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  1. If you accept you can see pics of me in a thong in my profile....
  2. Max gives out 24 hr bans if your farts don't smell accordingly.
  3. Jets Babe is going to come back and think she the most popular Jets poster ever...lol
  4. It's snowing here...old man winter can eat a ball bag
  5. Ok...so I need a new sig and I'm not a shopper...was hoping one of you guys could help me out. If you have the skills and the time to do something for me, Pm me.
  6. Hey guys.....remember that time Sooth was like "Your website is childish and immature " and then he came over and STOLE everyone of our ideas for his site...and then he got mad because someone posted a picture from JI on here and he cried for it to come down because he owned it? I do.
  7. LOLOLOLOLOL Do you get any of them? cause got dame he's rotund
  8. Under the greenboxes in a users profile there is a little clipboard...click it and write in your rep comment and thats it.
  9. I hope when I'm in my mid 40"s...I don't look like I just swallowed another human being whole...and you will never truly "make it " in life until you figure out how to con people into paying for stuff they can get for free EVERYWHERE ELSE.
  10. I don't dislike a lot of people but this water buffalo fires me up. Picking on a girl on her ****ing birthday? I mean ...We know he is of low character and high cholesterol but this is a low blow. Sorry to Hi-Jack your thread JB...but I'm not the type to sit back and let the Albino Fat Albert trash you or anyone of us for being one of us,ya dig? Anywho...Happy Birthday
  11. Could be as many as 20 in some countries
  12. Tell Sooth I said he's a FAT thief ....and if he wants to pick on someone...let it be someone his own size....so in his case he will need to pick out a group of people and pick on them all at once.
  13. If you looked like he does...you would DO ANYTHING to feel better about yourself I heard his wife gags when he gets naked....and NOT on his schmeckle
  14. Imagine that....a 650 pound 40-yr old man picking on a 20 yr old girl....Maybe he thinks she's a riblet or something
  15. Sooth is worse than a women scorned...and his MOOBS are bigger too
  16. Good old Yankees. Vlad? Beltran? Santana? Nahh...we are just find with are juiced up Bats and sh*triffic pitching staff. Now let's go throw another 100M at Jaret Wright & Carl Pavano...
  17. Happy Birthday to JetNation's Newest Diva!! Enjoy your Day
  18. I had too much sex in high school to find this humorous
  19. http://www.middletowncityschools.org/truman/trumanhome.htm Scroll half way down..thats my boy strumming the guitar!!
  20. Yet you all RAN to the theaters to see Sex in the City ...We like different things I guess.
  21. Did you guys have sex? Serious question
  22. LMFAO....WOW....It was an honor and a privilege to receive that picture... I can honestly say...thats the biggest,furriest beaver I've ever seen....It looked like she had buckwheat in leg scissors. Brutal
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