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  1. The youth we have and the direction they are heading in, I was okay with this season. I still think Zach Wilson should be developed, but won't be too upset if we pursue a QB via free agency. No QB selection at #13. Need O-Line help badly.
  2. Def interested about Sunday. We will have stuff, but always good with a good group. Let me check with Brad and see what he was thinking.
  3. I know we're all going next Sunday to watch the Jets, but it's the World Cup final at 10am!! Any tailgaters able to have a TV set up? Would be great to have during the pregame tailgate.
  4. All good. I told him it would have been okay, but he said the folks he were with thought it would be rude. Never mind. Anyway, we'll be down for the Lions game so hopefully we can connect. Cheers!!
  5. Any space at a JN tailgate for a good friend? He has all the food and drink, just no grill! So he won't be showing up empty handed.
  6. I have a mate there this morning with a full tailgate of food and beer but he forgot his grill hook up! He is wondering if he can bring his stuff over to the JN crew? He was with me at a JN tailgate last season against Titans. I don't have Phil's contact but will shoot him a message.
  7. For his first start, on the road, coming off an injury, the Jets WIN and "fans" still complain? We need to an F to SOJ.
  8. I think myself and Brad (we came last year) are in. We have tickets, so will sign up for the tailgate.
  9. My last name is Wilson and I got a Zach one last year. Having played WR in college, I gotta get a Garrett one this year!
  10. I am awful at knowing who to look for in NFL drafts as I just don't know the college game that well. But I'm def excited for this draft, and the non-first round picks always seem to be the biggest impact players in the NFL. Keep giving Wilson the weapons and tools, I believe that kid has something.
  11. Finally made it back home. A long day but a GREAT day!! Thanks for the tailgate and setting everything up, @Maxman! Great to meet you and some others. I def will not leave as long for the next time!
  12. haggis

    RIP Savage69

    I don't frequent this forum as much as I used to, but I remember knowing every time I logged on that Savage69 was there. RIP, mate.
  13. Awesome! My work buddy just called me asking if his mum and new girlfriend can also come! More the merrier? Btw, I did tell him that bringing a new girlfriend to a Jets game will absolutely make or break any potential there!
  14. I work with a Jets fan not a part of Jetnation and he has a Titans friend. Is it okay if they can buy tickets? I'll buy them but they want to be a part of the tailgate. Not sure how "exclusive" this is? 😁
  15. Just got a ticket for me and a mate. Can't wait to make a game and see some of you guys. It's been years!!
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