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  1. Happy Birthday, Joisey!

  2. I can very easily see us playing the Pats week 2 at home again I am not sure about the Monday night opener though ,I can see us closing our home game against the Ravens on a Mon.. or Thurs. night since it may have playoff implications.Now the question is since we lost the coin tois and we will open on the road again who will it be against ? I fiqure we won`t play 2 Div. games in a row and we are figuring to play in Detroit on T.G., so that leaves Pitt., Clev.,Chic., or the Bronco`s,I say we open against Mangini.
  3. I thought for sure this was going to be T-MAC! Cheer`s
  4. The same one who was saying all last week T.J. would be back, after we cut him!
  5. How much of our PSL money went to buy Arizona`s spot ?
  6. That Friggin Fake Spike at the Meadowlands ,It`s what carries him....
  7. Only about 66 more days ,till right about tax day the full NFL Sched./dates will be out and I can start booking next years road trips ,then the Draft and training camp is right around the corner ,then Preseason in our new stadium ,then we will start right where we left off last Season and we will find out just how good Sanchize really is.
  8. Good for Rex , he got us to the AFC Championship ,and if gave one of our biggest rivals Fans for them giving him crap all night good for him ,Just keep Winning Rex and your ok in my book
  9. AMEN! R.I.P. It is over ,2 playoff Wins in a row ,and we played a decent A.F.C. game ,with a Rookie Q.B.,Head Coach & R.B. Shoon Greene till he got hurt before the half on us ,we have a lot to look forward on, and the S.O.J. Crap should be goon forever!
  10. Just out of Curiosity, Since we finished 4th and the top 8 teams can only sign players equal to the value of players we lose , and since Gholston is gauranteed 21 million ,does that mean we can sign 1 player whose worth up to 21 million as a free agent , cause if Mr. T. swings this so we can get the value we are paying Ghoulston Mr. T. is Mr. GM......
  11. Thanks Frank , I don`t know what I was thinking at the time ,when I left that rally at floram Park Sat. morning ,& pretty much left Newark at 1pm for Laquardia to see if I could get to Indy for the game....
  12. I was stuck in Wisconson almost 12 hours after leaveing Indy at 6am to wisconson from there to Laquardia , Woody owes me and "every" JETFAN- anywhere they were trying to get home from Indy ,because of the weather 1 Free upgrade on next years PSL`s .It was bad enough we lost, but then to not be able to get out was to much.
  13. The Reason the JETS will WIN! Is because the curse is over, the Curse started on us when we moved into Giant Stadium a stadium with another teams name on it, other then our's. Now the Giants have been eliminated ,they are done in that Stadium , and we are no-longer playing in a stadium called Giant stadium anymore the curse has been lifted and we will Win the next 2 games in Lucas Oil Stadium Land Shark Stadium in Miami
  14. I will be there with the JETS , and I am guessing the proper plan should be to just stay in Lauderdale celebrating the Win through Mon. fly back home Tues. Morning and just head straight into the City for the Parade in the Canyon of Hero`s.
  15. JET fans are just figuring hom much money we need to lay down to cover our SUPERBOWL Trip and the rest of those future PSL Bill`s .. LOL
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