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  1. I met him after he almost hit me as he was getting thrown into Bourbon Street out of one of the Bars . The Cab Driver was telling me back then he had never seen so many opposing fans there for a game and that was 2 weeks after 9/11 when everyone was affraid to fly, this time should be really packed with JET fans...
  2. I had to go on this trip (N.O.) This is the trip I met most of this group on 2 weeks after 9/11/01,Brenda,Tyson ,Jumba, Sooth ,I met all these people in Bars in New Orleans all of us out there for the JET vs. Saint game.
  3. Of course I am doing New Orleans ,I booked that Flt. the Weekend they Announ. the Date ,I haven`t booked the Hotel for there yet though, I am hopeing the Hilton Riverwalk next to Harrah`s Casino will be reasonably priced.
  4. I took a shot on priceline ,bid $125 per night and got the Westin Beach Resort Sat.- Tues. ,so I am all booked for Lauderdale.
  5. I will tell you what was a sweet hotel over that way was that Pier 66 ,it was just over the bridge it had multiple pools it had the Tiki Bar Bars around the pool ,the resturant on top of the Hotel that turned 360 degrees in 66 minutes ,problem was every time I wanted to come back and forth to meet everyone at the Bahia I had to take a cab..
  6. What Hotel would that be so we know for that training camp in JUNE.
  7. If they were willing to take the 2nd from next years Draft & the 1st & 4th rounders from this season I`d be ok with it.
  8. I booked The Flt. today .Sat10/10- Tues.10/13, hotel next.
  9. Come on how many chances did you/us get to start drinking out at 6 am ,Icouldn`t believe the place was going to be open.
  10. Just don`t touch the F-ING N.O. game as I have booked my flt. already.
  11. I am just booking flts first ,which I did for here already , the Hilton River walk is nice ,it`s about a 10-4 block walk to Bourbon or a short Cab ride
  12. Yes Fri.( maybe Thurs.)- TUES. checking out .I just got done booking the N.O. Flt., FLL will be next.Everyone should hold off booking the rooms there till we get a large group ,so we can get a group price & group # like a wedding.....then all call with that number to book and get a discount....
  13. I have to agree .It may be my only 2 Road trips this Season ,I may fly into N.O. FRI.Morning & Fly out to Miami Tues.or Wed . Afternoon to Miami (depending on Hotel Rate vs. Flt. savings) I don`t know about a Week in Fla. ,Hey Brenda ,as our resident real estaste person ,why this whole country is going through tough times why don`t you take a look for us and see if maybe some people are renting their timeshares cheap in those area`s for 2 weeks ,it may end up a cheaper way to go...Just a thought.
  14. I can`t believe with only 10 hours away from the Sched. being released ,nothing has leaked out on these sites , i`m only looking for two dates ,Miami & N.O.
  15. Don`t you think Sun. would start earlier this year ,since they will have the extra round ,3rd round being moved from Sat. to Sun.
  16. What was wrong with the 1st Wedding between those 2 that they needed to get married a 2nd time anyway?
  17. I haven`t heard anything yet.I`d like to see them have it in the Bubble at the stadium like their Tailgates in their on GameDay this would be a great day to start running the train there to check that also and it would also be a great Day to give people who have put in for PSL`S to their Salespeople already a tour of the new stadium before they get their 1st bill requireing the 20% down Min.
  18. I think this is Kraft getting all the Div. games out of the way early so when ***** gets hurt again later in the season these Div. games will be done with
  19. So our Div. games w the Pats is over with 7 games (almost 1/2 the season left ) makes the fight for a DIV.Title awlful boaring if we are not playing each other in those last couple of games
  20. Jay is going to require huge money also ,we may end up paying a higher contract in the end for Stafford but I think we won`t have to give up as much in ***** picks or players to get there. I think Matthew would be worth taking a shot at getting.
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