' there is no recourse, but, wtf, there has to be a NEW protocol introduced for Refs to make sure only the HC makes the TO call.. I wasn't silent at all..in fact I was yelling things that alarmed the neighbors.
  2. Watched "Hot Tub Time Machine" over the weekend. I wish I could have gotten in that tub and gone back in time 2 hours to when I hadn't seen it.
  3. Posted Today, 09:43 AM by BroadwayJoe12 I hope he does. Why would you want a football player on your team who didn't think that he was good enough to be the starter?? The bottom line is that if Sanchez isn't good enough to keep Tebow from starting, then our season is screwed anyways. Knowing 100% that Tebow is going to work his a$$ off to become that starter and not be out partying with jailbait, should make Sanchez work even harder. If he crumbles under the pressure, then he doesn't deserve to be our QB anyways. I don't see how this is a bad thing. Best post I've read on here in the last 2 days. I agree 100%
  4. Welcome to the fandom....and the insanity.
  5. You're going to dog the guy for standing up for what he believes? Please explain to me why his faith offends you so much.
  6. I said ignore as needed. You can't read me very well.
  7. I like the trade. I like Tebow. That's just my 2 cents, ignore as needed.
  8. Hopefully Santonio will keep himself out of trouble from here on out. Hate to see a player with that type of talent get sidelined (especially when we obviously need him).
  9. Hey there, how you been?

  10. What's up man?? Good to see you today!!

  11. Happy Birthday Beans. Hope its a great one buddy!!
  12. We have re-runs for the next few weeks it would appear. I hate the CW sometimes. The last few eps have been filler. I wish they would just get on with the Apocalypse storyline. Castiel has been MIA.
  13. If you have not seen it yet, here is a pic of Mezco's Jason figs from the film. I bought the 7 inch fig a couple of weeks ago and it is awesome. I will probably get the 18 inch fig soon too.
  14. LoL, movie reviewers have been hating on horror for years. They expect these films to compete for oscars or some $hit. F the critics. Horror owns. BTW, I saw it again today and loved it even more. And I am going again tomorrow night.
  15. What? You're kidding right? Watchmen is gonna own.
  16. It looks good but based on that preview the action in it will be like it was in the first one...too fast to tell what the hell is going on.
  17. I loved it. Seeing Jason move in so quickly on his victims was great. That is how it's supposed to be!! Going back tomorrow for a 2nd viewing, then I am good on movies until The Watchmen.
  18. I'm going to the 7pm show. Can't wait!! I have my F13 tee on and ready to see some slashing!!
  19. Happy birthday JGB. Hope it is a great one.
  20. Lmao. Congrats on the internship, JB.
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