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  1. Awesome. Moves too quick, tho. I can't read it all in time.
  2. Many happy returns! SLAINTE!
  3. I guess it is 1 red light and E74 message. He says we need thermal paste now! LOL he is so desperate for a quick fix. There's an electronics dept at the school I work at, I'm sure the technobeavers there will have a good idea of what to do. But I think calling and sending it in will end up being what has to be done.
  4. My boy is frantic about this and has been scouring all things on the net about it all night and morning. He claims now that washers are needed as the GPU unit vibrates and dislodges. Says those 10 rubber washers will save the day. Truth or bull****? And what about those downloads for $30 that say they'll provide instructions to save it. I'm a total novice with this.
  5. Yeah, but my kid is addicted to Halo.
  6. My boy says his xbox has this. It has 2 red flashing lights on it. He got them off by using a blanket and sleeping bag. Don't ask, he heard it somewhere. So my question to all gaming/techno punters is: is this thing rubber ducked, or can it be salvaged and, if so, how much will it fleece me? cheers!
  7. I hate this matchup. I want the Saints to win, but the idiot ****s that surround me on a daily basis that hate Peyton for no other reason than the Colts have been the Pats rival for the past few years, make me want hope the Colts win by 10 TDs. They feel Tom > Peyton based on rings. I want a college score like an Alabama vs Holy Cross scenario. They want Peyton to fail so bad as they feel Tom is better. It sickens me. Is Peyton a whiner? Sure. But can he read, adjust, and rip apart any team's D like any other? You bet. Does he throw the perfect ball? Yep. Colts will win 35-
  8. game is a lay up. Colts destroy.
  9. I think the AFC East will be a battle between Jets and Fins for the next 2-3 years. Patriots need to rebuild, and they will do quickly. Their QB situation is massive and they need to address that quickly. Brady is still good, but he beat up and only getting older. All the prime QBs that have ever been talked about in conversation as being best ever had 1 common element: durability. Is Brady? This year we'll give him a break as he was coming back from a serious injury, but he MUST show he still has it for next season.
  10. I'm better than I thought I'd be. Going in to this season if you had said AFC Championship game, I'd have taken it. That said, I think what I'm left more with is a hunger. Hunger to come back, hunger to win and a hunger to experience more days like this past week was to be a Jets fan. I don't feel as bad as I did after 98 or even after the Steeler game of '05. Those losses were like SOJ. Now? To have a team with the foundations we have, you can't help but take a little comfort in that. We weren't built to win it all in 09-10, but we were built to win and to show a message that
  11. I'm so sorry for your loss, Bren. She raised a good 'un!
  12. Those prices are sick! Are the shirts legit??
  13. I don't but I'd like to. I remember my dad using one of these and had a wee brush to froth up the foam and use the brush to put the foam on his face. I always thought they'd rip you to shreds! I only shave once a week and keep a little "scratch" (that's what my daughter calls it, Daddy's scratch). Basically a very small beard. I say try an old school barbers for help on the best foams/creams etc.
  14. Only thing I see is him resisting arrest, and that is going to piss off a cop.
  15. Phil Simms: "I like it tight." Cue Jim Nantz laughing.
  16. And he got ROBBED on the "fumble" play! Seeing him with the helmet off and still fighting for it........love it!
  17. Here's my mate, Marchy, at the tailgate. he just sent me it.
  18. "We Sleep Safe In Our Beds because rough men stand ready to visit violence on those that would do us harm."
  19. Eh!? You trying to suggest that Obama is the first president to ask his citizens to give during a time of need? Are you f-ing retarded? What was he supposed to do? Say nothing? His request is a simple one and one that doesn't need judgment. I'm going to guess that you are a staunch republican and that's a shame that you would use this case to try and fire pot shots at your president. Shame on you.
  20. I guess these guys are your best bet: http://sdjetsfans.blogspot.com/ Section G3 for the tailgate. I just tipped off my UK mate. He landed on Friday and has had a steady diet of Stella and carbombs if his facebook profile is anything to go by.
  21. Anyone out there? I have a friend flying out for the game, would love to point him in the right direction of the best Jets tailgate as he is hanging with Charger fans.
  22. And after watching that clip, how can you NOT love this guy. Man he must be dying to put the pads on right now for this team.
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