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  1. You can add 3 Wins to that 1st ,B.B. can lick his chops all he wants ,but this team knows we can beat the PATS & Rex will not let our team lose to them (2nd) Great if you think Buff. plays better in the Ralph , cause they are not playingthere, they are playing in Toronto a neutral Field where we will win ,and 3rd normaly I`d agree with the Cinci loss with the way they are playing now, But the JETS &Rex have a whole new Attitude and I can`t see Rex having us go into the Playoffs following a loss on the last game of the Reg. Season ,so we will win that one also...
  2. They miss being covered by about 12 rows. Translation I could care less what the weather is like.
  3. Maybe if your a Wuss & a present front runner you would let a little rain keep you from showing up or cheering for your team especially when they are doing so well ,I will be there and louder then last week and after WE WIN this game and go 3-0 and our JET Group shows up in N.O.L.A. next Sun., it will be so loud out there people will think it is another home JET Game
  4. Agreed , besides Brady & Belicheck have 3 S.B. maybe they both retire at the end of the Season and it could end up being the last chance they have to beat the JETS ,THEN iMAGINETHE hYPE THAT GAME WOULD get
  5. I believe we should win this game against the Titans/Oilers with all the passing yardage they gave up the 1st 2weeks, but if (GOD Forbid ) we don`t cause we changed our uniforms to these throwbacks ,I never will want to see these things again.....
  6. What a Diff.a few weeks make ,at the end of preseason hewas getting burnt left and right with 15 yard penalties and fans were calling to get rid ofthe old guy LOL
  7. I am going to say Bo Jackson cause here is a guy who had more Talent then any Athleate that had ever walked the Earth before him and had he not gotten hurt would have been 1 of the Greatest ever in Baseball and Football .So his injury makes him abust not his lack of talent.
  8. Al I own pretty much every JET item a person can own but I refuse to spend good money on those Awful looking Jersey`s
  9. It has been a long time since the JET`S were this confident comming into a game! I hope this carries through the whole Season!
  10. I think Texans will run at Gholston all day long and he won`tbe able to stop them I think it will end up with 28 -27 game ,it will be a close game
  11. Looking at the Weather Ch. the last few Days ,looking at all that Green (Rain) covering Texas it lookedlike it was going to be more then a 40% chance for the whole weekend out there I guess we`ll be getting Wet out there I`ll keep an eye out for fellow JET fans at the Flying Saucer on Sat.
  12. I am heading into J.C. for a couple of early afternoon beers and "IF" the weather isn`t to bad around 4pm ,I`ll take the train into the stadium & I am sure I`ll find someone selling tickets on the way in. If I decide to go.
  13. Whats rediculas is theJets comming up to $5,000,000 FROM THEIR ORG. OFFER OF $2,000,000 & leon not budgeing at all from his orig. Requestof $6,000,000 Takethe $5.000,000 and be happy Leon.
  14. Noticed how he passed these stinking rules after they asked me to pay for the right to buy future season tix.
  15. I believe it was called The Flying Dish & they gave you a card when you came in that had 100+ Beers on Tap & each beer had it`s own Number and if you got all the Numbers Punched out ,they took you picture put it on this plate and hung it in the Bar with everyone else who has done it.
  16. Unless the JETS get fed up & trade Leon & decide to keep T.J.
  17. I am flying in Thurs. arr. in Tor. at 12pm. and staying thru. Sat.
  18. This is Woody and Rex`s Fault don`t put the place in the middle of no- where and those might be starting and joining in on those Chants might actually be there to make some noise I am bummed I won`t be getting up there this week as I had planned.
  19. How can it be that far a ride and Amtrack doesn`t have the Bar car going there from Manhatten.
  20. I booked it already. Flying up thurs. Morn. checking in by noon and staying over in Toronto Thurs. & Fri. evenings.
  21. The JETS Winning the Div. would help lead to a Kinder Joisey.
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