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  1. I always thought he was underutilized at Buffalo as they heavily favoured Jackson. Geno seems to click with him, could be a good day for him this Sunday.
  2. Sandy saved you, m8!! jk, sorry you had to head back sooner. Hope you didn't get raped by the airline to change flights!
  3. I did it last year and loved Fan Duel. I've been able to register for this one also so hopefully you all get blocked and I win the ca$h!!!
  4. Heard him interviewed on Sirius NFL after the pick. Came across very well and I like the pick. I had Fins fans texting me jealous we got him.
  5. The Jets were the most dysfunctional, immature team last year and they just signed the most honest, trustworthy and hard working player in the league. Some say that is bad? They are idiots. Great move by the Jets.
  6. Yep, right after Holmes and Plax both caught Super-Bowl winning catches. I don't think it's just them, it's just all one big clusterf-- from the top down.
  7. I went to St Louis last month. Have NO problem going there for a road trip, great wee city with blues, booze and BBQs!! In fact, other than Foxboro I've never seen the Jets on the road. Might look into it.
  8. Aye but if any player can take that hit is Gronk. Hate to admit it, but that guy is a beast. NFL is different and I think Goodell is to blame. Too many flags, too many fines, an 80+ yard NFL drive fueled with garbage calls........but yet the NFL is as engrossing as ever. What gives?
  9. Hasn't he banged both hot chicks on the show??
  10. I'm attending a conference next week in St Louis and would love catch the Thursday game with some Jet fans down there as I'm travelling with a bunch of Pat fans and one Fish. Any good sports bars to check out?
  11. How are you guys seeing the scoring update? I see no option for that when I log on.
  12. This looks pretty cool! I'm all signed up and ready to collect the cash!!
  13. Tanny is a UMass guy, have to believe there was a little sentimental pick with Ducasse.
  14. We got next to nothing in my part of Western Mass. We lucked out considering the centre of the storm was tracked almost right over us!
  15. Really not much going on here. Had around 4" rain with hardly any wind. I'm kinda disappointed.
  16. Western Mass here.......just a bunch of rain for now but I guess it is to pick up over the next few hours.
  17. What's the deal with these leagues? Are they drafting? It's been a few years since I've done a JN league but I'm down for it this year!
  18. I don't come here often, but I'll always read a GJ&H post. Call me old school. I was mildly excited to get Nnambi but the deal collapse doesn't have me too concerned for now. Not a Cromartie fan, but now I hope we sign him him. Given the recent seasons, we really cannot say Tanny is not doing his job.
  19. Mike and Mike is the most overrated sports radio show. I'm surprised you could last 10min watching those clowns.
  20. I've been calm and quiet all week but now?..............Oh it's ON! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5SUgUbpA-v8
  21. Slept in my green Jets T lastnight, went with my old grey Jets T for my 2hr gym workout today and picked up my new Wilson #20 jersey that I won off a Fin fan today so will rock that this afternoon before switching over to my white Revis #24 for the game as I've been wearing that for every playoff game.
  22. I haven't trashed talked at all. I took a LOT of heat the past week from Pat fans, but I kept quiet. Funny how they all avoid me now. There is a Steeler fan at my work and he is all decked out in nothing but Steeler gear and was in my face the second I got to work. I got a text 7 secs after our win from a Steeler fan "apologizing" for this upcoming Sunday as we now face "the men from steeltown." I'll just stick to my routine......keeping quiet for now.
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