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  1. http://www.jetnation.com/forums/index.php?/topic/95206-sanchez-brightens-a-sick-boys-holiday/
  2. Yeah he already came to me this morning a said, "dude I don't think that site is legit.....I'm getting spam email and I didn't even order!" Told him to get his punk-arse over to jetsshop.com
  3. So they're due for a loss
  4. LOL, I wondered if that would be called. Seriously, tho, I want this dick to get me the right jersey I'm owed.....I just wondered if anyone had dealt with these guys. Delete, block or whatever the thread if it's not cool.
  5. So I work with a Dolphin fan and he was nuts enough to offer me a bet in the offseason: Best regular season record between Jets and Miami....loser buys the winner a replica jersey of their choice. Well obviously he lost and he is crying and screaming that he needs to shell out $80 for a jersey.....then he tell me he has one for $69 and free shipping at jetsjerseyshop.com I've looked at the website and I'm a little unsure.....anyone dealt with these guys?
  6. A mate of mine just texted me saying he's going on Sunday and wants to know a good tailgate to check out so I come check out what Joe has and.......he won't be there! Anyone have any other suggestions where he can swing by?
  7. My thoughts exactly. It would not be knee-jerk reaction, it is absolutely grounds for termination.
  8. I don't think he's turned his back, I think he knows the show's environment is bad for Artie's health. Artie will never return. I think Jim Breuer will do some time and I'd LOVE to see Pete Correale on there.
  9. I never tire watching this: http://www.redbull.com/cs/Satellite/en_INT/Video/danny-macaskill-way-back-home-riding-clip-021242928055489?refmod=Related&refmodpos=0 This guy is an artist on his bike and the scenes of Scotland are excellent.....
  10. I left the house yesterday around 7am and so heard the announcement and was pleased. I then left work around 3pm and heard the rerun of the prank on Sal..........hilarious! Best prank I've heard, I can only imagine what it must have been like to see.....might have to check out Howard TV for that one. Sal was crying about his 3 boys and he didn't know what to do. Great prank. Hopefully Ferrall sticks around Howard 101 for another 5 years as well.
  11. A 24 yd kick you just CANNOT miss. Folk is awful. I always thought the worst move the Jets made was not to give Feely the extra 500K and bring him back. I have ZERO confidence when folkhead Folk steps up for a kick. Cut him!
  12. Sounds like a really cool brewery. I'll look out for it next time I'm down. I brewed a batch of Scottish 80/' last weekend and will most likely brew an extra stout today. You simply cannot beat real, GOOD, beer!
  13. Red Sox have just bought Liverpool. Let's hope they kick ******* Hodgson out!!
  14. I like both teams and Liverpool are in a torrid state. The Red Sox ownership has come out of the blue and bought them. This is insanely good news for me. Problem is the current owners are US and there is such an anti-American feeling with fans. But nothing a little $$$$ and success can't cure.
  15. haggis


    So I've dusted my Specialized HardRock off this year and have been hitting some pretty cool trails. Any mountain bikers here? I'm at a point now that I'm really looking to upgrade my components. The bike I have is old: 1998 Specialized HardRock. Love the frame, but wheels, tires, forks and probably crank is going to have to be upgraded. Reckon over the next few years I will look into a full suspension but I'm looking to bike thru the winter with studded tires and bike the trails at night with a killer light. So who here rides?
  16. I used to do this stuff. No more. It has zero bearing on the game. Sanchez ain't going to check down any more or less because I'm wearing my socks inside out. But I still believe in rally shots. Oh yes. Rally shots work.
  17. This is from 1974 and I think it still blows away most of the modern day sh*te.
  18. LOL This thread was started about a song from 2008!!??
  19. Hate to say I agree. Namath predicted the Ravens would win last week when asked on his Sirius radio show. He has a great look and feel for the team so I kinda believe more of what he says than Ryan. Don't get me wrong, I love Rex but I just feel he's gunned it to the floor too much only to find he has no brakes. Let's hope Joe is wrong this week.
  20. Only real way to go with energy light saving is LED. Expensive, but proven to save more sooner.
  21. haggis

    Teenage Angst

    My kid is not a bad kid, it's just the unmotivated crap that annoys me. 72 hours later he is completely different. He currently has a friend over to work on an english project! wtf!!! Mind you, he does want to enter a Halo tournament at the mall tonight so perhaps he's just trying to get some brownie points!
  22. I have a 15 year old boy in the house. Nightmare. Mood swings, moping around, lazy, never does anything I ask and his chores haven't changed in 4 years: take all the household trash out the house every Wed night (ONE NIGHT AN F-ING WEEK!). He fails at that chore weekly. He moans. He complains. Can someone PLEASE tell me I'm not alone here and is it alright for me to crocodile clip his nuts to the wall socket to get my point across?
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