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  1. So i can pretend to be an internet tough guy just to get an address and then go kick their ass in real life? Sweet. The ropa dope.
  2. Smizzy


    How i dream to be the pole in brenda's picture in her sig. How does one piece of wood get so lucky? :wink:
  3. Those geeks are wildcats in bed...speaking of a little extra protien
  4. Smizzy


    Sausgae of the day award. the Maxman award for most homosexual post of the week. The smizzy award...handed out when you flat own someone and hand them their ass.
  5. Tell that to that god damn worms!!!!
  6. Is it against the rules for me to tell Tx to kiss my Arse?
  7. As a horror movie fan....ID try to get in it if it was in my hometown.
  8. You've been drinking again i see.
  9. Mark it down. Arod will put up huge #'s ,especially against the Sawx. Who the **** is Kevin Millar??
  10. Are you kidding me....I fit here like a glove. Im the poster boy for misfit,outcast Jet fan.
  11. Smizzy


    You also need to have the "TomShane Sausage of the Day award" pinned up top!!
  12. A home for Outcast jets fans who have been threatend with being banned because little old ladies have nothing better to do?? Ahhhhh Home Sweet Home :wink:
  13. Smizzy


    You need to make me look smarter than i am and install a spell check
  14. It's so good to see brenda and her sexy smile here... You should put her picture in the banner. BTW.....do you guys want me to work onm a Banner for you?? We did draftdaddy.com i can give you the hook up.
  15. I was the sexy one with the Johnny Abe jersey.
  16. Im glad to be part of the new community of Jets fans. Let me know if you need a Mod :wink: you know my dedication level or anything else,ill be ore than glad to help.
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