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  1. So it was me who threw all those INT`S last year that kept us from beating Miami on the 28th of Dec. not Brett right!
  2. Only 1 Rd. trip for him this year. shame on him , I have games 1,4,5 & 13 booked already. Hopefully by game 13 we will be talking homefield Adv. forthe playoff`s. see you on the road AL
  3. How come this topic gets bounced to the Lounge ,when we are talking about NY Jets Road Trips? Big deal you sticky`d it to the Lounge bottom line is THIS IS JET RELATED & should be posted on the front page ,your ok posting Derrick Mason info who retired which has nothing to do with the JETS on thefront page though...
  4. I thought I remembered reading early on that they were going to do 1 night at Hofstra (the Family night ) for training camp this year .Doesn`t anyone else remember reading this ?
  5. You mean after the Final Springsteen Concert there, Bruce should have put the show on Fri. 10/2 instead of 10/3, then JET FANS could have seen the show, then flown to Miami for the game
  6. Not even remotely funny.Ban the guy who reposted this.
  7. Welcome back to the States. The main news comming in seems to be the people getting called about their PSL seat Availibility,I get called on JUNE 12TH.
  8. You may e right aout telling him to pick up a phone, ut he is 100 % correct if he knows someone with 4 years Seniority that has already been confirmed for their 2010 tickets before those of us with 25 years Seniority.
  9. No one wrote they were going when I first asked, so I decided to blow it off, Iwould have gone in a heart beat.Iwill put the $400 towards a hotel for training camp in june
  10. they can get rid of this thread now since it was Tuesday Evening.
  11. I wish him all the best as far as winning out but I think they should go through training camp and the pre-season games before decieding a starter.
  12. Ok then if the Post is only looking for female JET fans from NY and not the female JET fans from NJ or any other place then it is safe to say they don`t want the Cash from any of those other states either
  13. In Response to this Hot Young Lady`s Questtion ,Anyone who is buying a PSL For new seats in the new stadium ,should be able to keep and equal amount of thier old seats in my opinion and I am sure 1 of the people you know don`t want thier old seats so they can put in for yours Brenda.
  14. They`d be doing that also, If Buffett is buying a Buissness interest in the stadium ,I can see him playing a few shows there
  15. Jimmy Buffett playing a show there Sat. evening would be pretty awesome also.
  16. I don`t know ,I don`t see any of our new pick up`s from the Draft on the list of players showing up.
  17. Tuesday Evening on WallSt. ,is anyone on this site attending?
  18. NewOrleans I think I am going to stay at that River Front Hilton ,it used to have a good sports bar in it called Kabby`s and it`s right next to Harrah`s Casino
  19. Come on you don`t enjoy showing up there all JET`D up in their house .By the way for those looking to book this place as cheap as possible ,I went on the bid your own price section of Priceline picked the Beachfront area in Lauderdale and a 3-1/2 star hotel and bid $125 per night they accepted the bid and put me in the Westin.
  20. This is the Hotel we used to stay in each year I went down for the game ,this is the Hotel with Shula`s Rest. in it ,I would always go into the Rest. the night before the game wearing my JET jersey and order the MAHI-MAHI .
  21. Does anyone else find it interesting that the cost of all their repairs including roof replacement is only $220 million ,where our new stadium is going to cost us 1.8 billion
  22. I got the Westin for prob. as cheap as you could get the Bahia is right now.
  23. Yes it was a great weekend, especially caused the Yankee`s lost,this time around will be even wilder ,I am sure!
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