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  1. Here's what you have to look forward to. Mine is on the right, my niece is on the left. Dressup night at our house!
  2. Nice! I have a daughter myself. Wanted a son but wouldn't change my little girl for anything. Just get used to pink.
  3. He'll look great for the first 8 weeks to give you hope, then he will tank........like he always does.
  4. Actually, they have a playoff game with Sweden for that final semi spot. Game is live today at 5pm. I'll get the beers in. http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport2/hi/olympic_games/vancouver_2010/curling/8533368.stm
  5. When is the Scottish, errrr, Great Britain curling team next playing?
  6. I want some. And even after the vBookie cash reset why do I feel that I have not enough vcash?
  7. Lago should still be in Whistler chasing serious tail. This is such a non event. The US seriously blows with their over sensitive media ****e. If I'm 22 and I just nailed an Olympic medal..........I'm not home reading bible or even home watching your media ****e "safe" programming. I'm being a 22 year old with an Olympic medal.....schwiiiing!
  8. haggis


    Anyone tried it? A friend of mine swears by it. I'm just a little worried about spyware etc. that may come along with it.
  9. He just needs the new leads.
  10. I only got to see him on the show, but it looked like he did everything to the max: smoking, drinking and working. Early age, but a full life. RIP.
  11. I lost a ton of Vcash. Waiting for the reset.......
  12. I've heard blends are the better whiskys. I have had Chrivas Regal Royal Salute and find that helps that argument.
  13. This is why I stopped real gambling on football 3 years ago!
  14. You're supposed to take water with your whisky. If I have a single malt, I put in a splash. I never used to but it does improve the flavours. It brings them out. Ice chills the whisky and reduces the flavour. At the end of the day, it is all chemistry. Gotta love science.
  15. They filmed this in my neck of the woods: Northampton, MA. A mate of mine worked on the movie.
  16. They have these at the Big E expo every year in Springfield. Look and sound disgusting.
  17. Yep, much better. Excellent work!
  18. Awesome. Moves too quick, tho. I can't read it all in time.
  19. Many happy returns! SLAINTE!
  20. I guess it is 1 red light and E74 message. He says we need thermal paste now! LOL he is so desperate for a quick fix. There's an electronics dept at the school I work at, I'm sure the technobeavers there will have a good idea of what to do. But I think calling and sending it in will end up being what has to be done.
  21. My boy is frantic about this and has been scouring all things on the net about it all night and morning. He claims now that washers are needed as the GPU unit vibrates and dislodges. Says those 10 rubber washers will save the day. Truth or bull****? And what about those downloads for $30 that say they'll provide instructions to save it. I'm a total novice with this.
  22. Yeah, but my kid is addicted to Halo.
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