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  1. And it's not often you see a Saltire with Rangers, it's usually the Butcher's Apron!
  2. Missed the conference. What did he try to say?
  3. Strange things happen in the desert.
  4. Thank you, LJ. Looking forward to tomorrow!
  5. A puncher's chance. That's it. We're not expected to win, but we COULD. Fewer mistakes than the opponent. Little luck. Punch harder. Puncher's chance. I've been with this team since '85. All the bad luck and crap over the years made me laugh at those crying over the Indy game the other week, especially Patriot fans. We were DUE some luck. That luck continued a little last Sunday, but the team play eclipsed that. Pats won their first due to Mo Lewis and the "tuck" rule. Blow me. I think we are better than Cincy, but at this stage the roll of the dice is al
  6. I thought the question was about tomorrow. Might have answered differently.
  7. Agree. Unless you've seen the classic greats, you can't come to the table. That said, Cannonball Run beats all yo be-atches!
  8. This is just an awful story. Love Artie on the Stern show, he's gold. He is also blue collar, sports fan, guys guy that we all can relate to. On the bright side, when Artie comes back this gives Gary lots of ammo as he can now combat his awful first pitch by saying Artie stabs like a girl.
  9. Here's how it will go: Bay will EXPLODE to start the year, then around June will wilt and you'll wait until Spring 2011 when he'll EXPLODE again. Repeat and rinse until 2015.
  10. Decent band-aid pickup until they trade for Gonzalez.
  11. Sure was. And just my luck I had a stomach bug hit me that day that kept me to zero beers, zero whisky and had me having the chills BEFORE stepping outside! It was brutal. The other kicker was that the guys I was with picked THE worst place to tailgate: 1A, meaning I was a gazillion miles away from the cool people. Oh well, at least they won!
  12. I'm all wrapped up and heading out the door. I guess I'm over at 5A but will swing by 16H to hopefully meet you clowns.
  13. Fan Notes NYJ Questionable: haggis (stomach bug) Haven't been sick in years and then lastnight I'm freezing cold, shaking like a Jack Russel taking a sh!t and yakked 3 times. Awesome.
  14. 'm going and looking to tailgate. Going with my 15 year old son, my brother an Oirish mate and his son and a couple of other UK guys.
  15. I'll be there this Sunday, not sure what we're doing for a tailgate yet. Where are you located?
  16. haggis


    Any bone players out there? I found dominoesstars.com last night and I'm hooked! Used to play a lot. Love the game.
  17. ESPN and any other reputable fantasy site will definitely have an option where you can see commish overrides or maneuvers in the transaction report. Check that out and if you see red for his pick up, or the waiver order tweaked, then you have a legit issue. Otherwise, I think he was simply ahead of you going into waiver claims. Good luck in the final!
  18. If the league is run through CBS or yahoo you can see commish changes highlighted in red in the transaction report. My guess is you are now 11 and he is now 12 after getting Snelling.
  19. I think this is a bad move for the yanks, but I can see why they did it. They needed another arm. Problem is, Vazquez showed he has a hard time pitching in NY. And if you get Damon back? Well you better hope his shoulder(s) stay intact as that guy has had more pricks in him than Tiger's hos (ba-doom-tish!) So from a Sox point of view, I say welcome back Javier!
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