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  1. Larry shouldn`t get any more of a break then Rush did ,everybody should be playing by the same set of rules,not just the ones that fit best for them.
  2. Larry Johnson should be gone 4 good ! If the NFL felt it was ok to keep RUSH Limbaugh from buying into a NFL Franchise cause ofhis mouth ,then Larry Johnson should be thrown out also.
  3. 144 is in the corner of the endzone 1 section left and below Buccaneer Cove and 243 is 1 section higher in the corner of the end zone.I already have seats on the goal line in 114 but if I can find seats in Section 134-137 i`ll trade up
  4. Yes ,the other guys get paid too .This is their chance to move up by stepping up
  5. I think tickets will be easy as well ,thats why I haven`t got those ones yet,and the 1hr. Flt. from Nwk. wins out over the long drive.
  6. I think he would be a big plus ,espescially in games like yesterday when I was screaming at the bar tv from 1/2 time 24-0 to get Sanchize and all the other starters before the got injured ,screw the shutout save the guys for next weeks game had we put miller into replace a starter and Miller gets hurt latter in the game it`s not as bad a blow to the team.
  7. I booked it already just haven`t got tickets for this 1 yet ,I am flying in Thurs. landing in Toronoto at 12pm. games at 8:30pm ,the Hotel is in the Stadium I believe. & I plan on staying Fri. and flying back out Sat. morn.
  8. I had a winning bid of $109 per night for 3 nights at the Marriott I listed & I also got 2 tickets at face $99 each in section 114 Row D.
  9. Pace was suspended forthe first 4 games Strickland and sheapered missed a bunch ofgames so far and as soon as we got pace back we lost Jenks for the Season ,the reason we have no sacks is cause we have yet to play a game with our full Defense this Season.
  10. I`ve made every game this year except for last weeks home Buffalo game (Flu),I made up for it by booking the game in Tampa Dec.11th to 14th . I think I qualify.
  11. YES! Any time that plays us without JENKS is 1 Win closer to the Playoff`s
  12. The Tampa Marriott Westshore looked nice,it`s listed as 2 miles from the airport & 3 miles from the Stadium, check it out.
  13. I booked Flt. & hotel already ,I may wait on tickets ,0-5 I can`t see things getting much better for the Buc fans. & figure prices will only go down as we get closer to game date.
  14. I was there and gave my $25
  15. How much is that thing gonna cost though?
  16. Sounds like Dallas with T.O.,but Romo`s done nothing without his former trouble maker there ...
  17. I am all in also but it would be nice to see the running game kick in now.....
  18. I was watching it on Wheel House when they were interviewing Kerry Rhodes ,Brian Custer was asking Kerry for like 3 Min. "Well Kerry do you have the name of who won you contest yet ,Well! Well! Lets take a brake anke and we will come back to Kerry ,kerry kept scrolling through his Ipod/Blackberry and then said somebody name Japeg was the first one to call in ,then Brian said we should have known Kerry was gonna pick some Hot Chick as the winner.. Congrats I fly out Sat Morning after the Bruce show Fri. evening
  19. So since it is a done deal ,does this save us from being fined or losing a draft pick from the NFL
  20. I was expecting Woody to send me a couple of those season ticket hats with the numbers of new stadium onthem after purchasing a number of his PSL`s
  21. I was actually planning onthe next Payment in NOV. Bumpping it to only hits us with the next PSL, payment and the 2010 Season ticket payments will be due at the same time.
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