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  1. It is good eating. And coming from Scotland we know more than our fair share about coronary dishes. Mmmmmmmm coronary dishes. Drool.
  2. sh*t. I thought I'd be escaping this kind of crap. Leave this BS for the JI board!! :wink: And the Bills finishing ahead of us??!! Come on, dude!
  3. haggis


    I think you should expand the 500 posts to EVERY person that gets to 500 gets the rub-down by TS. Share the love.
  4. Thank you my love. This is like the new exectuative lounge for JI'ers!
  5. haggis


    I just had to be the first to say that on the forum. Carry on.
  6. Just wanted to say hi and congratulate Max and TS for creating this place. It looks pretty good. Some familiar names I see already here. This can only be a good thing. I look forward to posting here. yours aye, ScottishJet
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