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  1. haha! Lurking - How have you been? Lots of negativity on these boards...
  2. You would think the President of Marketing would show up a little more But I was an original member and look at how many posts I have, so there you go....
  3. Hey Bren - Long Time - Hope all is well
  4. Wasnt everyone calling for Slauson's head after the pre-season last year?
  5. Schefter reporting Eagles have Larry Csonka, Sam Huff, and Bronco Nagurski on their radar as well
  6. Ellis would be great as a rookie mentor as well and was the best player on the field against the Pats in the playoffs.
  7. 4th&Long


    HaHa! And yes, Ive seen Mangold's sister. gg is much hotter, but it wasnt a remark about his sister. Mangold has better hair though, sorry gg...haha j/k
  8. Is there a thread or somewhere where folks are keeping of track of who is sitting where from this board? Don't worry I won't stalk you. Cue sarcasm about using Search feature
  9. Its just a bitterness, a bit of jealousy, and downright hatred of mine for the Yankees.
  10. Tony is a Jet fan it seems, based on his love for Mangini in that one episode. Interesting subplot - would Tony clip his own daughter for a Super Bowl run?
  11. Lets sign this beast... Just wanted to keep the thread tradition since every player released gets this
  12. Jamie Lynn Sigler - the downfall of the 2010 New York Jets. I can see the articles now.
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