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  1. haha! Lurking - How have you been? Lots of negativity on these boards...
  2. You would think the President of Marketing would show up a little more But I was an original member and look at how many posts I have, so there you go....
  3. Hey Bren - Long Time - Hope all is well
  4. Wasnt everyone calling for Slauson's head after the pre-season last year?
  5. Schefter reporting Eagles have Larry Csonka, Sam Huff, and Bronco Nagurski on their radar as well
  6. Ellis would be great as a rookie mentor as well and was the best player on the field against the Pats in the playoffs.
  7. 4th&Long


    HaHa! And yes, Ive seen Mangold's sister. gg is much hotter, but it wasnt a remark about his sister. Mangold has better hair though, sorry gg...haha j/k
  8. Is there a thread or somewhere where folks are keeping of track of who is sitting where from this board? Don't worry I won't stalk you. Cue sarcasm about using Search feature
  9. Its just a bitterness, a bit of jealousy, and downright hatred of mine for the Yankees.
  10. Tony is a Jet fan it seems, based on his love for Mangini in that one episode. Interesting subplot - would Tony clip his own daughter for a Super Bowl run?
  11. Lets sign this beast... Just wanted to keep the thread tradition since every player released gets this
  12. Jamie Lynn Sigler - the downfall of the 2010 New York Jets. I can see the articles now.
  13. What do these look like (if they are still being made)?
  14. There is video of her playing DLine against these little pee wee kids - she is a beast for real. Runs right through them. We need DLine depth dont we?
  15. Lets get 2 out of 3 from the Phils this weekend. But 9-1 homestand, better than anyone could have expected. Lets give the team some love since we spent a month trashing them.
  16. Economics with no mathematical theory? :/
  17. 4th&Long


    GG and Nick could be brother and sister...No offense to either...
  18. Dez Bryant is one calm, cool collected muthaf*****. Classless organization to say the least.
  19. I like the "knocked up a few" line...
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