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  1. LOL This thread was started about a song from 2008!!??
  2. Hate to say I agree. Namath predicted the Ravens would win last week when asked on his Sirius radio show. He has a great look and feel for the team so I kinda believe more of what he says than Ryan. Don't get me wrong, I love Rex but I just feel he's gunned it to the floor too much only to find he has no brakes. Let's hope Joe is wrong this week.
  3. Only real way to go with energy light saving is LED. Expensive, but proven to save more sooner.
  4. haggis

    Teenage Angst

    My kid is not a bad kid, it's just the unmotivated crap that annoys me. 72 hours later he is completely different. He currently has a friend over to work on an english project! wtf!!! Mind you, he does want to enter a Halo tournament at the mall tonight so perhaps he's just trying to get some brownie points!
  5. I have a 15 year old boy in the house. Nightmare. Mood swings, moping around, lazy, never does anything I ask and his chores haven't changed in 4 years: take all the household trash out the house every Wed night (ONE NIGHT AN F-ING WEEK!). He fails at that chore weekly. He moans. He complains. Can someone PLEASE tell me I'm not alone here and is it alright for me to crocodile clip his nuts to the wall socket to get my point across?
  6. Awesome! My 4 year old daughter last week was at the kitchen table eating some lunch and I'm around the kitchen. Just her and I. She says, "Daddy I love you." Which is not uncommon, she's a daddy's girl. But then there is about a 4 second pause and, "you make my heart feel happy." I melted.
  7. Very belated happy birthday!!!!!!! I'm just not around here as much as I used to. Hope you had a great day.
  8. I can't wait till then. I hope it leaks as it sounds simply great.
  9. TheOrb featuring David Gilmour is a mouthwatering prospect. Would LOVE to get my hands on this asap!!
  10. haggis

    Jackass 3D

    I did a search and didn't see this posted. Looks pretty damn good if you ask me
  11. I've known James since his UMass days. Such a dedicated, intense and driven human being for the greater good. His story at UMass is pretty cool: from a walk-on to team captain and then I remember talking with him during the draft when the Bengals PROMISED him they'd draft them and didn't and then some local coaching connections opened a door with the Jets. You give James an open door he wants, he is kicking it open anyway. So glad to see him do so well. A signed jersey of his hangs in prime Patriot country at the Hangar Bar in Amherst, MA.
  12. Geary's is a tasty drop. Other good breweries from Maine are Allagash and Casco Bay. Kappy's had Casco Bay summer beer on sale recently at $6 a 6-pack. Outstanding deal. Allagash make some good Belgian style beers.
  13. I'm a fan of melatonin. Putting on some Steven Halpern wouldn't also hurt.
  14. It is beer as they brew first, then use unique ways to freeze the beer at supercold temps to remove water. Less water = higher alcohol. I tried their Punk IPA lastnight and it was exceptional. Ingenious Scottish bastids!
  15. haggis

    Any campers?

    I'm camping tonight thru Sunday down at Chester, CT. Although I will be in a tent and sleeping there and the CT river will be 20 yards from our tent, it will be hardly roughing it: full showers and bathrooms, plus an air conditioned boat are at our convenience. I enjoy camping, wish I could rough it a wee bit more but like Bob said earlier, getting the wife and kids to do that is a bit tougher.
  16. My mum kicked me onto these guys the other week. I always thought with a name "Sensational" in there that they'd be awful. I was wrong. This guy and this band is incredible. Raw, unique. Enjoy. LNwLxwZHMOw
  17. Shame that person isn't a police officer as that would seem to me to be a the most secure of all jobs. No way communities can afford to cut back there, right?................right?...............
  18. Draft, shmaft, all I know is that in the 25+ years I've been a Jets fan, the last 6 months have been pretty cool. I just hope the ride continues as 6mos out of 25 years is not a lot! 86 was decent, 98-99 was good, winning in '02 was nice but this seems different.
  19. too hot too soon. Gimme a gentle run into summer.
  20. haggis

    I Miss Smizzy

    I met Smizzy a couple of times and he was cool with me.
  21. For me, I like the peaty, smokey flavours that come with Laphroiag.
  22. Never said it was my opinion, just one I had heard. Look, I used to be a staunch "single-malt-straight-up-don't-you-even-think-about-putting-a-molecule-of-water-in-there-as-I-love-the-burn-I'm-tough" kind of guy. I thought single malt HAD to be taken straight and that anyone who didn't was a wuss and not doing it right. In truth, there are still a few single malts where I may still do that. But, truth be told, the whisky is expected to be taken with a little water. You show me where it is stated that adding to whisky takes away from the product. The amount depends on preference. My brot
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