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  1. Wasn`t Redmen playing for them last weekend?
  2. This will be the 1 game this year where EVERYTHING clicks right for the JETS , JETS win this game 31- 10 Putting us on a 3 game win streak comming home against Atlanta hopefully still without Matt Ryan, looking to run that streak to 4 in a row!
  3. So any chance as long as long as your pushing the Peabodys Happyhour also I can buy the wristband Fri. or Sat. at the Bar?
  4. Happy Birthday Frank....Have a Greay Day & many more!
  5. Good Article , I hope this thing is catching on. I am supprised he didn`t include his name or the name of their shop , but good job with the article
  6. He left the Stadium with the Banner & I am pretty sure it will be back for Atlanta
  7. I am going to be there ,I believe I am staying at the rennisance , 1 Blue Jay Way.
  8. My Friends say Thank You . ,they just wish they weren`t being priced out of their Season Tickets after all these years.
  9. And I am quite sure Woodyis looking for any excuse to send out the bill for our Playoff tickets as soon as he can.
  10. Not everyone Drinks for 4 straight hours , People have friends set up all over the place there ,walking from 18D where I set up to 14 to 16H to 5H is a good hike especially with all the fences the stadium has added, they make the whole event less and less attractive to the Fan all the time.
  11. My guess it was first put into use at the first Sports Competition in a stadium between NY & BOSTON area teams.
  12. No Way! and us as Fans will never live it ,it will be the N.Y. Cryers from here out
  13. Thanks for letting me know this thing was cancelled Tyson , i got all the way to the Steak joint and found it was cancelled and ended up at a lunch will Bill Gallo from the Daily News who`s main speaker way N.Y.C. Police Comm. Ray Kelly I have to admit I was a little bummed not being able to speak to at least a couple of our JETS after Sundays disgrace.
  14. Any chance they will be selling these at the Carolina game (I am speaking of wrist bands for Tampa Tailgage, not Tailgate for Carolina. )
  15. Anyone else going to this ? I guess not. I will be jumping on a 9am train for the City
  16. I think I will be at this event on Tues Tyson., I already put in for the time off
  17. Exactly what I am thinking, Drew & or Woody Should get a Sam Adams Beer Truck Put on 1 heck of a tailgate for all of us who went for the PSL`s in the new stadium and give us a tour of the new place during the bye week also.
  18. I am moving into Section 126 Row 10 and the 4 seats on the Aisle of row 10 there
  19. I am starting to wish I didn`t book this trip . The season started with such promise , now with 3 Division losses out of 4 Division games I think our season is done.
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