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  1. Hey, meet me in the bathroom.

  2. Why I am always that last to find out..... Hey - did you at least win the game??
  3. Hey Nick, that footage I saw of your wife on the internet last week looked pretty good. Surprised to hear you don't own a camera.
  4. I think Ben had a terrible year, if he played better this is a 11 or 12 win team. And, I don't think the accident is an excuse. Bottom line is that if he throws a few less int's next year they are right back in it. Scientists believe that Jets fans actually have an extra copy of the 21st chromosome which allows them to be extremely exited over mediocrity year after year and to look to the future with unusual optimism even though nothing good ever actually happens. As always, suck my balls.
  5. Ben=Eli ??? Wow. I hope you are just busting with this comment....if you are good one. Based on your comments above (Ben=Eli) I am sure you did not see the AFC playoffs last year. No Ben no Lombardi, simple as that. This is the problem I have found with Jets fans (all kidding aside). Once you get outside of the Jets its falls apart pretty quickly. I know some diehard Jets fans that don't even watch the playoffs once the Jets are out of it. Jets fans are amongst the most loyal to their team, for sure. However, they are not amongst the most knowledgeable fans when it comes to other teams/players. Anyway, I only post here 'cause I think Max is cute.
  6. Ben's horrible season (and it was bad) was a 75.4 Chad's was 82.6 this year and all the Jets fans were wet in the shorts about it. I think maybe you are the douche fella. Suck my balls you ****.
  7. Hey Max - I completely agree that the changes are a bit much given they just won the SB last year. I would have liked to keep Whisenhunt. However, I am not exactly hitting any panice buttons yet. I don't think they'll be major changes to the philosphy (D and ball control). I think they are even going to keep the base 3-4 in place (with LeBeau staying). And, I am certain they are going to continue to run the hell out of the ball. There are always questions about how the team will react to a new coach, but I expect the "look and feel" of the Steelers to be very familiar. Sounds like any changes to the defense would be made over time. They might overlay something more conservative (cover 2 / tampa 2) right over the base 3-4. Or, move to running a 3-4 and 4-3 situationally. Any permanent move to 4-3 would likely be planned ahead to allow for personnel adjustments, etc. I'd prefer to keep something in place that allows Troy to roam around and cause problems. Bottom line is that I'll take my chances with a new coach and this team (compared to an experienced coach with a team with tons of holes in it). Ben completely **** the bed this year and they still went 8-8. We can revisit this issue when Tomlin retires in 2022 to see how it worked out.
  8. Agreed, Chad has a long way to go and a lot to prove. Will pick up this debate in 8 years...
  9. Absolutely agree with the charisma. He was great for NFL marketing. And, he made the most out of being in NYC. But, very overrated as a QB. Chad is actually the better player. Much more boring. But, better.
  10. I've got to agree on the Broadway Joe thing. The guy had 2 seasons in his entire career with more TD's than INT's. He was a good (not great) QB. Chad will finish his career with better numbers than Joe...and if you bastards are lucky he'll got a Lombardi Trophy along they way.
  11. Big Ben

    The NY Yankees

    Max, you hit the nail on the head here when you refered to the "shackles of revenue sharing". For all intents and purposes, the Yankess are a small market team (once you factor out the vast amount of revenue they have to share for being in an insanely huge market). I am worried that we might see a time where the Yankees are forced to field less than 10 hall of famers. BTW, Yanks over/under this year = 103. I am thinking over.....
  12. Word of mouth, actually. A friend told me to check it out, said it was pretty cool. Glad to hear you posted the link on The Steelers board, though. Max and TS better start working on the "Black and Gold Forum".
  13. Eff The Pats! (thought this would count as 5 reasons) BTW, I think Doug Brien served me some delicious fries at BK the other day. [choking smiley]
  14. Hey SP, thanks for the welcome. Yes, I am a big Steelers fan. Glad to see I am not alone! Black and Gold can be contagious.....might not be too long before there is more of us....
  15. I am not much of a Jets fan, nor much of a homo. So, I didn't expect to enjoy the site as much as I do. Excellent job, fellas. Lots of enthusiastic and knowledgeable football fans. Now, if Max would just stop PM'ing me to play naked twister with him......
  16. Exactly! RS is my new attorney....
  17. Funny, my wife asked me after the game if Max was "really gay" or he was just acting that way. I told her that you were walking so close to the edge it was hard to say. Anyay, if you would kindly pay me I can have my mom's iron lung turned back on. Thanks.
  18. I am a big Steelers fan and I recently hooked Maxie up with some prime tixx to the Jets-Steelers game in Pitt. Of course, The Jets lost a heart breaker ( ) and now Max is refusing to pay me for the tixx. Sounds like many of you know Max well. Is this pretty much par for the course?? Anyone else have these kinds of problems with Max? I knew he was a homo, but I didn't take him for a thief.
  19. Is this site really some kind of French Embassy?
  20. If this is the same Max that I know I am not surprised to hear about the carrot thing. He has always been a bit of a Bulgarian, if you know what I mean.
  21. 100% agreed! This should be fun. I only hope this doesn't turn into some kind of online homo chat room like that other site.
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