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  1. Finally made it back home. A long day but a GREAT day!! Thanks for the tailgate and setting everything up, @Maxman! Great to meet you and some others. I def will not leave as long for the next time!
  2. I don't frequent this forum as much as I used to, but I remember knowing every time I logged on that Savage69 was there. RIP, mate.
  3. Awesome! My work buddy just called me asking if his mum and new girlfriend can also come! More the merrier? Btw, I did tell him that bringing a new girlfriend to a Jets game will absolutely make or break any potential there!
  4. I work with a Jets fan not a part of Jetnation and he has a Titans friend. Is it okay if they can buy tickets? I'll buy them but they want to be a part of the tailgate. Not sure how "exclusive" this is?
  5. Just got a ticket for me and a mate. Can't wait to make a game and see some of you guys. It's been years!!
  6. Had to be done. Hoping a fresh QB and Coaching staff moves us forward in right direction.
  7. I was always dropping in here and there, but not posting much. All is well, and hope all is well for you and the family. Excited for 2021 and how the Jets will revamp for next season! If fans are back, I will def make a game.
  8. Good result for us today. Probably the best we could have hoped for with that trade as Hawks were always making playoffs.
  9. Haven't been to a game in years but must say I am looking forward to it next season no matter how sh*te we might be.
  10. You going to the the Hawks game? I need to get to a game this year and would love this one. Need a couple of tickets, tho. But it seems like yesterday we were both at one! haha
  11. Anyone else get a suspicious email from FanDuel asking you to "confirm" your information? If you click on the link it is asking you to provide your SS# so is obviously total BS. I got it today.
  12. Utter nonsense. I might not be originally from this country, but I live here now and love the US. But stupid ridiculous crap like this.......seriously??? Fantasy football is now classed as gambling and must be banned, so after you delete your account feel free to go out and buy a lottery ticket, and don't forget your "Ca$h For Life" scratch ticket as well. Arse utter.
  13. I presume the league is full? I can't get in. EDIT: Nevermind, just needed a page refresh.
  14. When I click on the link it says "restricted location". I'm not in any of the states listed that bans it.
  15. I'm in!! Haven't done FanDuel in years but with no local bookies, this is the next best thing.
  16. His ship has sailed for being HC with the Jets. He will remain a radio pundit.
  17. Hope things go well for you guys. My mother in law had breast cancer, and family support is the best thing to provide.
  18. Decent move with nothing but upside, imo. Not signed longterm and I presume the money wasn't/isn't crazy. Should bring some good vet leadership.
  19. Never thought of it that way, but it makes sense. A team can have a rebuilding off-season and still put a competitive team out there. I think there is way more playing talent than GM/organizational talent and so if you get the right GM and savvy owner then you should be able to stay somewhat competitive every year.
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