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  1. That's cool. I like Ocho Cinco. Always have.
  2. Yeah, it really was a beauty. Best one in along time. Air is so clear and dry right now. Might have to see the sky from the hot-tub later on. shakeadoo.
  3. LOL I just sent the same msg via a text to a buddy of mine who is a Fish fan!
  4. Only bright side to today is the amazing sunset on the east coast right now. Check it out.
  5. Reread your post. Are you serious?! 3 years? A QB doesn't need 3 years to show you he is pish. This team is going nowhere, they've been going nowhere since I started following them 25 years ago and they didn't really light it up the 15 years before that.
  6. With Sanchez we are in for an arse raping for the next 5 years at least. I don't think I can take it anymore, I really don't.
  7. This game is infuriating the pish outta me! Bloody Sanchez and his picks and the missed opportunities? COME ON!
  8. The Spirit was terrible, but the chicks were hot. But wasn't that 2008? Anyway, my best is The Hangover with District 9 a close second, Star Trek gets notable mention. I haven't seen Bastards yet. Worst was Watchmen, but perhaps that was biggest let down.
  9. The fridge, actually the deck, is full with a 30 rack of High-Life and I have Guinness and homebrew in the fridge. Also a wee dram or 10 in a bottle somewhere. Might be shoveling with a hangover tomorrow, but that's okay. Hot tub later tonight when the flakes fly. LOVE IT! Oh, and there is nothing better than watching football with snow outside. Even though I'm toasty and inside, I love watching football in winter. I will be at the Cincy game, though so perhaps I can enjoy the snow AT a game as well!
  10. haggis

    Tiger Woods

    I believe my UMass boy made a putting stroke after his sack. Not sure if it was a direct connection to Woods.
  11. Love the pitching but I CRAVE a big bat. There is no thunder in the lineup at all. None. Sox badly need some power.
  12. BINGO! No turnovers. The team is built around D, running and a pretty damn good kicking game that is lost in all the crap this year. WE need wins right now, and Clemens helped deliver that. Is he our best QB? No, but the job got done.
  13. Just bottled my latest batch: Scottish 80. I will have a few bottles with me for tailgating at the Cincy game. Might be a little early, but no way we'll find out until they're tapped!
  14. most hypnotic 2 secs ever. Her head really does snap back. Wow. Wonder what she said to lead to this. Never seen the show, heard of it though.
  15. Haven't seen Jack, but I know Jake isn't playing tomorrow.
  16. Let's just start with a Jets WIN! Everything else will sort itself out and fall into place.
  17. haggis

    Tiger Woods

    Good question. I say swing only, though. He attacked golf records like Bonds did baseball records.
  18. haggis

    Tiger Woods

    Yeah, kinda helps when you are a billionaire to figure out what you can focus more on. Sorry, but Elin is screwed emotionally. Tiger CLEARLY does not love his family more than himself. I've had girlfriends that I have cheated on and looking back every single time it has been because I was not 100% in to the relationship and loving who I was with and who they made me be. I could see Eldrick having a "mistress" perhaps (wouldn't condone it), a little bit of strange on the side, but this guy has a stream of women. Regardless of the background the trend is there. Depending on a timeline,
  19. I didn't see much of the game, followed it mostly on Sirius. Sounded like one of the worst games for the league this year.
  20. Memo to everyone: it's the Browns. It's only 10 points, anything can happen.
  21. I'm still raw from the Steelers ****ing us in the playoffs back in '05 LET'S GO BROWNS!!!!!!!!!
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