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  1. Thanks FABA, I heard from a few cops in town (bradley Beach, who know me by a nickname ) that people had asked if they knew who I was so they could tell me they`d support that person in the next election..
  2. that`s not for having dinner with all the executives is it...lol
  3. Congrats BRENDA ,Now if she can just figure out how to get licenses in all STATES with JET road games this year then she can right off all the games as a buisness expense as long as she shows or lists one house on each trip....
  4. I`ve never backed away from a tough fight John ,I actually enjoy the challenge , this will be the 2nd issue she`s tried to push through a resolution that`s just plain wrong ,I cameout on top the last time , And I garuntee I will this time also.......
  5. You want to talk about stress at work . I work for Monmouth County which means the freeholders are my boss` and sign my check & I work in the building their in ,try getting up after a public freeholders meeting (thurs. afternoon ) with reporters there taking down every word you say as you slam one of the freeholders publicly (AMY HANDLIN) for trying to push a resoulution through thats a slap in the face to every county worker ,then have the article appear in the paper with the headline County Worker Speaks Out( yesterdays ASBURY PARK PRESS ) t the concern faded quickly as I was quikly g
  6. I made a point of pointing out the differences on the other site between the contaminated site jetsnation & your site jetnation ...PS. thanks alot maxman for busting up the gambling site I bet $3000 and got 40-1 odds that coles would not resign with the JETS ,you busted the ring so now I can`t collect........
  7. He just smiled shook my hand & said thanks ,this was a couple of days ago and even though herm said he was going to still be here ,Wayne still hadn`t got that Bonus check yet ,and I think he may have still been a bit concerned if he had in fact played his last game in JETS green & white....
  8. Wishing a speedy recovery to both JG & T-MAC......
  9. I saw the real WAYNE CHREBET at lunch in freehold today ,he looked ok and I told him Iwas looking forward to him comming back this year and haveing a great season.....
  10. This is getting out of hand , I asked SEAN the same thing why do we need to choose between sites ,I wish all JET sites well as we`re all supposed to be JET fans......
  11. Ithought for sure ,you`d have the inside info on this one T....LOL
  12. I`m not starting any falsehoods BRENDA , I asked him this 2 or three days ago to repond to that after it was posted hear you`d been banned from JI & i`m just finding out today you were allowed back(being allowed back does indicate that you were out at some point) I`m not looking to cause any trouble ,just looking out for my favorite girl
  13. I thought I got banned hear already also
  14. Well boys (TOM & MAX ) You seem to have SEAN`s attention as he sent me a NASTY gram with the above quote attached about how BRENDA had stabbed him in the back by comming to his board and sending over 100+ e-mails to fellow members of his site letting them know about the new rival board.I didn`t relize we had to choose between 1 or the other ,well sean as long as your reading here had you been decent enough to answer me when I first asked why BRENDA had been banned ,we might not be having this conversation..
  15. looking back on this years from now ,SEAN will see that turning on Brenda was the beginning of JI`s downfall
  16. -- friends they NEVER would have met if not for Sean doing what he did on his own time and dime.I beg to differ on the his own dime part, while i`m sure he put his share in it`s not like it seemed the requests of cash from posters was becomming more & more frequent ,between the shirts, seatshirts, mugs & semi annual donations from a large group of members there it was hardly ALL done on his own dime
  17. Those future/hopefull jet season ticketholders who still long for tickets know a lot of present season ticket holders and corp.ticketholders will put extra tickets on sale on JET message boards as soon as their bill arrives from the JETS which was in the last couple of days thats probobly why your seeing all the newbies....
  18. Congrats BRENDA ,Next year will look for you to print Steven as the district champ.
  19. Yes ,it`s me .I see what I can do about getting raider tickets for you both at the meadows ,Sorry, Me & TOM will miss you & judy at JAZZ FEST this year but will make it up on the road games .........
  20. Welcome AL & JUDY it`s always a pleasure to hear from you both ,I`m looking forward to that sced. being released in about a month so I can get together with you both on the road again.
  21. I have arrived!!! no getting bounced everytime,this will be nice..
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